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SHF 2173 Consumer Behavior



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• Launched in June 2005• offers a complete range of high quality

color cosmetics• meet the needs of discerning

consumers in both the urban and suburban markets.

• brand personality: fun, young, colorful and exudes confidence

• core promise: delivered through the latest color trend and high quality specifications of the products.

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• Following the success of SILKYGIRL color cosmetics, the Alliance Group launched its fragrance line in July 2006. Apart from introducing the SILKYGIRL women’s fragrances, the Alliance Cosmetic Group also introduced the Silky for Men fragrances; bringing on board Malaysian heartthrob Mawi into the Silky family.

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• an all-in-one product: moisturizer, makeup base, concealer, foundation, with sun protection and lightening properties

• SPF 25 / PA++• Shades: Natural(yellow tones) ,

Radiant(pink tones)• Ingredient contains: Hyaluronic Acid,

Vitamin E• Result: skin that looks like it’s been


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Aura – Silky For Men

• Personify: man who possesses natural charm, a captivating personality and a desirable aura

• Fragrance: sparkling citrus top note of lemon and mandarin, cardamom, amber and cedar wood

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Psychological pricing

• Pricing designed to have a positive psychological impact

• Eg: BB cream is selling at RM24.99, rather than RM25.00

• Illusion of cheaper price although just 1 cent different.

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Penetration pricing

• The price is deliberately set at low level to gain customer's interest and establishing a foot-hold in the market.

• Silky girl’s company set the products price at a lower level compare with the competitors.

• Targeting the customers who have lower budget.

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• Marketed at over 1,000 cosmetics counters in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Jakarta.

• Guardian, Watsons, Parkson, Jusco, Sasa, Apex and other independent supermarkets and pharmacies

• Malaysia All major retail outlets & pharmacies nationwide

• Singapore Selected pharmacies, personal care and departmental stores nationwide

• Brunei Selected personal care stores and departmental stores nationwide

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July & August Promotion

• Magic BB Cream Malaysia Best Buy RM24.90 (UP RM29.90)

• Moisture Rich LipcolorMalaysia Best Buy RM13.90 (UP RM16.90)

• Silky White Lightening Pressed PowderMalaysia Best Buy RM16.90 (UP RM19.90)

• Funky Eyelights Pencil Malaysia Best Buy RM10.90 (UP RM14.90)

Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Nationwide Promotions

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Raya Special Promotion

• Malaysia PromotionFREE Raya Packet* with every purchase of Silky For Men and SILKYGIRL Fragrance        

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• SILKY FOR MEN/SILKYGIRL Valentine On-line Contest. “Tell us what’s the best fragrance to give your loved one this Valentine to win attractive prizes”.

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1. Movie: Talentime• Talentime is a great opportunity for

SILKYGIRL to associate themselves with a movie of such sincere and heartfelt teenage milestones.

• Tagline: ‘Unleash Your Confidence’

2. Annual national cheerleading competition, Star Cheer

• aimed at communicating with parents that makeup can be associated with a healthy lifestyle and position their brand as the choice of teenage makeup as Cheerleading is a healthy sport thus parents are in favor of it

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• Sponsorship of Cheerleading Competition: emphasised how outer beauty, confidence and perseverance works hand in hand for any girl to make her way to the top.

• Movie Mukhsin: -provided the perfect platform to develop a suitable campaign to create an emotional bond between girls and the brand - The campaign was called ‘A Girl’s First Love, First Makeup’

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Spokepeople: SILKYGIRL

Felicia Chin AmaniMelissa

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Spokepeople: SILKY FOR MEN

MawiShaun Chen

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Characteristics of the target groups: SILKYGIRL

• Teenage market • wholesome, young people• discerning urban and suburban teenage

girl from as young as 10 years old up to the age of 25

• Generation Xers and Yers who looking for a brand to personify their lifestyle

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• Most proper have no income and depend on their parents.

• Fresh graduate that have lower or unstable income.

• As young, enthusiastic, and impulsive consumers

• seek variety and excitement, savouring the new, the offbeat, and the risky.

• they place on looking good and having "cool" stuff.

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Product Features: SILKYGIRL

• Packages of the products are more favor in fun and younger look. The character on the package is also present with young girls. The names and the fonts of the products are more attractive towards teenage market.

• Light , bright colors-youthful, fun, and exciting, high energy, sensual and passionate- sense of happiness, lighthearted

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Characteristics of the target groups: Silky For Men

• 18 to 30 male• Mature and have his own

personalities• May have stable income and

allow them many choices • They will be more likely the

practical consumers• look for durability,

functionality, and value in the products they buy.

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Product Features: Silky For Men

• The packages of the products are simple and classic

• 3 colors of the packages.( Black, Blue, Green)

• The colors can reflect the men’s characteristics

• Black:-authoritative and powerful, evoke strong emotions-sophisticated, mystery

• Green:-tranquil and refreshing

• Blue:- trustworthy, dependable, and committed.

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• Spokepeople, Mawi who has the talent in vocal and charismatic presence, and Shaun Chen, who blessed with quick-witted brains, pleasant good looks and a brawny physique coupled with a million-dollar smile may become the role model of our target group

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Dimensions and items used to measure the web-sites quality and/or e-service quality

• Reliability – the ability to perform the promised service accurately and consistently.– Frequency of updating the Web

site– Prompt reply to customer

enquiries– Accuracy of on-line purchasing

and billing

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• Efficiency – the speed of downloading, search, and navigation– Fast download, fast loading of pages

and images, and speedy search mechanisms

– Reduce the number of complicated graphics

– Use interlacing


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• Support – technical help, user guidelines, and personal advice available to customers from a Web site– Provide user-friendly guidelines, help

pages, and FAQs– Personal advice through e-mail or a

traditional channel–Offer free advice and suggestions


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• Communication – keeping customers properly informed and communicating with them in language they can understand–Online communication (e-mails and

chat rooms)– Traditional communication

(telephone, fax, and postal mail)–Offer an online shopping service–Offer choices of language other than

English such as native language31

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• Security – freedom from danger, risk, or doubt during the services process– Encryption–Digital signatures–Online card guarantees


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• Incentive – the encouragement given by Web providers to consumers to browse and use the Web site–Offer discount, prize draw


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Factors that affect Behavior of consumers when they do on-line information searching and/or on-line purchasing

• Product Information Quality• Service Information Quality• User Interface Quality• Security Perception• Site Awareness


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Product information Quality

• product attribute information, consumer recommendations, evaluation reports, etc

• Consumers may be able to reduce information search and transaction cost by maintaining a relationship with a credible online store that satisfies their information needs


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Service Information Quality

• membership information, FAQs, ordering and delivery information, and promotion

• Sense of confidence and trust may be inextricably tied to the quality of the core service, it is perceived as the independent benefit of a long-term relationship


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User Interface Quality

• System layout, navigation sequence, and convenience to search for a product or information, or simply to browse

• Adversely influenced by the poor online store design

• Essential to understand the effects of different layouts, and organizational, browsing, and navigation features


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Security Perception

• online payment security, reliability, and privacy policy of the online store

• Can be divided into concerns about user authentication and concerns about data and transaction security

• Consumers want detailed information on how their private and transaction data are secured


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Site awareness

• ability of a buyer to recognize or recall that a site is a member of a certain service category

• Perception by consumers about an online shopping store that is based on external information events like advertising and word-of-mouth communication


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Comment on Silky Girl website

Strength• Offer two choices of language version

(English and Bahasa Malaysia)• Provide more information about their

products by Tips and Tricks, Get-the-look

• Easy to get details of products ( Divide the products into certain groups)

• Provide the tips from spokespeople (Amani, Felicia, Melissa, Mawi, Shaun Chen)

• Provide advertisement by TVC to attract consumers


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Weakness• Slow loading of pages and image • Less information about destination of

outlets• Did not offer online shopping and billing• Did not updated information frequently• Did not provide traditional

communication• Incomplete web site( silky girl and silky

for men)


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• Online shopping ( free gift, free delivery and special offer price)

• Offer more languages version (Mandarin, English, Bahasa Melayu)

• Can purchased by all type of credit cards ( VISA, Master Card, American Express, etc)

• Provide guidelines for consumers ( how to online shopping, etc)

• Provide online membership ( easy for shop online)


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Any difference of the left hand and right hand site girl??

• left hand side- before using the product- skin look dull- the girl are in the trouble

• Right hand side- after using the product- cover the blemish on the face- look refreshing and energetic- increase confidence

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Did the girl change a lot?

If your answer is “NO”, that’s the feeling we want to present to you:


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White White projects purity, cleanliness, and

neutrality Enables fresh beginningsPurple a sense of mystic and royal qualities purple is a color often well liked by very

creative or eccentric types and is the favorite color of adolescent girls.

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• Silkygirl ~ Magic BB Cream- young, pretty model- same age with the target group- motivate intention to purchase- create a sense to imitate the model

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Cool? Young?



That’s the aura that we want to give you..

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Black• Black is mysterious by

evoking a sense of potential and possibility

• SophisticationRed• Red draws attention • Enables immediate focus

attention on a particular element

• Encourages action and confidence

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• Silky For Men ~ Aura- a guy who between young and mature- create a sense when using the product, it enable the guy to become more mature and man- model show his personality and natural charm

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Perceived quality of products• Intrinsic characteristics

- the aroma of the perfumes (SILKY FOR MEN)

• Extrinsic characteristic- packaging, pricing, advertising, and even peer pressure.- easy-to-bring size of Magic BB Cream- classy look of the perfume bottle, classical and simple design bottle shape- attractive advertisement- cheaper price comparing with competitors.

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Perception & Communication

Selection of models Attractive model are more persuasive and

have a more positive influence on consumer attitudes and behavior.

Models influence consumer’s perceptions of physical attractiveness, and through comparisons, their own self-perception.

Credibility of Spokespersons• Physically attractive celebrity spokesperson

significantly enhanced message credibility and attitude toward the ad.

• Spokesperson who has similar demographic characteristics with target group is more persuasive.

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Reference Groups

Friendship groups• Friends are more likely to influence the

individual’s purchase decisions.• Provide companionship, security and

opportunities to discuss problems.• Sign of maturity and independence

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