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  • 1. AO2: Composition Photograph 1: ! - I shot using a rule of thirds grid in mind by basing my subject in the middle and having an equal space all around them as you can see here. ! - When it comes to the background its blurred compared to the subject, this is through using a low aperture to create this depth of eld. ! - Experimentation came about when I took many photos of only one person, I did this to catch natural elements such as a smile or a laugh instead of a pose, makes it more natural and individual. ! - My subject blends with the background due to the similar colours but also the lighting is the same throughout the photo, what brings him is the depth of eld. ! Photograph 2: ! - Again with is photo I shot with a rule of thirds template in mind, keeping the subject central so it gives me more to do when it comes to editing. ! - When it comes to view point and shooting the photo, I crouch and take it mid height so I can get an eye level view as its portraiture photography. ! - Leading lines play a point in the photograph, there is a pathway cutting through the lower third of the photo which is a different colour than the grass, it brings our eyes down which when makes us focus on the subject. ! - The trees in the background are not as dense in the top right third, the lamp post is there to balance the elements.