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  • CareWays Community Sensory Room 1 | P a g e

    93-109 Princes Highway

    PO Box 274, Dapto NSW 2530

    Phone: 1300 307 902 or (02) 4262 1918 Fax: (02) 4261 6360

    [email protected]

    ABN 69 958 208 811 SENSORY ROOM Dear Sir/Madam Thank you for expressing your interest in hiring the CareWays Community Sensory Room (“Sensory Room”). Please read the Conditions of Use and General Information. Bookings can be made through our online booking system at If you do not have computer access, bookings can be made by phoning CareWays on 02 42621918. Prior to your first visit to the Sensory Room you will be required to attend Horsley Community Centre at a time that suits yourself and a CareWays staff member to have an induction to the Sensory Room. During the induction a CareWays staff member will show you how to enter the building and how to use each piece of sensory equipment to ensure you get maximum benefit from the room. If you would like to view the facility prior to booking please arrange a time with the CareWays Office on 1300 307 902 or [email protected] Kind Regards, CareWays Community

    Connected, Caring and Supportive Communities

    mailto:[email protected] mailto:[email protected]

  • CareWays Community Sensory Room 2 | P a g e

    Horsley Community Centre – Sensory Room Address: 82 Bong Bong Road, Horsley NSW 2530 Phone: 1300 307 902 Fax: 02 4261 6360 Email: [email protected]

    GENERAL INFORMATION About the Centre

    The CareWays Community Sensory Room is located within the Horsley Community Centre, 82 Bong Bong Road, Horsley. The Centre is accessible by both public and private transport. The Centre has an accessible path to travel to the entrance of the Centre, access throughout the Centre and a toilet suitable for people with disabilities. The centre also has meeting room and hall for hire, if you are interested in hiring either of these rooms, please email [email protected] and ask for a Horsley Community Centre Booking package.

    Bookings Bookings for the sensory room can be made through our online booking system at If you do not have computer access please phone CareWays on 4262 1918. Room Hire Fee $33 per hour, inclusive of GST. If you have an NDIS plan contact us to ask us how we can support you to have your sensory room visits included in your plan. Preparation and clean up time Please adhere to the times you have booked. Any set up you might need to do in the room is included in this time. Please use the provided cleaning equipment to wipe down all surfaces/equipment in the room. If you are concerned that your child/client/family member may find it difficult to transition out of the room please use the timers and ‘finished’ visuals provided. To help your child/client/family member prepare for using the sensory room please feel free to read and show them the social story provided. Payment EFT Details Our preferred method of payment is by PayPal when you book through our online booking system. Alternatively you can electronically transfer the funds to the following bank account:

    BSB 062-531

    Account number 10073628

    Reference SENSORY ROOM followed by your surname

    Please note, if paying by cash you must visit the CareWays Community Office at 93-109 Princes Highway, Dapto

    mailto:[email protected]

  • CareWays Community Sensory Room 3 | P a g e


    Key: = Fire Extinguisher

  • CareWays Community Sensory Room 4 | P a g e



    CONDITIONS OF USE & GENERAL INFORMATION CareWays Community Inc (“CareWays”) is pleased to provide CareWays Community Sensory Room for use by the general community. CareWays entrusts to the hirers the care and safety of the centre and persons using them. To assist hirers with this and to ensure everyone enjoys the use of the sensory room, CareWays has established conditions of use as outlined in this document. Please do not hesitate to ask CareWays staff specific questions that will assist you in making your booking an enjoyable experience. Bookings: Phone: 1300 307 902 Fax: 02 4261 6360 Email: [email protected] Address: 82 Bong Bong Rd, Horsley NSW 2530 Emergency after hours Contact – 0400 093 824 Building Issues: Wollongong City Council 1300 557 980 Security Issues: Oz Tech 4226 0000 Emergency Booking Issues: 0400 093 824

    These Conditions of Use are for Horsley Community Centre and CareWays Community Sensory Room DEFINITIONS THROUGHOUT THESE CONDITIONS, THE TERMS: ‘CareWays’ means CareWays Community, including the Chief Executive Officer and other authorised CareWays staff. ‘Centre’ means the building. ‘Centre Grounds’ means the public land upon which the Centre is located and includes enclosed courtyards and car parks. ‘Sensory Room’ means the CareWays Community Sensory Room at the Centre available for hire.


    1 APPLICATIONS Applications for hire are to be made through the online booking system ( or on the form provided and must be signed by a person aged 18 years or over. The hirer must remain in attendance during the hire period and is responsible for centre security, safety of guests and supervising all activities during the hire period. The centre is not available for use on Christmas Day, Good Friday or New Year’s Eve. The Centre Manager can refuse any application to hire at their sole discretion if they determine the application would not meet these Conditions of Hire.

    2 REGULAR BOOKINGS Regular bookings are taken on an annual basis for the calendar year. CareWays reserves the right to restrict the number of bookings any one organisation can have in any given period of time at the discretion of an authorised CareWays staff. This can be reviewed at any time to ensure ongoing access and equity for all.

    3 HOURS OF USE The Sensory Room is available between the hours of 7am to 12 midnight. Hiring times to include time required for setting up, cleaning etc. The hirer does not have access to the hall/rooms outside the approved hire period. The Centre can only be hired till the hour specified under individual centre’s conditions of hire. 4 HIRE FEES The sensory room will be available for hire at the fee levels stated in CareWays current Fees and Charges schedule (reviewed July each year). Bookings made prior to any increase in fees in July each year will incur these increases.

    5 ADDITIONAL COSTS The hirer will be responsible for any cost that may be incurred by CareWays as a consequence of the hirer’s, their guests or contractors use of the Centre.

    mailto:[email protected]

  • CareWays Community Sensory Room 5 | P a g e

    Additional costs will include but are not limited to: • Cleaning fees (based on current salary/contract rates), • Replacement of keys (cost of repairs/replacement), • Unauthorised use of fire equipment or damage to electronic strike gates (cost of repairs/replacement), • Securing the building (failing to arm security system), loss of property from the Centre (cost of replacement/call out fee), • Damage to the Centre, equipment and/or grounds (cost of repairs/replacement), • Reset Fire Panel (cost of call out fee) • Emergency Services call out fee (please see website for current fee) • Administration charge ($40 per hour) • Breaches of Conditions of Use (based on costs incurred) 6 CANCELLATION Any booking for the sensory room that is cancelled within 24 hours of the session will not be refunded. If more than 24 hours notice is given then the full amount of the hire fee will be refunded. CareWays reserves the right to cancel any booking which falls on a government election day, or at any other time when the Centre is required for legal, statutory or civic requirements by CareWays. If this happens, CareWays will refund all payments, but will not be liable for any loss incurred by the hirer.

    ACCESS AND USE OF THE SENSORY ROOM 7 CONDITION OF SENSORY ROOM AT START It is expected that the sensory room will be left in a condition suitable for immediate use at all times. Where the sensory room is considered unsuitable for use on arrival, the hirer should immediately notify CareWays. This will indemnify the hirer against any claim by CareWays for loss of property or damage to the building or grounds.

    8 AIR CONDITIONING The sensory room has air conditioning (heating and cooling). The air conditioning is only turned on in the sensory room when the room is in use. To ass