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UPP National Development Plan for the Future of Antigua and Barbuda ABLP Failures/Missed Opportunities & UPP Goals, Strategies & Solutions

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COMPARISONS BETWEEN ABLP Failures/Missed Opportunities & UPP Goals, Strategies & Solutions

UPP National Development Plan for the Future of Antigua and Barbuda

ABLP Failures/Missed Opportunities&UPP Goals, Strategies & Solutions

TopicsABLP Failures/Missed OpportunitiesUPP Goals, Strategies & SolutionsJobsOne in four Antiguans and Barbudans are actively seeking employment; 34 % youth unemployment; among 1200 high school graduates in 2016, more than 1/3 cannot find real jobs.Job creation plan through targeted investment that focuses on high productivity. - Government Incentives Team will focus on creating 1000 jobs and increased private sector activity during first 12 months Economic Growth Services Division will focus on economic development in the productive sectors Tourism, Agriculture, Creative Industries and emerging technologies.Economic Growth & RecoveryInconsistent economic policies and failed stimulus plan that lags OECS countries. Sabotage of the Beaches Project and Bau Panel a loss of 2000 jobs.PROPULSION Economic Stimulus Program for SMEs that provides Support and Expansion opportunities. Help incubate new businesses. Clear consistent policies designed to kick start the economy that will allow people to feel a difference in their wallets. Simplified process to access to capital and venture capital ratios. Generate thousands of jobs and increased private sector activity. People Guided. Business Minded.




Economic Growth & Recovery

TopicsABLP Failures/Missed OpportunitiesUPP Goals, Strategies & SolutionsInvestmentLack of meaningful foreign direct investment. Failure of SHARE Inc., to assist entrepreneurs and mompreneurs with venture capitalcreating the opportunity and shareholding society. Business climate reform. Mobilizing investment in key productive sectors. tourism, agriculture and food production and services sector, creative industries, SMEs in arts, crafts, music and entertainment. ICT and knowledge- based industries.U- Conomy a revolutionary platform that focuses on a domestic investment policy that creates greater incentives for Antiguans and Barbudans so that their talents are valued and utilized -- capital, processes, products organizational and management skills that can be used to tap into new markets. Building Domestic Capacity for industry growth with more responsible use of our resources in job creation and business opportunities for Antigua and Barbuda.TaxesShifting tax tactics that place sole burden of taxes on employers, creating mass job losses and business failures. Despite a campaign promise of no new taxes, they have repealed the PIT and replaced with UBT.comprehensive tax reform. *** HL to update. Repeal UBT no reintroduction of PIT and other direct taxes. Utilize registration data to provide greater support such as financial literacy, training and xxxx.





TopicsABLP Failures/Missed OpportunitiesUPP Goals, Strategies & SolutionsEducationLack of leadership with absentee Minister of Education. Huffed Five Island school, denying youth a state-of-the art education while exacerbating overcrowding in public schools. Ill-conceived Plan for Antigua and Barbuda University on the Five Island campus will not meet needs for comprehensive tertiary education.Implement a 20 Year Education Plan with targeted growth and strategic development initiatives will immediate open the Five Islands Secondary School. A & B Education Empowerment Zone EEZ will at the center of National Development promoting a culture of critical thinking, analytical research and access to emerging ideas and technologies. New faculties in Science & Technology as well as Enterprise and Innovation Institute. We will provide ladders of opportunity through Continuing education, HS Equivalency Certificate and Civics.AgricultureAbsentee Minister of Agriculture. Lack of water supply for farming inadequate supply of inputs, sourcing local, regional and international market for produce."Harvest More Import Less. We Reap What We Sow." Will focus on agro-industrial development and will modernize farming irrigation and fertigation units. We will establish a Food Sciences Institute and the Antigua and Barbuda University and a National Food Production Plan.





TopicsABLP Failures/Missed OpportunitiesUPP Goals, Strategies & SolutionsTourismIndustry stagnation with no increase in inventory, jobs or market diversification. Declining visitor spend and failure to improve tourism facilities and experiences have contributed to a product that is uncompetitive.National Resort Development Initiative to Revamp Legacy and Partially Completed Properties, with targeted incentives and mandatory performance clauses for all investors. We will diversify our tourism product to showcase and promote cultural assets through creative tourism.The A & B Cultural Agenda Fund will support a cohesive and equitable cultural policy, culturally healthy society and provide grant funding for creative expression and artistic development. A Cultural Institute of Steel Pan will be set up to provide support, research, technical assistance and cultural leadership and identify lucrative opportunities to promote the art form on a local regional and international level.HealthFailure to improve waiting time, diagnostic tests and to expand list of approved drugs. Failure to open and fully operationalize community clinics To ensure access of care to the most vulnerable citizensPromoting a Healthy Lifestyle through a National Preventative Medicine Campaign. Explore an integrative medicine policy to include the research into medical marijuana. Establish a joint venture between public and private practitioners to explore new modalities.





TopicsABLP Failures/Missed OpportunitiesUPP Goals, Strategies & SolutionsSocial TransformationFailure to address the needs of aging population and family leave benefits.National Health Insurance Plan that includes a National Retirement Plan that will include Future Care, a plan that specifically targets seniors and addresses the need for residential and long-term care. We will convene an Adult Center Summit to assess the emerging needs of seniors, one of the fast-growing demographic groups.Land & HousingPoorly planned housing scheme that is affordable for many low-income families and inefficient use of land. Failure to complete housing program that elevates living standards.We will institute a rational investor land allocation policy to defend our patrimony and economic apartheid in the existing Economic Zones. We will build Housing Developments of the future also known as smart community plans. This includes condo style single family units, that will ease the housing crisis and yield affordable homes with comprehensive modern infrastructure, renewable energy, broadband, recreational and services facilities.


Social Transformation

Land & Housing