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Connector College. April 20th 2010, Science Gallery Dublin.

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  • 1. Career Connections April 20 th@ 6.30pmScience Gallery, Trinity College,Student Event, Free Entry Career Connections

2. Introducing Connector Connector Eventconnects people online & offline for new personal & professional connections Connector Eventsbrings the Facebook generation 'Face to Face' in monthly social networking social events ! Connector Eventsorganise free private events in fashionable bars & clubs for you to enjoy ! 3. Connector Events Connector is about connecting the dots between diverse people & communities Past guest speakers @ Connector include our connections from Facebook, Bebo, Today FM, Phantom, Daft, & Electric PicnicWere even had Hollywood actor Liam Cunningham as a guest of honour ! 4. Career Connections Many graduates this year will find it hard to get a job, you dont have to be one of them! Hear Dublins experts give advice about graduate programs, career choices and personal branding. Begin to network with people in the job areas you want. 5. Event Theme You have the qualificationsnow what!? Connectorinvites students and recent graduates to find out how to brand themselves in the marketplace, connect to employers and begin networking toward a future career path. Hear first hand how to make yourself more visible to employers, and get the job you want! 6. Conor Lynch Founder of Connector

    • Bryna McCool
    • Senior Recruiter
    • Microsoft HR Ireland
    • Graduate & Intern Program

Guest Speakers Greg Fry Recruitment Consultant Careers Coach Lindsay Browning Recruitment Specialist Google 7. Running Order 7. 0 0 8. 30 Guest Speakers 8. 309 . 00 Networking 8. Venue Science Gallery, TCD Naughton Institute, Pearse Street, Dublin 2. 9. For more information please contact Conor Lynch M +353 87 1 22 11 24 E- Twitter - connector_ie Skype - mrconorlynch Make Contact 10. Creating Connections