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It mainly deals with technical and managerial dimensions of competency mapping.

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  • Sales Manager, R&D staff Competency Mapping BY T.V.Ashok Kumar PGDMG13111
  • Competency=Intelligence + Education + Experience + Ethics + Interest Skill Job Attitude Knowledge Observable Behavior Job Performance Competency
  • Our Values Highest performance with highest ethics Responsible Committed to ethical and responsible actions Comprometida Excellent Achieving high performance and excellent results Innovative Being innovative to create sustainable value Corporate Vision A world of proven talent, delivering breakthrough innovations, giving our customers a unique competitive edge, enabling societies to master their most vital challenges and creating sustainable value. Mission Through our global network of innovation and strong local presence, we are pooling and developing our knowledge and competencies within a high performance organization, aiming to create outstanding value for our clients, employees, shareholders and society.
  • Types Of Competencies Type Description Generic Which are considered essential for all staff, regardless of their function or level Specific Required to do particular job or task Threshold/performance Required to do the job which do not differentiate between high and low performers Performance will differentiate between high and low performers Differentiating competencies Behavioral characteristics that high performers display Managerial competencies Considered essential for staff with managerial responsibility in any service or program area , including directors and senior posts Technical competencies Which are considered essential to perform any job in the organization within a defined technical or functional area of work Behavioral competencies Considered essential for all
  • Steps in competency mapping Step 1: Identify departments for competency profiling Step 2: Identifying hierarchy within the organization and selection of levels Step 3: Obtain the job descriptions Step 4: Preparation of semi structured interview Step 5: Recording of interview details Step 6: Preparation of a list of Skills Step 7: Indicate proficiency levels Step 8: Validate identified competencies and proficiency levels with immediate superiors and other heads of the concerned department Step 9: Preparation of competency dictionary Step 10: Mapping of competencies
  • Process of Competency Mapping The broad processes that are followed in an organization while undertaking the process of competency mapping are detailed below: First stage of mapping requires understanding the vision and mission of the organization. Second stage requires understanding from the superior performers the behavioral as well as the functional aspects required to perform job effectively. Tool for the first and second stage: BEI/ Structured Interview Third stage involves thorough study of the BEI Reports/ Structured Interview Reports a) Identification of the competency based on competency frame work b) Measurement of competency c) Required levels of competency for each job family d) Development of dictionary which involves detail description of the competency based on the indicators. Care should be taken that the indicators should be measurable and gives objective judgment.
  • Fourth Stage requires preparation for assessment. a) Methods of assessment can be either through assessment centers or 360 Degree Feedback b) If assessment center is the choice for assessment then tools has to be ready beforehand i. Tools should objectively measure the entire competency required. ii. Determine the type of the tools for measuring competency iii. Prepare the schedule for assessment iv. Training to the assessor should indicate their thorough understanding of the competencies and the tools and also as to how the behavior has to be documented. Fifth Stage involves conducting assessment centre. Usually it is a two day program which would involve giving a brief feedback to the participant about the competencies that has been assessed and where they stand to. Sixth stage involves detailed report of the competencies assessed and also the development plan for the developmental areas
  • Data Collection tools Behavioral Events Interview Expert Panels Surveys Expert Systems Job Analysis Role Analysis Direct Observation
  • Category Description Category Developer Brand builder Planner/Implementer Focus on excellence in goals(availability) Makes change happen Makes Commercial Decision Strategic perspective Market aware IT systems facility Leverages/Relationship Capable networker Customer wiring(insight) Adds value to Customer Business Consultative problem solver, Strategy aligner, Helps customers to sell Sales Force Competencies Cont...
  • Maximizes Mutual profit Financial process manager, Skilled investor Consise,Inspiring Communicator Communicate clear vision , use systems to support argument Flexible sales person Persuasive selling skills , win-win negotiator Committed to continuous learning Priorities needed, Personal development plan Leader Guardian of the culture Leads by example, Brand builder Trust/integrity Committed team builder
  • Communicate Act & Lead Character Descriptor Share the vision Aligns team structure, team visioning Concise inspiring communicator Effective use of systems, concise presenter Sales planner vision into action, team objective setting KRA focus Organizer Selector/retainer Territory organizer Flexible sales person Win-win negotiation Performance manager Understands performance drivers promotes self-management Committed people developer Priorities learning, creative coach Development planner Motivational leader Assesses motivation, demonstrates things Team builder Promotes team responsibility, meeting facilitator, innovation manager Guardian of the culture Brand builder , trust/ integrity
  • DIMENSION OF COMPETENCY LEVELS Column1 BASIC COMPETENT ADVANCED EXPERT Share the vision Concise inspiring communicator Sales planner Organizer Flexible sales person Performance manager committed people developer Motivational leader Team builder Guardian of the culture 1=expert , vital 2=proficient , very important 3= Developing , important Assessment of Sales Manager Role
  • Competency mapping required for a research & Development staff Column1 Column2 Column3 Column4 Column5 Basic Competent Advanced Expert Business awareness Business skills technical skills customer orientation 1 - Highly satisfied organizing skills 2 - satisfied cross functional perspective 3- moderately planning skills 4- highly dissatisfied execution skills 5-dissatisfied analytical skills Decision making Delegation Leadership Developing and supporting subordinates for effectiveness communication team working & Interpersonal effectiveness influencing ability Achievement orientation Networking ability creative thinking strategic thinking tolerance to non conformities
  • Dimension Technical Managerial Sales manager Guardian of culture Share the vision Performance developer Product knowledge Sales planner motivational leader team builder Inspiring communicator Research & Development staff Execution skills Analytical skills Decision making Creative thinking Business awareness Networking ability Organizing skills Planning skills Leadership Team working Communication Influencing ability