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Transcript of Compassion Fatigue by Brad Hyde

  • 1. Compassion Fatigue

2. What is Compassion Fatigue? 3. Compassion Fatigue is not easily defined!

  • the natural behaviors and emotions that arise from knowing about a traumatizing event experienced by a significant other
  • the stress resulting from helping or wanting to help a traumatized person
  • a state of exhaustion and dysfunction-biologically,psychologically,and socially-as a result from prolonged exposure to compassion stress
  • CF is identical tosecondary traumatic stress disorder (STSD) and is the equivalent ofPTSD "(Figley,l995)

4. Also calledSecondary Traumatic Stress Disorder andVicarious Trauma HOW DOES IT AFFECT THERAPIST? Vicarious Traumarefers the changes that occur within a therapist as a result of empathic engagementwith client's trauma experiences 5. What are the emotional dangers of Compassion Fatigue? 6.

      • Work that is focused on the relief of client's emotional suffering typically results in the absorption of information about human suffering,thus we can absorb that suffering(Figley)
      • Our client's issues are contagious:
      • "The therapist may find she has taken over the pathology of her patient within herself to such an extent that the therapist feels sick"
      • (English,l976)

7. The therapist may actually experience emotions and other symptoms that are very similar to the victim. 8. Three areas of secondary traumatic stress reactions/symptoms:

      • Psychological distress
      • Changes in cognitive schema
      • Relationship disturbances

9. Psychological distress 10. Changes in cognitive schema 11. Relationship disturbances 12. Stress: any demand or challenge that creates tension or threat requiring adaptive response

      • Counter-transference:
      • internal identification with the victim which leads to feelings of hopelessness, despair and powerlessness
      • Burnout:
      • a state of physical,emotional, and mental exhaustion caused by long term involvement in situations that are emotionally demanding

13. Spirituality the link to the core Twelve Steps 14.

      • Compassion Fatigue and ethical concerns:

rescue attempts boundary violations control poor judgement 15. Self Interest

      • Save Self

Self Care How can I help myself? 16. Compassion Fatigue