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  • 8/16/2019 Confucius Re Examined



    1) Man who wants pretty nurse, must be patent!

    ") #assonate $ss, %$e sp&er web, %ea&s to un&on' o( (%y!

    ) *etter to be psse& o(( than psse& on!

    +) *oy who 'oes to s%eep wth st(( prob%em wa$es up wth so%uton n han&!

    ) Coup%e on - &ay honeymoon ma$e ho%e wea$!

    .) /r% who sts on 0o$eys2 %ap 'ets hot tp, 'r% who sts on 0u&'es2 %ap 'ets an

    honourab%e &shar'e!

    -) 3a&y who 'oes ampn' must beware o( e4% ntent!

    5) Man who $eep (eet (rm%y on 'roun& ha4e troub%e puttn' on pants!

    6) S7urre% who runs up womans2 %e' w%% not (n& nuts!

    18) Man who %eap o(( %(( 0ump to on%uson!

    11) Man wth t'ht trousers s pressn' hs %u$!

    1") Man who srathes bum shou%& not bte (n'erna%s!

    1) #antes not best thn' on earth9 *ut ne:t to best thn' on earth!

    1+) ;ar &oes not &etermne who s r'ht, war &etermnes who s %e(t!

    1) Man who ('ht wth w(e a%% &ay 'et no pee at n'ht!

    1.) Man who &r4es %$e he%%, boun& to 'et there!

    1-) Man who stan&s on to%et s h'h on pot!

    15) Man who %4e n '%ass house shou%& han'e %othes n basement!

    16) Man who (sh n other mans2 we%% o(ten ath raps!