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Conferences InformationDate of this posting: 5 February 2012 Date of previous posting: 13 January 2012New listings conferences added (or modified) since the previous posting have been highlighted in yellow (or shaded gray on b&w printouts). This file is available from The purpose of the Date Added column is to allow sorting of the table to facilitate checking for conferences added or updated since the last time you viewed this file. Coverage: Management (focusing on strategy, international, operations); some Marketing; some Knowledge management, systems thinking, e-commerce. Note: There may be changes to or inaccuracies in this list; always verify information via the organisation's website or by email. No liability or responsibility for errors can be accepted this is merely a public service effort with good intentions, not limitless resources. If you have updates, changes, or conferences to add, please notify me (email / brochure in mailbox / etc.) Andr Everett Online, this list is being provided as a DOCX file due to formatting and display difficulties associated with long URLs in HTML format. The page formatting is intended to allow printing on A4 or Letter paper without complications.Dates Conference / Organisation 2012 International Business Research Feb 9- Conference, 12th Annual 10 Theme / Host City Deadline Website Email Date Added 111025

Global and Regional Crises: Implications, Recommendations and Solutions 2012 Innovation in Global Business and Pedagogical and Feb Management Education in Emerging Organizational Challenges 10-11 and Developing Markets, 2nd and Opportunities Research Colloquium 2012 Asia-Pacific Business Research World Business Institute Feb Conference Australia 13-14 2012 International Strategic Human Feb Resource Management Conference 13-15 & Exhibition 2012 International Association of Asian 20th Annual NAAAS & Feb Studies Affiliates National 13-18 Conference (US National Association of AfricanAmerican Studies)

Jacksonville, Abstract Saurabh Gupta Florida 2011 ss/cibs/conference.aspx Dec 1 Atlanta, Georgia 2011 Oct 11

Ilan Alon or 110114 John McIntyre 111116

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Baton Rouge, Louisiana

2012 Jan 16 Abstract 2011 Aug 31 Abstract 2011 Nov 5

110501 111007

2012 Biotechnology World Congress, 1st One of 6 major sections is Feb business development 14-15 including alliances, strategies, and intellectual property 2012 Small Business Institute, Annual Rope with Passion, Ride Feb Conference Your Future with SBI 16-18 2012 Global Business Environment, Role of Education and Feb International Conference on Technology 17-19 (ICGBE) 2012 International Journal of Arts & IJAS & University of Malta, Feb Sciences Conference, Annual Gozo Campus 19-23 2012 Economics, Business and Marketing International Economics Feb Management, International Development and Research 26-28 Conference on (CEBMM) Center 2012 International Management World Sponsored by Global Journal Feb Congress of Strategies & Governance 28-29 (Canada) 2012 Decision Sciences Institute, Feb Southeast Region (SEDSI), 42nd 29-Mar Annual Meeting 2 2012 Leuphana Sustainability Summit Sustainability: Enabling a Feb Transdisciplinary Approach 29-Mar 2 2012 Decision Sciences Institute, Feb Southwest Region (SWDSI), 43rd 29-Mar Annual Meeting 3 2012 Academy of International Business, Feb U.S. Southwest Chapter (AIBSW) 29-Mar Annual Conference 3 2012 Academy of Human Resource Technology and Human Feb Development (AHRD) International Resource Development 29-Mar Research Conference in the 4 Americas 2012 Global Mindset Development in Mar 2- Leadership and Management 3 Conference 2012 Association of Global Management Global Strategies and Mar 5- Studies (AGMS), International Sustainable Innovation 6 Conference of the Across Disciplines

Dubai, UAE

Abstract http://eureka2011 Dec 31


San Antonio, 2011 Sep Texas 19 Bangkok, Thailand Gozo, Malta 110903

2011 Oct or 15


2012 Jan conference@internationaljourn 110501 10 alta.html 2011 Oct 15 110422


Seoul, Korea 2011 Dec 15 Columbia, South Carolina Lneburg, Germany


2011 Oct 23


Abstract Erik Hansen 2011 Oct -summit 31


New Orleans, 2011 Oct Janet Bailey 111226 Louisiana 23 ault.asp

New Orleans, 2011 Oct Louisiana 21

Chu Nguyen


Denver, Colorado

2011 Sep 7

Khalil M. Dirani 110512 or Scott Franzmeier

Los Angeles, 2012 Feb mgtconference@uofriverside.c 120106 California 1 ml om Cambridge, 2012 Jan http://www.associationMassachusetts 15 Mukesh Srivastava or 110923

2012 Mar 57 2012 Mar 710 2012 Mar 911 2012 Mar 10-11 2012 Mar 12-13 2012 Mar 12-13 2012 Mar 13-16

International Technology, Education and Development (INTED) Conference, 6th National Business and Economics Society (USA) (NBES), 30th Annual Conference International Academy of Business and Economics (IABE), Spring Conference Journal Conference on Innovation, Management and Technology (JCIMT), 1st Business and Economic Research, 3rd International Conference on (ICBER) Operations and Supply Chain Management, Global Conference in (GCOM) International Journal of Arts & Sciences Conference, Las Vegas Annual (also called: International Conference for Academic Disciplines) 2012 Business Management, 2nd Mar International Conference on < 15-16 shifted to Mar 28-29 > 2012 Society for Chaos Theory in Mar Psychologyia & Life Sciences, 5th 15-17 Annual International Nonlinear Science Conference of the 2012 Academy for Global Business Mar Advancement (AGBA), 9th Annual 19-21 World Congress

Valencia, Spain

Abstract 2011 Nov 24 Maui, Hawaii 2011 Jul 1 Key West, Florida 2012 Jan 25




Chenai, India 2011 Dec 30 Bandung, Indonesia Bandung, Indonesia Multidisciplinary, including business and economics Las Vegas, Nevada Abstract 2011 Dec 30 Abstract 2011 Dec30 2012 Jan 25 or


http://www.internationalconference.c icber@internationalconference. 120106 111225 dex.htm conference@internationaljourn 110615 egas.html

Science, Business and Society

Lahore, Pakistan Barcelona, Spain

2011 Sep 15 nference-breif.html 2011 Dec 31 Matthijs Koopmans /



Business and Ajman (Near Entrepreneurship Dubai), UAE Development in a Globalized Era and the Rise of UAE 2012 Global Business Development Las Vegas, Mar Institute (GBDI), 16th International Nevada 19-21 Conference 2012 International Network of Business Brokering Knowledge; Valencia, Mar and Management Journals hosted by 13 journal editors Spain 20-22 (INBAM), 2nd Conference of the incl. EJIM, HRM, IBR, ISBJ, JOCM, MD, SBJ 2012 Decision Sciences Institute, Newport, Mar Northeast Region (NEDSI), Annual Rhode Island 21-23 Meeting

2012 Jan 15

David McArthur


Proposal 2012 Jan 31 2011 Oct 15


Domingo Ribeiro 100812 domingo.ribeiro@inbam2010.u 111226

2011 Nov 15

2012 Mar 21-23 2012 Mar 21-24 2012 Mar 22-24 2012 Mar 23-25 2012 Mar 23-25 2012 Mar 25-28 2012 Mar 25-28

Intercultural Collaboration, 4th International Conference on (ICIC) Western Academy of Management (WAM)

Bengaluru (Bangalore), India La Jolla, California

2011 Oct 15 or Martha Maznevski 2011 Oct Jeffrey Shay 3 2012 Feb 22



2012 Mar 27-30 2012 Mar 28-29 2012 Mar 28-30 2012 Mar 28-30 2012 Mar 28-30 2012 Mar 29-31

Academic and Business Research San Antonio, Institute (AABRI) International Texas Conference Engineering and Business includes HRM, KM, Shanghai, Management (EBM), 3rd marketing, e-commerce, China Conference on quality, technology, etc. Human and Social Sciences, 2nd in collaboration with Tirana, International Conference on (ICHSS) Sapienza University of Albania Rome, Faculty of Human Sciences Industr