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  • 1. Computing Careers Rye St Antony
  • 2. A Career in Computing Think of how many things you use on a daily basis that involve digital technology It could be ebooks, tablets, phones, washing machines even modern cars Think of how many websites you use which just work so well Facebook, Twitter, Google etc Think of all our communications we use Internet, telephones, TV Virtually all of these devices or websites or communications would have been designed, programmed and implemented by people with a background in 2
  • 3. Computing 3
  • 4. Why go into Computing? Computing is part of everything we do today Computing enables you to solve complex, challenging problems Computing can enable you to make a positive difference in the world through developing solutions to problems we face today Computing offers very many lucrative careers Expertise in computing will help you in careers other than computing Computing offers opportunities for true creativity and innovation Computing has space for both individual effort and working collaboratively Computing is increasingly seen as a part of a well rounded academic individual Computing is a field without boundaries 4
  • 5. Mary Lou Jepsen Anita Borg Kimberley Bryant Famous women in computing look them up! Marissa Mayer 5
  • 6. Computing Degree Courses from a selection of Universities Oxford Brookes Computing department Example degree: Computer Games and Animation Oxford University Computer Science department Example degree: Computer Science and Philosophy Birmingham University Computer Science department Example degree: Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science University of Bath Computer Science department Example degree: Computer Science with Business Bournemouth University Computer Animation 6
  • 7. Example careers within Computing Computer Animation Games developer Database developer Programmer / software engineer Network administrator Systems engineer Forensic computing Computer Security 7
  • 8. What do I need? Universities have a wide variety of entry requirements for degrees ranging from BBC to AAA but all I have looked at say that they will offer for lower if you have Computer Science at A Level A general interest in how computers work will always be an advantage but also an ability to problem solve and enjoy complex challenges For further information I store a number of resources and links at 8
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