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  • 1. The VLE vs. PLE debateGrinne Conole, University of Leicester PLE Conference, Aveiro 13th July 2012 @gconole, #pleconf

2. Outline E-Pedagogies The essence of good learning The VLE/PLE continuum The problem of lack of uptake Using the VLE as a Trojanhorse The benefits of VLEs A VLE/PLE comparison Crystal gazing 3. (Un)keynote - the process Questions, prompts on Twitter and fb Experts invited to provide short videos Space to aggregate resources and fordiscussion on Cloudworks 4. Mayes & De Freitas, 2004 Pedagogies of e-learningConole 2010 E-training Inquiry learning Drill & practice Resource-based Associative Constructivist Focus on individual Building on prior Learning throughknowledge association and Task-orientated reinforcementA Situative Connectivist Learning throughLearning in a social interactionnetworked Learning in context environment Reflective &Experiential, Problem-based Role dialogic learning,play Personalised learning 5. What is the essence of learning? 6. Essence of learningReflective DialogicAuthenticApplied 7. A focus on pedagogy We are all potentialteachers and learners We learn well through theact of creating We learn by observing theactivities of our peers By understanding thecontexts of others, we canteach in moretransformative ways A learning environmentneeds to be flexible Dougiamas, Athens, 2nd October 2010 8. PLEMOOCsAccredited courses +InformalFormalStudy guides Accredited& resourcescourses VLE 9. ToolsPedagogy Context 10. The problemSocial andparticipatory mediaoffer new ways tocommunicate andcollaborate Not fully exploitedWealth of freeReplicating bad pedagogyresources and toolsLack of time and skills 11. The solutionUsing the VLE as a TrojanhorseNew approaches to design forlearning: Conceptual design views Frameworks Workshops Social media 12. Using the VLE as a Trojan horse VLE as a safe nursery slope Help to: Shift focus from content to activities Promote reflection and collaboration Create pedagogically effective learning pathways 13. Blackboard audit Data Online survey (260 returns) Departmental visits Key findings Used as content repository and administration Pockets of innovation More support needed on effective design strategies Tension between teaching and research Usability issue 14. Blackboard+ at LeicesterBB plus Google+ Maths video-lets Prof-casts History conundrumVoicethread 15. Benefits Guided learning pathway Structured and timed Formal accreditation A cohort of peers Tutor support Consistent interface Good accessibility Management buy-in Back end monitoring tool Databanks of good practice 16. MSc in Learning InnovationDissertation Case Studies of Innovation Research Design and MethodsLearning Design Technology-Enhanced Learning 17. A comparison. Formal course in VLEcf. informal MOOC Questions Tools used Learners perceptions Challenges Design issuesLearning Design MOOC 18. Crystal gazing Blurring of boundaries Mix of institutional andcloud-based tools Spectrum of formal andinformal offerings More sophisticatedlearning analytics tools Learning design tools toguide practice