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An introduction to Personal Knowledge Structure Building

Transcript of Comphumanities 001-010

  • 1. CompHumanities Digital Humanities and Computing Power

2. A Personal Knowledge Home The Web as a Knowledge repository Building a secret home on the Web Using personal tools to cope with thecomplexity. Personal tools to manageubiquitous knowledge. LDAP protocols. Xmarks. LastPass. SocialNetworks. Introduction to CMSs. Cloud computing and CMS. 3. Building our community on theWeb Building our community on the Web 4. Publishing on the Web Publishing on the Web 5. Producing contents for the Web Producing contents for the Web 6. Placing our contents Placing our contents 7. Mining public contents Mining public contents 8. Computing high level contents: comphumanities Computing high level contents:comphumanities 9. Verifying contents trough manual tracking Verifying contents trough manualtracking 10. Verifying contents troughalgorithms Verifying contents trough algorithms 11. Weaving contents Weaving contents 12. Managing contents within ourcommunity Managing contents within ourcommunity 13. Managing contents in the WorldWideWeb at large Managing contents in theWorldWideWeb at large