COMPASSVALE PRIMARY SCHOOL Welcome to Compassvale … · SNAAPP : Attendance-Taking & Communication...

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COMPASSVALE PRIMARY SCHOOL Welcome to Compassvale Primary School Briefing Session for P5 Parents 23 January 2016 10.30 am - 12 noon Mission : Nurturing Character, Enriching Lives Vision : Soaring Individuals, Serving Citizens Every Student, An Engaged Learner
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Transcript of COMPASSVALE PRIMARY SCHOOL Welcome to Compassvale … · SNAAPP : Attendance-Taking & Communication...



    SCHOOL Welcome to Compassvale Primary School

    Briefing Session for P5 Parents

    23 January 2016 10.30 am - 12 noon

    Mission : Nurturing Character, Enriching Lives Vision : Soaring Individuals, Serving Citizens

    Every Student, An Engaged Learner

  • Primary 5 Briefing Agenda ITEMS


    VMV & Policy Matters P5 Key Programmes

    Mr Chua Choon Guan (Principal)

    Direct School Admission (DSA) Matters

    Ms Tan Kwee Foon (VP / Academic)

    Curriculum Matters English Language, Mathematics and Science

    English Language : Mr Daniel Chew (HOD/EL) Mathematics : Mrs Thessa Ang (HOD/Math) Science : Mr Alex Lee (HOD/SCI)

    Curriculum Matters Mother Tongue Languages

    CL : Mrs Wong-Ang (HOD/MTL) - MPH ML : Mdm Sharifah (ML Coord) - PAL Room TL : Mdm Mogana (TL Coord) – Teaching Lab

  • School Mission

    Nurturing Character, Enriching


    School Values

    [ I SHARE ]

    Innovation Self-Discipline Honesty Adaptability Respect Empathy

    School Vision


    Individuals, Serving Citizens


  • Upgrading of

    School Facilities

    Outdoor Learning Area

    Band Room Dance Studio


    Sheltered Basketball Court Indoor Sports Hall

    iPEC Cultural Hub

    Visual Art Gallery Theatrette

  • 5

    2016 CA & SA Schedule

    Primary 5 Assessment Schedule (Main Papers *)

    Term 1 CA1 replaced by Practice Papers

    Term 2 : SA1 Week 8 : 9 May to 13 May 2016

    Term 3 : CA2 Week 9 : 22 Aug to 26 Aug 2016

    Term 4 : SA2 Week 7/8 : 26 Oct to 3 Nov 2016

    * SA1 & SA2 : Oral , Composition and Written components will be conducted earlier

    All exam schedules are accurate as of 23 Jan 2016 and could be subject to change. Parents & pupils will be notified.

  • Vision : Soaring Individuals, Serving Citizens Mission : Nurturing Character, Enriching Lives

    Important Points to note for Assessment :

    • Every examinable subject is important

    • A “U” grade in any PSLE examinable

    subject at P6 may result in pupil being


  • 7

    P5 Key Programmes

    P5 Adventure Camp 2016

    Objectives :

    • Integral part of CVPS Character Development Programme

    • Emphasis on outdoor education to build up ruggedness and resilience

    • Living the school values [I SHARE]

    Date : Mon 30 May – Tues 31 May 2016 ( 1st 2 days of June Holidays )

    Venues : CVPS campsite & out-of-school adventure training centres

  • Abseiling

    Confidence Ropes Course

    Team Challenge Team Treasure Hunts

    Low Challenge Obstacles Zip Line

    Rock Climbing

    Camp Fire

    P5 Adventure Camp Activities

  • 9

    P5 Key Programmes

    National Education (NE) Show

    Objectives :

    • Provide a unifying experience on what it means to be a Singaporean

    • Develop a sense of commitment towards the nation and the community

    • Provide learning opportunities to understand the significance of our National Day

    Venue: National Stadium Date: A Saturday in July 2016 ( TBC)

  • 10

    P5 NE Show

  • COMPASSVALE PRIMARY SCHOOL Applied Learning Programme (ALP -Robotics)

    Developing 21st Century Competencies through Robotics in Mathematics & Science Curriculum

    Increase interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and

    Mathematics (STEM)

    Develop 21st Centuries Competencies

    through hands-on activities

    Integrate Theories into Practice

    P5 Key Programme

  • 3-Year Structured Programme







    VEX IQ: Construction & Control +

    SCIENCE: Systems as a Whole

    VEX IQ: Programming +

    MATHEMATICS: Measurement & Angles

    VEX EDR: Construction & Programming +

    SCIENCE: Electrical Systems


  • What if one

    part of the

    system fails?

    PRIMARY 3 – Science Systems as a Whole

    Pupils learn through experiential learning about the

    fundamentals of the VEX IQ robotics system. They also

    construct robots, as well as perform simple troubleshooting


    Pupils relate their experience to

    scientific concepts of parts of a

    system, functions of a part and

    systems working as a whole.

  • Observe the effect on robot’s speed

    movement on different surfaces.

    Robot Control



    Parts and functions EXPOSURE TO ROBOTICS




  • PRIMARY 4 – Mathematics Measurement & Angles

    With further understanding of how robots function, pupils

    learn to use MODKIT, a graphical programming software to

    program their robots to perform tasks that require them to

    apply mathematical concepts such as Measurement and



    ¾ of a complete turn anticlockwise

    Linking robot movements to

    mathematical calculations

    How should I configure my


  • PRIMARY 5 – Science Electrical Systems

    Pupils are exposed to another range of

    the VEX robotics system, VEX EDR,

    where they will be involved in

    constructing a more complex clawbot. In

    the process, pupils learn about electric

    circuit and how electricity flows in the

    robot, enabling it to function.

    Pupils program their robots with easyC,

    a C-based programming language



    Programming in C language

    Interfacing different components together

    Differences between circuit types

  • 20

    Admin & Operations Matters

    • Pupil Attendance

    • Participation in School CCA

    • SNAAPP : Attendance-Taking &


  • 21

    Pupil Attendance During Term Time

    Pupils are to attend school during school terms

    (Term 1 – Term 4)

    Application for leave - Will be approved only

    on medical & compassionate ground

    Pupils who are absent from school without

    valid supporting document will be recorded as

    being “ Absent without valid reason”

  • 22

    Pupil Attendance During Term Time

    Pupil’s absence from CAs & SAs must be supported by Medical Certificate or other valid document

    Pupils will not be awarded any marks for the exam that they have missed without valid reason.

    These pupils will however be allowed to take the CA/SA paper as a Practice paper.

  • 23

    Pupil Attendance During Term Time

    Frequent and/or prolonged absence from school without valid reason will impact pupil’s conduct and eligibility for school-based awards.

    eg : EAGLES Awards

    Parents are requested not to take children out of school immediately after school exam

    - conflict with values-based teaching

    - wrong messaging to children

  • 24

    Participation in School CCA

    School Policy :

    • The school strongly encourages every P3 to P6 pupil to participate in one CCA. • CCA is integral to the holistic development of pupils Improves health & fitness Reduces anxiety & stress Develops life skills – teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline Develops character & inculcates values

  • 25

    Participation in School CCA

    School Policy :

    • Pupils’ participation and contributions in CCA will be documented in the pupil’s Report Book as part of the teachers’ holistic feedback to parents

    • Pupils who do not participate in CCA in 2016 will be reflected as “ Pupil did not participate in CCA in 2016“ in their Report Book.

    • Pupils can leverage CCA participation for DSA applications at P6

  • 26

    SNAAPP : Attendance-Taking & Communication

    SNAAPP is an app with dual functions - Attendance taking and notifications capabilities. - Communication platform between school and parents.

    Note Parents without smart phones will still receive messages via SMS. However, they will miss out on the following functions:- • Receiving images • Replying to teacher/school • Updating the school on contact details

  • 27

    SNAAPP : Attendance-Taking & Communication

  • 28

    SNAAPP : Attendance-Taking & Communication

    For technical assistance,


    [email protected]

    or call

    6815 1210

  • End of Principal’s Presentation