Comparable to the terracotta warriors and horses of the five heritage

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Comparable to the Terracotta Warriors and Horses of the five heritage

Transcript of Comparable to the terracotta warriors and horses of the five heritage

  • Comparable to the Terracotta Warriors and Horses of the five heritage http://www.travelagencyofchina.comTerracotta sculptures of ancient tombs of a category. Implementation ofthe ancient people martyrdom, the slave is his master during his lifetimeaccessories, slave for slave slaves buried after his death, is the sacrificiallambs. Made of terracotta soldiers and horses that (chariot, horses,soldiers) the shape of the sacrificial lambs. Another name of this movie Source:
  • http://www.yangtzecruiseonline.com1. South China Sea,One full of gold, silver, copper, iron, and porcelain of the Song Dynastyartifacts merchant class, modern, almost the entire ship are rare treasures.A similar bowl, once in the U.S. auction of hundreds of thousands ofdollars, not to mention the number of objects the entire ship may reach60000-80000. Experts believe that the cultural sector, "Nanhai One" finaleffluent, and its value and influence as much as the Terracotta Warriors inXian, but it was called "Water Warriors."
  • Leizhou stone dogLeizhou is located in the southernmost tip of mainland China, the largesttiger chili dog origin also known Leizhou stone.Leizhou stone dog at thelocal natural history and geographical conditions (Leizhou Peninsula isone of the worlds two known minefields, is "the hometown of the worldRay King"), multi-ethnic fusion of folk culture. Leizhou ancestors areengaged in farming and fishing to hunting, they labor in the production oftame a dog, the dogs favorite gradually developed into a totem worship.
  • http://yangtzecruise.freeblog.huWithin the existing old stone Leizhou about 20,000 or so dogs, olderstone age of Northern and Southern Dynasties dog is near the site of theancient Leizhou state government "Stone Dog slope" of the stone dog,about 1400 years ago. Currently, only Zhanjiang, museums and otherplaces to collect Leizhou stone has been more than a thousand dogs only.They vary in size, some cracked a smile, some naive, some grim, somefat nose and big ears, or sitting, or squatting, or V, of various shapes,ancient, unique in the world, called the South "Terra Cotta Warriors . "3. Han YanglingHan emperor Liu Qi and Yangling Wang Queen hole buried with differentgrave cemetery, is the famous Han emperor of the Han Emperor LiuChes father, created the first peace and prosperity in Chinese history,"Wenjingzhizhi."Han Yangling have found thousands of large painted nude figurines, and acompletely different style of the Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses, veryhistoric, but that is not stolen, and there are many valuable discoveries,such as the Han Dynasty palace. French President Nicolas Sarkozy at theNovember 25, 2007 visited the Han Yangling, given a high rating.
  • Dong Zhou emperor tombThis is one sleeping in the ground nearly three thousand years of EasternZhou Wangling sites, cultural workers in China to explore the currentspecifications of the Eastern Zhou period have been found most chariotpit remains - six horses to control the "emperor of the ride." As the Xia,Shang and Zhou remains important, "the emperor riding six"well-preserved, grand scale, unique in the world.
  • heritage experts believe that "the emperor riding six" most likelyLuoyang, the second "Dragon"! Chinas second "Warriors"!5. Jinsha RuinsJinsha China into the twenty-first century is the first major archaeologicaldiscovery in 3000, after sleeping, "I wake up shaking the next." Sites on
  • of a glorious ancient Shu culture. In the more than 3,000 pieces ofcultural relics unearthed in mostly fine craft jewelry and jade jewelry JinIndia and a large number of funerary pottery, ivory, shell and antler.Life-like stone sculptures form a unique, unique in the world.