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Intro to compressor surge, how it happened , how to overcome it.

Transcript of Compressor Surge


COMPRESSOR SURGe!!Muhammad Fadzlee samsubahaInternalInternal1TOPicsDefinition of surgeSymptom of surgeWhy surging are undesirable?Compressor operating curveHow to prevent surging?The CCC anti-surge control InternalInternal2So what is compressor surge?Compressor surge is the reversible flow through a centrifugal or axial compressorInternalSupply tankReceiverCompressor1234PsPrP1P2Then How SURGE occurred ?Gas normally flow in this directionCausing pressure in receiver, Pr to increase.Sudden decrease flow at point 4It then lead to decrease in flowrate to the receiver due to resistance to inlet flowThe flowrate to the compressor will decrease as wellLeading to decrease of kinetic energy thus decrease in pressure output, P2. Hence, P2 < PrCOMPRESSOR SURGE !!Gas flow reversedInternal3Symptom of surgeInternal

Sudden low system flow

Discharge temperature increase

Violent fluctuation of discharge pressure Excessive compressor radial vibration

Abnormal sound at compressor

Internal4Why surge undesirable?InternalGas will flow backwards & pushes rotating assemblyRotating shaft will slam into thrust bearingRotating shaft will slam into thrust bearingCause rotating element to come into contact with stationary elementSevere Compressor damage if the compressor cannot handle it.Internal5Compressor operating curveInternal

Internal6How to prevent surge!Installing spill back valve


Flowrate to compressor will increase & maintained above minimum flowInternal7How to prevent surge!Reducing or increasing driver speed until compressor operating point move away from surge lineInternalInternal8CCC Anti-surge controlInternal

Internal9CCC Anti-surge controlInternal

Antisurge valveAntisurge controllerSpillback line from antisurge valveInternal10CCC Anti-surge controlInternal

Surge count register no of time the compressor hit the surge lineOpening of anti-surge valveInternal11Thank youInternalInternal12