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  • 1. By Lucas Pertschi

2. Doyle was born on May 22, 1859 in Edinburgh to Charles andMary Doyle. Best known for writing the Sherlock Holmes books, Doyle is aworld renown author. He is best known for crime fiction stories. On July 7th, 1930, at the age of 71, Doyle suffered a heart attack,resulting in his death. He has written in total: Sherlock Holmes series (4 novels, 56 short stories Professor Challenger series (5 novels) Brigadier Gerard series (18 short stories) Other miscellany (19 novels, 115 short stories, 13 plays [2 co-written], 81 poems, 12 pamphlets) 3. Doyle was born third of 10 siblings. His parents,Charles and Mary Foley, were both of Irish decent. Doyles father was an alcoholic, and lead aproblematic life of addiction and depression, whichlead to his death in 1893. Supported by his uncle, Doyle was sent to RomanCatholic Jesuit preparatory school Hodder Place,Stonyhurst. He then attended Stonyhurst College and receivedhis graduation degree in 1975. The college is also known to have a number of Stonyhurstliterary associates besides Doyle, such as J. R. R.College s CrestTolkien. He wrote part of The Lord of the Rings in oneof the upper classrooms. Stonyhurst College 4. In 1882 Doyle moved to Portsmouthin June, and with only 10 to hisname, he set up a medical practiceat 1 Bush Villas in Elm Grove. Though not a very successfulpractice, while waiting for hispatients he would write stories andcomposed his first novel TheNarrative of John Smith His first significant work was AStudy in Scarlet. It featured the firstappearance of Sherlock Holmes,who he partially modeled after oneof his former university teachersJoseph Bell. 5. Doyles greatest creationwas the tales of a detectivenamed Sherlock Holmes. Holmes tales have beentranslated in over 60different languages, soldover 100 million copies, andhas been made into a moviein 2009, and a sequel is The Theatrical releasebeing released onposterDecember 16th , 2011 6. Doyle married Louisa (orLouise) Hawkins in 1885 andhad 2 children with her. Shedied in 1906. The next year he marriedElizabeth Leckie, whom he had3 children with. His childrens names were Mary, Doyle and his familyArthur, Denis, Adrian, and visiting New YorkLena. 7. After the death of his firstwife Louisa in 1906, Doylesunk into deep depression. He began supportingspiritualism, the belief ofspirits living among useven after their death. He was friends with HarryHoudini for quite a time,and Doyle began believeOne of the posters Houdini usedthat Houdini possessed for his acts. Doyle was verysuper-natural powers due interested in things like his amazing escapes. 8. Doyle was found clutching hischest in the hall of his home onJuly 7th, 1930. He died due to aheart attack. His last words were directed tohis wife: You are wonderful. His grave was built anonymouslydue to his belief in spirtiualism. In the late 20th century, the gravewas finally inscripted, bearing thewords:STEEL TRUEBLADE STRAIGHTARTHUR CONAN DOYLEKNIGHT PATRIOT, PHYSICIAN & MANOF LETTERS 9. Doyle isconsidered one of the greatest authors of all time, and has influencedmany authors.