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This workshop brings both the academic and public library perspectives to developing strategies for actively building relationships with your community. Learn techniques to listen to your community, to discover where they are, and to be introduced to community listening and engaging tools and techniques. Social media, technological outreach, skill development, and interpersonal techniques for engaging in effective and dynamic outreach are discussed, along with a variety of tools, techniques and tips for cementing relationships with customers and clients. This workshop is filled with ideas and tools for connecting your library to your community, in both physical and digital locations.

Transcript of Community Engagement Tools & Tips

  • 1. Community Engagement Tools & Tips Rudy Leon David Lee King

2. Introductions duc tro Inself our eyTell us about your experience with Community Engagement: - What is it? - How are you doing it now? 3. Share time mm Cos: tie ni u What/Who/Where are your communities? How many do you have? 4. Discovering Communities How do you do it? 5. Discovering Communities Listening Techniques 6. Discovering Communities Group Activity #1! Inventory three communities Plan ways to discover & listen to them Share insights with the group 7. time! 8. Develop Strategies to build relationships with Communities: Our Experience 9. Develop Strategies to build relationships with Communities: Best Practices 10. Success 11. Group Activity #2Pick one Community Group Plan out how you will:Discover them Listen to them Start interacting with them Move them to a Next Action How you will measure successDiscuss with the class 12. Q&A time!