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Connector Campus Programme in Dublin Ireland

Transcript of Connector Campus Dublin 2009

  • 1. Connector CampusConnecting people in the real & digital worlds

2. Introducing Connector Connectoris a social media business which connects peopleonline & offline for new personal & professional connections Connectorbrings the Facebook generation 'Face to Face' in monthly social networking social events ! Connectorcommunicates with members via Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Web TV, the Connector Blog & eZine 3. CONNECTOR WEB SITE CONNECTOR EVENTS CONNECTOR WEB TVCONNECTOR eMAG 4. Connector Events Connector is about connecting the dots by linking up various talents & ideas from different people and communities The Connector logo is a reflection of these diverse people & connections Guest speakers from media, marketing & entertainment include Eamonn Fallon (Daft CEO), Philip MacCartney (Bebo Irl.) & the actor Liam Cunningham 5. Connector Sponsors Connector works with relevant brands sponsoring product, refreshments, services & tickets Other Connector sponsors include Canon, The Church, Ben & Jerrys, Bulmers Light, Heineken, Jameson & Hosting 365 Successful Connector Events previously held in Odessa Club, Sycamore Club, 4 Dame Lane, Renards, The Church, Krystle & The Pod 6. Connector Campus (CC09) CC09 is a new careers initiative for students in 2009/2010CC09 provides part time work experience for students in Dublin CC09 partners with big brands for events & offers training in areas like digital & social media marketing US interns successfully worked with Connector in Summer 2009 7. Who we need Connectors- People with lots of friends & influence often using blogs, Facebook & Twitter E vent Managers- Create, promote & manage popular events Community Managers- Create & manage online communities Filmmakers, Photographers & Designers Create cool content for 8. What we offer Gain real business experience working in project teams Have fun while learning new skills for your CV Build your network of personal & professional connections Help launch Connector as a new Irish brand in your college Get free tickets to events & parties and other nice free stuff ! 9. How to get involved Check for more details on Attend one of our Connector Workshops Join the Connector Facebook group Think about how you be a Campus Connector & contact Greg Fry with questions 10. Connector Roadshow Autumn Winter 2009-2010 We are planning regional Connector Events in Cork, Galway & Belfast Connector provides an evening of digital entertainment, guest speakers & social networking Connector Workshops are interactive & based on digital media, social media &community management The regional Connector events will be held quarterly 11. For more information please contact Conor Lynch[email_address] Mobile +353 87 1 22 11 24 Greg Fry [email_address] +353 87 203 9855 Get Connected ! 12. Connecting You