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Community Bible Church 2016 Annual Reports "Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine ... to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations..." Ephesians 3:20-21

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Community Bible


2016 Annual Reports

"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine ...

to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations..."

Ephesians 3:20-21

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Senior Pastors

Rev. Jack Brenan April 1967 December 27, 1970 Rev. Bradley Smith February 7, 1971 December 25, 1977 Rev. Bradley Iverson August 13,1978 January 20, 1985 Rev. Michael Rowe May 1985 May 22, 1994 Rev. Brad Delp October 23, 1994

Assistant Pastors

Aaron Wolfe July 30, 2000 February 3, 2002 Bret Longwell Aug 18, 2002 Aug 12, 2003 Joshua Vaughn January 11, 2004 January 14, 2007 Michael Wells December 16, 2007 September 11, 2010 Everett Headley April 17, 2011 May 11, 2013 Tim Vine October 27, 2013

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Harmony Hurtgam

HEAD USHER Ken Penvose


JUNIOR CHURCH Rebecca Jackson


Allison Vine

LIBRARY Bonnie Muck


Pastor Delp


Rosemari Hogan Barb Ingraham

Marianne Winquist Pastor Delp




Gail McCollum Mike Perkins Pastor Delp Pastor Vine



PRAYER CHAIN Pastor Delp/Cheryl Bish


Gail McCollum Shane McCollum


Aaron Coney/ Winnie Goss


Linda Feagin/ Loanne McCollum


Loanne McCollum


ASST. TREASURER Janelle Kroening

TRUSTEES Josh Coney Don DeLisi Karl Goss

Dennis Hannon Jeff Hurtgam George Julias Mike Perkins

Michael Townsend Kyle Zahl


Pastor Tim



Mari Winquist



Pastor Delp


Aaron Coney Mike Stromberg David Winquist Larry Bowden

Dennis Hannon Erich Marzhal

Jim Krull Pastor Delp



Marcita Shank



Pastor Delp




Winnie Goss

ELDERS Dave Carl

Dean Davis Seth Muck

Dana Rimer David Winquist

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Morning Worship Averages

(includes Children’s Programs)

YEAR AVERAGE YEAR AVERAGE 1990 103 2003 231 1991 109 2004 234 1992 138 2005 244 1993 151 2006 255 1994 162 2007 241 1995 165 2008 230 1996 168 2009 222 1997 165 2010 205 1998 188 2011 186 1999 183 2012 245 2000 226 2013 282 2001 244 2014 279 2002 230 2015 266 2016 248


We have had another successful year at our Wednesday night kids club. We average

about 50-60 kids on a given night. I would estimate only around 50-60% of them are kids who

attend this church. This is exciting as it is one way in which we are serving the community

around us.

A huge praise is the dedication of a small group of unnamed volunteers that keep the

van ministry going. The van has made 3 trips to Dorwood Park on occasion. This makes for

some late nights but, it is well worth it. Many of these kids would not come if it were not for the

van. Another praise is again with the volunteers. Kids are loved by people, not a program. I

have the privilege of being able to oversee this program and get to witness the interaction of the

leaders with the kids. It is amazing to watch some of these kids over the years grow and

mature. That doesn’t happen by chance. When I see a leader with their hands full with a child,

I’m able to look on the other side of that leader and see a kid who they used to be the one

requiring extra attention, diligently reading their handbook and memorizing verses on their own.

It is truly amazing and I want to thank each and every leader for their hard work and dedication.

Things that you can be praying for:

Page 6: Community Bible Church - Razor Vine October 27, 2013 ... Pastor Tim Vine NURSERY DIRECTOR Anne Carl ...

1. For the kids. It has weighed heavy on my heart the past couple of years that when we don’t

have AWANA, some of these kids don’t have church. It takes a lot of volunteers to make

AWANA happen every Wednesday during the school year. They need a break and deserve

one. Be praying for a way to minister to these kids all year long. I’m keeping my eyes open for

a cheap bus to be able to lessen the trips on Wednesday and maybe even be able to pick kids

up on Sunday morning. Be praying for how God would use you in expanding the way we show

Christ love to kids.

2. For the leaders. Many of them are tired and have been serving for a long time. A lot of them

come right from work week after week and love these kids without thinking about themselves or

their comfort. Pray about how God wants you to be involved.

We appreciate and covet your prayer.

Sharing Christ love to change our world, one child at a time.

The Mucks


We continue to serve our 2s & 3s year-olds. The attendance for the 11:00 services has been consistent all year and we average around 5-6 children per week.

The 8:30 service’s attendance has been minimal and as of the January 1, 2017 we have discontinued offering child care. We can always revisit this in the future if needed.

We have a core group of workers in Children’s Church. We would love to add a few more workers into the rotation, with the hopes of not burning out our current volunteers. If you feel that this is a ministry you would like to get involved with or have questions, please feel free to contact me.

In his service, Harmony Retzlaff Hurtgam

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION REPORT 2016 What is the Christian Education Committee? The CE Committee is made up of the leaders of the different ministries (for those primarily 18 and under) that involve the caring for or teaching of biblical information and or action as a specific ministry of our church. Many times when we meet it is to discuss the difficulties, struggles, frustrations, and even problems that must be addressed. It may not sound like a group or a meeting that you would want to hang out with. The topics of the discussion lead to the exciting part of what it is that the CE Committee is about.

Page 7: Community Bible Church - Razor Vine October 27, 2013 ... Pastor Tim Vine NURSERY DIRECTOR Anne Carl ...

One conversation from one of our meetings this past year had to do with the lack of people who are willing to serve in the children’s ministries. We don’t beat up, traumatize, torture any of the individuals that help and yet the number of wiling volunteers continues to shrink. The question was posed as to why our Sunday School Attendance was down, and why our people aren’t committed to being a part of serving. As they began to talk and listen to one another they began to realize that they didn’t feel like there was a common purpose or thrust that would unify them or even others in our church to even want to be a part of what we do at Community Bible Church. The exciting thing is that they know that they need to be part of a solution to that and they pray for this problem as a group. They care about our church and what it is in existence for. They have a genuine passion to see God’s kingdom grow and our church to become a lighthouse to the community it is in. They continue to faithfully serve amidst the struggles that they are presented with because they believe that there can be a change. They believe that they are part of something that God designed and that they know was designed with the purpose of activating every follower of Christ in our midst to serve. How exciting is that? That is the kind of excitement that makes for a movie based on a real life story. You have individuals who continue to do what they are called to do by their creator because they know the end of the story has a happy ending. How encouraging to know that we have leaders in our CE department that believe in what God is doing and what He can do! Another example of God working in the lives of our CE committee comes from the recent decision to end our children’s ministries for our first service on Sundays. I applaud them for their wisdom and courage to make a bold move like this. They made the decision based on the lack of those in that age group and the staffing that was available to handle both first and second service. To stop doing something that has been a ministry at a church for any length of time is something that needs to be done with great care and caution. Sleeping tigers can be awakened and that doesn’t usually end well. However they realized that if they didn’t take action in a way that showed that they cared for the people who were willingly giving of their time… they may burn them out and lose them entirely. They made the choice to stop doing something (not because it wasn’t nice or good) because they knew that it demanded action to help the overall health and involvement of people of Community Bible Church. I Praise God for the group of people who willing look after our church in the area of Christian Education. Please Pray: 1. That God would raise up a person who would have an abounding love for our young babies, their parents and a desire to see our nursery program become an even more vital and thriving ministry. 2. That God would work in our members hearts and lives and stir up the love they have for their savior and in doing so stir up their hearts to serve as Jesus Served. Pastor Tim Vine

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The minutes of the Annual Meeting and all Congregational, Quarterly and Executive Board Business Meetings were taken and put on record. Respectfully submitted,

Cheryl Bish, Church Clerk The following people were accepted into membership, dedicated and/or baptized in 2016. NEW MEMBERS: Katelyn Allan Lee Allan Rachael Dodd Janice Farnham Brittney Kindzia Doug Kindzia Connie Mielke David Mielke Mitchell Vine REMOVED FROM MEMBERSHIP: Romey Bajwa Tim Becker David Buchalski LynnAnn Buchalski Amanda Bundy Donna Clare Betty Coble Genie Evancho Derek Gagnon Doug Kindzia Jeffrey Klumpp Jim Krull Laurie Krull David Leathers III James Moody Jonie Moody Scott Moody Allyson Richards

BABY DEDICATIONS: Naomi Grace Coney Emilia Reese Matias Sadie Noelle Kilmer Lillian Rose Farnham Josiah William Roy Feagin Peyton Anne Sisson BELIEVER’S BAPTISM: Katelyn Allan Lee Allan Noah Bedard Janice Farnham Brittney Kindzia Briaunna Robinson

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Most of what we do as elders, Pastor Brad talks about in his report so I won’t go over much.

One thing that we as elders are blessed to do is to help out those in financial need in our church

via the benevolence fund that this church body so generously gives to. We were able to again

this year to bless a handful of families. We are always received with a big hug and many tears.

We convey to the receivers that it is not us but, the church family taking care of them. Thank

you for your generosity. We are also blessed in being able to be part of the new members of

the church. It is a blessing to hear the testimony’s and hear of how God works in so many

different ways. The number of new members and Baptisms this year is truly a blessing.

Pray for the leaders of this church. We have 3 members either leaving or have left the elder

board in the recent past for various reasons. This is not something we are glossing over. We

are looking and praying hard about the health of this church. We know we make mistakes and

covet your prayers for the decisions we make. Please pray that we are led by the spirit and not

but what we think we should do. Please pray for the decisions we will need to make this year

as we lead the church.

Again, please do not hesitate to contact any of us. We are here to listen and pray for and with

you. Thank you.

Sharing Christ’s love to change our world, one person at a time.

The Elders


This year we were able to provide food baskets to 15 individuals/families in need. This is separate from our holiday baskets. Thanksgiving this year we distributed 12 baskets and for Christmas 15 baskets were distributed. We continue to take food donations through-out the year. I only ask that we please check the expiration dates on the items. We are not permitted to give out items that have expired. If you have a person or family in need, we do supply food throughout the year, not just at holidays, so please contact me. In his service, Harmony Retzlaff Hurtgam

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Heritage Manor of Ransomville is an assisted living facility. The ministry there is a

blessing to me because it makes me study the Bible to be prepared for teaching the Bible to

others. My general routine has been going through books of both the OT and the NT, reading

each verse. Attendance runs between four and seven individuals, both men and women. Each

person has their own copy of a large print Bible. I use commentaries at home, make notes, and

try to apply interesting background facts, maps, and personal applications. For the first time,

since Fall, I’m adapting a Stonecroft Ministries Bible Study, “Who is Jesus?” for our study. It’s

being accepted very well.

Pray for each attendee’s understanding of Scripture and God’s love for them, and their

need to see Christ as their own personal Savior.

Bonnie Muck

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT REPORT 2016 A great blessing of being pastor of leadership development has been that it means I can really work with anyone that I see or anyone who would like me to spend time with them. It has been a privilege of being part of Elders and meeting with them at least twice a month and many times more often than that. My calling and heart has been to initiate change for purpose and towards purpose and one of the first things that any living thing needs to do is to find out what it’s purpose is. It begins by asking a simple question”why would we do that?” In many of our elder meetings I would ask questions about what and why, and over time our elders have begun to ask similar thought provoking questions. Dave Winquist is one of those men who it has been exciting to watch and listen to. With his maturity comes many years of experience and patterns of how to do things. With the many years of experience a person can tend to move toward a point of being an anchor of the way things should be. It is the most exciting to me when you see a person who has a somewhat comfortable way of doing things begin asking questions and exploring ideas that are outside of their normal way of doing things. Dave on many occasions has asked questions and pushed outside the way we have always done things because he knows and is practicing the truth that God works in different ways even though the message stays the same. It is a privilege to work with men like Dave. Truth is I could share examples in each of our elders lives I just happened to pick Dave. As I have the privilege to work with individuals who are trying to make a difference I see passion and sacrifice in their lives. Seth Muck is one the people in the church that I have had the privilege to work with. He has been expressing his ideas and dreams of what could be and he is trying to intentionally challenge those around him to think about what they are doing and what if anything could be done to improve on what is already happening. A question you might have heard him ask is “what is working?” or “what is not working?” Those two questions will help identify what needs work and what needs improvement. Sometimes in asking those questions you start to observe things that make you uncomfortable, or maybe even burdened. I have seen in Seth this desire in the ministry of AWANA. He has a huge desire to see it become something more than it is. He has begun to ask questions about how things could be accomplished? How could it be done more efficiently? How could it be done more cost effective? Are we reaching the people that God would have us to reach? Are we missing any

Page 11: Community Bible Church - Razor Vine October 27, 2013 ... Pastor Tim Vine NURSERY DIRECTOR Anne Carl ...

groups or individuals and why? These are all questions that leaders ask as they begin to examine ministry. These are the questions that they ask as they move past the “this is how we do things” mentality. Leaders like Seth begin to explore the reasons and the purposes behind the things we do and try to determine are we being good stewards with the time, energy, resources, and finances that we have. Seth is becoming an amazing leader of people. In time he will begin expressing these ideas and people will become excited to be a part of what Seth is involved in because they see God working in supernatural ways. I praise God for Seth, another one of our Elders. Please Pray for: 1. That God would give our Elder board a sense of what unity must look and feel like in our Church and then wisdom as we seek to help unify our church with what God is doing and what we could be. 2. That our Elders and other key individuals in our church would start to see and feel the importance of building into others individually so that we truly become a community of believers that cares for each other, the lost, and our mission from God.

Pastor Tim Vine


In a Library Ministry, I see the Lord’s working in comments from people about books. The ones I

like to hear are, “I had to share this book with _________________,” or simply, “That was a good book.”

Books can draw individuals closer to Christ by reading how living the Christian life worked for others,

giving practical examples of Christian living.

There needs to be more usage, but that comes with the Head’s giving mention of the Library and

its offerings in the bulletin. There are many Christian non-fiction books, handling finances, family living,

marriage helps, devotional, Heaven, death, daily living by such as Meyer, Lucado, Graham, Chan,

Dobson, Strobel, MacArthur, etc. We have no catalog system. My prayer is for assistance in that area.

Also, I’m looking to add shelving on the wall next to the steps.

Bonnie Muck

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Mark 16:15 - He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” Praise the Lord because Community Bible Church is active in doing the work of the Lord! CBC has been faithful through sending, financially supporting and encouraging the missionaries throughout the world.

Titus Khamala - Kenya, Africa Gabe & Judy Agostini - Central America

Matt & Alyssa Harris - Papua Paul & Sandy Rog - Carribean

Wallace & Eleanor Turnbull - Haiti Gospel For Asia - Asia

David & Beth Larson - International Students on Campuses Devon & Kate Bartholomew - Students on Campuses

Awana Adopt-A-Club - Indonesia Alex True - Niagara County Jail

Buffalo City Mission - Buffalo Niagara Gospel Rescue Mission - Niagara Falls

Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Ministry

There are 25 missionaries/organizations that God is using here in the USA, to go into all the world and sharing the gospel to all creation.

Please pray for the safety of our missionaries as they do God's work. Missions Board Larry Bowden Rosemari Hogan Barb Ingraham Marianne Winquist

Pastor Delp


Praise God for his blessings through music. We are blessed to have Aaron Coney faithfully lead the Praise Band each Sunday for the second service. Karen Fisher with her violin and Steve Doe with his french horn also bring praise in our second service. Janice Farnham has stepped up to use her musical talent to join Lois Harvey and Winnie Goss in the first service to accompany the hymns. Our young people : Cassie Ranney, Emerick Muck, Natalie Rossi and Abigail Hurtgam also use their talent to lift us up in worship. We thank Seth Muck, Sheila Sullivan, Sara Humphrey, Bob Bohnstadt, Pastor Brad and the Men’s trio for giving their testimonies in song. If anyone is interested in using their music talent for our church services please speak to Winnie Goss or Pastor Brad. Sincerely, Winnie Goss

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NURSERY REPORT 2016 Ephesians 2:10 “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” When thinking about the question – What ways have I seen God work in the Nursery during 2016, I would say it is in the relationship and the encounters made during the time served. The people who volunteer are faithful and committed. Secondly, the joy that the young children bring is such a blessing. Children love in all they do. I’d like to thank all the Nursery workers for using their time and gifts that God has given them in serving. There is always a need for more workers in the Nursery. If you feel you’d like to be part of it, see me or one of our pastors. In his service, Anne Carl


This was our 6th year as an area drop off location for Samaritans Purse Operation

Christmas Child Shoe Box collection. OCC collects shoeboxes filled with gifts that are

distributed around the world to children in need. The boxes are all equipped with a track that

gives the receiver the opportunity to go through a 12 week discipleship course.

This year we collected more boxes than we have collected in the past three years, even

though fewer came from CBC than usual. We were able to make approximately 60 boxes with

what was collected throughout the year from the hamper in the foyer. The most exciting part of

this year was the participation of volunteers during the packing party for the AWANA kids that

uses most of the hamper collected items. The night could not happen without the adults who

volunteer. It has been exciting to watch some parents grow as they participate in sharing Christ

love with not only the kids who will receive the boxes but also with the kids who are packing

them. This act of service is very important for the kids to participate in. The kids are excited to

bless others.

Some things you can be praying for are: 1. That our support continues. We have a

couple of people who are very generous when it comes to giving not only items but also giving

towards the shipping costs of the boxes. We have used very little of our budget due to their

generosity. Pray that it continues either through their support or through new and additional

giving. 2. That when someone wants to become more involved that we are able to get them

plugged in. It can be difficult to get someone engaged when you may not think there is a lot

more to do. Pastor Tim has informed me that the youth want to be more involved. Pray that we

are not only able to utilize them but engage them and go far beyond what we think possible.

We covet your prayers and thank our church family again for the continued support.

Sharing Christ love to change our world, one shoebox at a time, The Mucks

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The Prayer Chain has been very successful in passing along prayer requests and

praises during the last year. It has also been helpful when we had a need that was necessary

to pass along to church members via email. There are 97 people receiving emails from myself

or Pastor Brad to pass along. There is also a phone call Prayer Chain which is started with

Pastor Brad once he receives a prayer request.

If you find that you would like to be included in either one of these Prayer Chains, either

see Pastor Brad or you can email Cheryl at [email protected] and I will add you on

the list. It is updated when someone new desires to put on.

Thank you.

Cheryl Bish


Seasons is, faith and finishing well!

Our key scripture verse is: Ecclesiastes 3:1 "There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens".

This ministry is for those age 55 and older (and their spouses). We usually have a lunchtime

gathering the first Saturday of every month.

We have seen God work in our ministry during 2016 in these ways:

1) This past year many of our members who had health concerns; some very serious too. Through these trials, we saw God heal, we saw God change, and we saw God take away. God has been faithful and shown us His grace and mercy. 2) This past year God provided us opportunities: There were times to Grow in God’s Word:

We had several Lunch and Learn events where we spent our time together learning and growing in God’s Word. Specifically we completed:

The War Room – Bible Study

A study on Change – changes in our lives, the world and our church. There were intergenerational events:

In February we hosted a young couples here with a special Valentines dinner.

In the late spring, the youth group hosted a special luncheon for us.

These opportunities allowed us to learn about others, to love each other more deeply, and to serve and be served. We were blessed by these times. Specific ways that our church family can pray for our ministry during 2017 are:

Page 15: Community Bible Church - Razor Vine October 27, 2013 ... Pastor Tim Vine NURSERY DIRECTOR Anne Carl ...

1) Please pray that we would all grow closer to God

2) Please pray for our spiritual, our physical health and needs, our financial needs, and for our families; praying that God would provide as needed.

3) Pray that within our group that our relationships grow and become deeper. We want to invite those eligible to our gatherings, stop by the Seasons Information center in the breezeway to learn about and sign up for our coming events. Everyone is welcome. Respectfully submitted, Gail & Shane McCollum Ministry Coordinators

SENIOR PASTOR ANNUAL REPORT 2016 God has been at work this past year in and through his people. His Word has been preached and taught and He has been lifted up in worship and in life. He has been with us through the troubles and through the triumphs. Praise His great Name! In keeping with our new format I have shortened my report to focus on a couple of ways that God has worked in our midst. When 2016 began, our daughter Carissa was recently divorced after less than two years of marriage. She was far from God and living with a man who was not her husband. Months earlier her lifestyle had brought us to the decision that no parent wants to make – we told our daughter she had to leave our home. Rather than respecting our rules and obeying the Lord, she chose to move in with an unsaved man. We were devastated, at times not knowing what we were to do, but knowing that only God could see us through. We prayed, cried, prayed, cried some more - all the while trying to show the love of Christ to our daughter and to the man with whom she lived. She was miserable, yet still resisting our pleas for her to come home and to do things God’s way. On January 25th God brought her to her senses and with the help of Joel Feagin, we moved her back to our home. God slowly but surely worked in her, bringing repentance and healing. In February the Lord provided her with a great job that she has to this day. She has come a long way in her journey and the Lord is still at work in her as He is in all of us. To God be the glory for what he has done. And to all of you who have prayed and loved and supported us – thank you! The Halford family desperately needed a roof on their home. Their father and husband, Kyle, had passed away from cancer a year and a half before and we had promised to care for his family. We estimated that the materials for the roof would cost somewhere around $2,500. We designated the money from one benevolent fund offering to go toward this and more than enough came in to cover the cost of the materials! Through the efforts of many people the Halford home got a new roof, but the story did not end there. Tuscarora Roofing generously covered the cost of all the materials! This will allow the money to be used for the next needed project at the Halford house! Praise the Lord! As we move into 2017 I ask for your prayers that I would become a more effective leader, hearing God’s voice and guiding this church where He wants us to go. Pastor Brad Delp

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CBC Student Ministry Report - 2016 Through the year it has been a privilege to speak with and build into many individuals lives. The first story that I want to share is of Nick and Ashley Ardino. Nick and Ashley have been a part of the CBC family for many years and they have been involved in the student ministry nearly all of their married life. It has been exciting over the last 2 years watching the challenges that they have faced, and how they looked to God and their church family for support. They wrestled through what, how and where to be involved and in the end they have fully immersed themselves into the ministry that God has called them to. I have had a privilege of seeing God working through them to love on the students that attend our meetings and activities. You can see the passionate loving pursuit of the students that only God can place in someone’s heart. With a young family it makes it that much more work to try to be a part of all of the activities that they are involved in. With a busy family and an already busy student ministry schedule, they were given the opportunity to really plan out the 2017 event schedule before bringing it to the leaders involved with the students. The one thing that really came through in their planning and thought process is that they wanted everything that was happening to have a rich and deep purpose. They wanted to make sure that time spent was time well spent for the work of advancing and growing God’s kingdom. I praise God for the growth in this couple and the passion that they have in serving. Another story that deserves telling is that of Kim Coney. If you were at the living stones banquet and you took the time to listen to hers and Josh’s testimony of God working in their lives you only were blessed by part of the story. What many people don’t know is that Kim has started a weekly bible study that is much more than a bible study. She strives to make sure that the Bible is taught and taught in a way that shows it’s relevance in our world with the lives we live. She goes beyond that by giving the girls that attend additional opportunities above and beyond what they get by being part of the CBC Student ministries. She gives them opportunities to care and love on each other. She gives them opportunities to care and give to those in our church. She gives them opportunities to serve others and in the process of doing all of this… they have fun and laugh. Kim is modeling to each of the girls that attend what it means to be a follower of Christ. She is teaching them that it isn’t about gaining lots of knowledge about the Bible and God. It is about taking what we know and put it to work by living it out in front of these young ladies in a very real and vulnerable way. It is always scary when you invite people into your life. In our day to day life is where it is hard to hide all of our warts and scars. People learn to see us as we are… a broken people who is saved and serving because of Grace. Be encouraged that this is not the only story of people building into students; there are many more similar to this. God is definitely at work in our student ministries. Please pray for: 1. That God would continue to work in the lives of our leaders, so that they would be even more in love with their Lord and Savior and that their love would overflow, be contagious, and effect change in our student’s lives. 2. That the Holy Spirit would work in very real and concrete ways in our students lives. We want the students to see God working in such real ways that our students cannot help but be excited for the very real work and presence of a living God in their everyday lives. Pastor Tim Vine

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SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT REPORT 2016 A big thank you to all our faithful Sunday School teachers and substitutes for 2016! This year we have had a few changes in the ages of those coming to Sunday School, so we temporarily rearranged classroom grades. Our teachers have been wonderful to adapt to these changes. We welcomed Seth Muck to our list of teachers in Sept. teaching our International students. Jan.1st of this year we welcome Mitch Vine as a teacher for our middle schoolers. Below is a list of the last ten years of average weekly attendance in the Sunday School hour. This includes nursery and all grades including the adult classes. 2007 – 129 2008 – 121 2009 – 115 2010 – 104 2011 – 94 Total Offerings: $1,537.35 1. One of the ways I have seen God working in our Sunday School is in the smooth transition

of teachers. As teachers move on to other areas of service they leave a position to fill. God has touched hearts of new teachers to be ready to move in and fill those positions! Praise the Lord for His plan! These same teachers have been a blessing by praying for each other’s students and many of you before their classes begin. If you were to visit the classrooms you’d see many of the same students who come to Awana. This is a comfortable and loving environment where they are open to hearing about our Lord and Savior. Several of the classes got together to sing in one of our services and helped make necklaces for Nursing home residents that the Awana group visited. It has been said it takes a village to raise a child. Well we have a community of caring teachers who know their students and take the time to care and offer words of hope to our church’s younger members.

2. My prayer for Sunday School for 2017 is that our members would pray for the teachers and

students who attend. Pray for them and their families who bring them. Pray also for hearts of many others in the church to be moved to join us in Sunday School classes where they can grow in faith and knowledge of our Lord.

Respectfully submitted, Sunday School Superintendent, Linda Feagin

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SUNSHINE COMMITTEE REPORT 2016 Church families served as follows: 2-Church family members died 9-Deaths of parents (or other family members) 1 other occasion 21-surgeries 23-Hospital stays 8-purchases of greeting cards, baskets and bags Total spent for all -- $1,024.39 CBC family members that I reached out to with “Sunshine” were always pleased and very thankful. Some who had multiple occasions of health problems even said, “No more that I didn’t need to do it every time.” It is a very rewarding ministry for me as I try to get just the right “Sunshine” for each and am blessed by God through this ministry. Church family could pray for someone to assist or take over for me when I am away or sometimes too deliver “Sunshine.” Loanne McCollum


It has been a privilege to be involved with TLC over the years. We have seen women

make decisions for Christ, renew their love for the Lord, connect with another woman in the

church, and/or become more involved.

This year we attended the final Women of Faith conference. We were brought closer

together through this awesome time of worship, messages, laughter, and tears. Alison

continued with “Coffee Breaks” in which women were encouraged in their growth and

relationships. This past fall ladies met together in our home to study the book “Fervent Prayer”

by Priscilla Shirer. I was so blessed by how ladies opened up, let their guards or walls down,

prayed for each other, and learned how to be more aware of how the enemy is out to destroy

us, but an actively praying Christian is his worst nightmare.

With each step of growth comes attacks from the enemy and I truly believe that we are

seeing this in our church. Many women are dealing with health problems, marital struggles,

teenage children and adult children not following the Lord. There is real hurt, fear, anxiety,

worry within our group of ladies. There is also a strong desire to trust the Lord for answers to

prayer and growth in our own lives.

My prayer is to see this ministry grow, become more creative, and meet the needs of

our ladies. We have many young moms in our church, working women, and retired women,

each with different needs, gifts, and talents. The goal is for us to come together, help each

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other, mentor each other, pray and serve each other. This year I also want to see TLC host

events to bring our unsaved friends to and reach out into our community more.

A few years ago we made this verse a cry of our hearts, it remains to be our purpose.

Ephesians 4: 12b-13 “…so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.” Respectfully submitted, Cara Delp


1. God has worked in amazing ways in the financial matters of the church in 2016. Due to generous giving, the trustees were able to take care of all requests for monies and able to improve the parsonage and existing church building. We were also able to distribute monies to new church building and still have excess monies in our accounts 2. Please continue to pray for unity in our church. There are many difficult decisions to be made in the upcoming months The Trustee Board consists of Mike Perkins, Josh Coney, Don Delisi, Karl Goss, Dennis Hannon, Jeff Hurtgam, George Julias, Mike Townsend, and Kyle,Zahl, Mike Perkins, Trustee Chairman


There are so many people to thank for VBS that I am afraid to list them in fear I may forget someone. But VBS is a community where we work together to honor God. Several people committed months of their time, many more people committed a solid week of their time to come together and serve the Lord, to pray, to share His Word, to love His Children, seeds have been planted, love has been sown. Our theme for VBS 2016 was I Corinthians 16:13 & 14. “Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong. Do everything in love.” What a great VBS theme and focus. For a person who works VBS these may be the words used to describe the week, excitement, insight, friendships, conflicts, endurance, perseverance, love, joy, exhaustion, blessings. I believe it is through our willingness to be uncomfortable that God brings blessings. VBS is a blessing because it is time when people are brought out of the comfort zones and God used this to demonstrate his love and purpose. God is good! He has done this. Faith has grown. He also works in ways we cannot see, in hearts, minds and spirits. I hope He allows us a glimpse... I love when He lets us see Him moving Let us in the new year be committed to “Do Everything in Love.” In his service, Karen Spina & Anne Carl

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God has blessed our church with our van to be able to not only pick up kids for AWANA, but many youth group kids also. There seems to be a good mix of ages that we transport to and from Dorwood Park. We have even brought a mom to AWANA a couple of times! The impact on that community can only be measured by The Almighty Himself, but I would like to share how much it means to at least one of the kids. Little Johnny is a sparky with special needs. We have watched him from when he started coming, being an extremely shy boy in a shell who didn't want to leave his older sisters side, and always appearing to be scared, to now confidently running into the church as soon as the van stops, and his sisters have told us that he keeps track of when "church " night is. He brings his church backpack with him every week, and can't wait for it!! Please pray for the many families of the park. There is much drama that plays out in everyday life there, and many of the kids that come to our church are caught up in all of it. It truly is heartbreaking some nights, and other nights when you get a hug or a thank you from one of the kids it is heart melting. Without this ministry, many of these kids may not be exposed to the gospel. We are able to have them for 2 hours a week, so please pray that those 2 hours are used with purpose. Thank you for giving to the Lord!! In His service, Dave Winquist

WEDNESDAY NIGHT FAMILY NIGHT DINNERS REPORT 2016 Since 2012, when we began our ministry, we have been blessed to be able to prepare dinners for our church people. Attendance has gone down some but those who still attend regularly seem to be very happy with the meals. Our goal was to make it easier for those parents bringing children to AWANA and Youth Group to be able to come early for the meal and stay for the programs and to also make it easier for the youth and Awana leaders and workers. It has turned out to be a nice meal for everyone. Presently, there are not a lot of the AWANA or Youth Group families taking advantage of this meal. I have a wonderful group of faithful volunteers who come each week to help in different stages: getting the food ready to cook, helping to cook the meal, making desserts, preparing the drinks, serving the meals and cleaning up after the meals. We all have our roles to do and come in and get right on task. We actually have a lot of fun and laughs as we work. I have to say, I will miss Don Treichler being there. He was a wonderful help in the kitchen, always willing to jump in to do what was necessary. He made our meatballs most times. Tim Becker helped out in previous years also, before it became too much for him. We will miss them both. We have been able to keep the cost at $3 a person and not lose any money. For coming year: Pray that our volunteers stay healthy. That our costs can remain down. If attendance doesn’t increase somewhat, we will re-think if this…….


Bonnie Hardison

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Praising God for his continued faithfulness in allowing Bible Club to operate in the Wilson School District. Thankful for:

- Our teachers, Bonnie Muck, Cherie Garven, her mom and Cherie's daughter Faith

This is our first year without Amelia Bach. She has retired from teaching and has been faithful for 26-27 years!

- For our meeting place, Wilson Exley United Methodist church, they supply us a key and the ability to turn up the thermostat if needed! They have been so kind and gracious to us.

- For our bus transportation, bus drivers, safety, school administration that still allows this to happen. Early Release Time occurs because the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld Released Time as protected by the Constitution of the United States. More information can be found at

- For the children that God has specifically brought to club, for the parents allowing their children to come.

- For the Bibles that have been given to the children to keep as their own, putting God's Word to memory is happening through crafts and songs.

Prayer Requests:

- Safety for the children as they ride the bus and as they are in club.

- Reach into the homes of each child, so that they would find a home church to grow in. Mari Winquist

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The worship team ministry has been blessed multiple times this year! We’ve seen God working through his master plan and provision in many needs that have presented themselves.

One example is how Sam Vine stepped up into the keyboard role when Katie O’Conner left the team. I was honestly caught off guard when Katie explained her decision to me, and I left that night’s practice concerned about what the team would look like going forward. It’s no easy task to pick up an unfamiliar instrument and get thrown right into the mix, but that’s just how it happened. Within a week Sam was fluent enough on keys to play during service, and I realized God had a plan already in place before I even knew there would be a need!

Another example of God blessing the worship team is how he has provided the necessary volunteers in the A/V and audio board roles. We’ve been praying for people to step up and take on the tech responsibilities who are both passionate and capable of doing so. God provided for us again, and it’s encouraging to see new faces that are willing to serve in that capacity!

Please continue to keep the worship team in your prayers. Specifically, please pray against individual burnout for the entire team and myself. It’s very easy to become overwhelmed by this ministry because it demands quite a bit from everyone to make it all work.

Another prayer can be for new passionate people to join the team! We are always looking for new people who can play, sing, or help with the tech side of the team. When more volunteers are able to contribute it allows much needed breaks for others.

A final big thing to pray for is that our church may find the joy in worshipping Jesus! Our team’s greatest desire is to invite and lead people into worshipping the Lord, not in performance. We don’t want people to just watch what we are doing, we want people to participate! Pray that we serving on platform can be an example of genuine joyful worship, and that it may be contagious to our congregation.

Blessings, Aaron Coney

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OFFICE PRESENTLY TERM EXPIRES NOMINATION ELDER David Carl end of 2018 Seth Muck end of 2017 Dana Rimer end of 2016 Ken Penvose (yes or no) Dave Winquist end of 2016 Steve Cliffe (yes or no) TRUSTEE Josh Coney end of 2016 Josh Coney (choose 4 of 5) Don DeLisi end of 2017 Larry Bowden Dennis Hannon end of 2018 Karl Goss end of 2017 Jeff Hurtgam end of 2016 John Bundy George Julias end of 2018 Mike Perkins end of 2016 Ron Crossley Kyle Zahl end of 2018 Mike Townsend end of 2017 Jeff Maddox TREASURER Erin Davis end of 2016 Don DeLisi (yes or no) CHURCH CLERK Cheryl Bish end of 2016 Rosemari Hogan (pick one of Vicki Powers two) ASSISTANT Janelle Kroening end of 2016 Su Wolcott (yes or no) TREASURER MISSIONARY Mari Winquist end of 2016 Mari Winquist (yes or no) TREASURER FINANCIAL Bonnie Hardison end of 2016 Bonnie Hardison (yes or no) SECRETARY Respectfully Submitted, The 2016 Nominating Committee Dave Carl Mike Perkins Gail McCollum Linda Feagin Pastor Delp Pastor Vine

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Account Acct. # 2016 2017 3000 · Ministry 3000

3010 - Sunshine Committee 3010 1,400 1,100 3015 · Sports 3015 1,000 1,000 3020 · Life Groups 3020 250 500 3025 · Library 3025 200 100 3030 · Dinners 3030 1,500 1,700 3035 · Praise Band 3035 1,100 1,000 3040 · Food Pantry 3040 1,500 1,500 3050 · Gifts 3050 1,000 1,000 3060 · Ladies TLC 3060 500 500 3070 · Men's Fellowship 3070 500 400 3075 · Seasons Ministry 3075 400 500 3080 · Music 3080 500 450 3085 · Communion 3085 250 200 3090 · Outreach Ministry 3090 1,000 1,000 3095 · Special Speak/Music/Etc. 3095 1,500 1,200 12,600 12,150 3100 · Business Expense 3100 3115 · Office Supplies 3115 750 750 3120 · Auto (Miles, fuel, rent, park) 3120 3,000 3,000 3125 · Printing/Copying expenses 3125 4,300 4,300 3130 · Bank/Service Charges 3130 1,000 100 3140 · Cell Phone 3140 2,000 1,650 3145 · Leader Training 3145 500 500 3150 · Internet/Phone/Website 3150 2,100 2,100 3160 · Dues/Subscriptions/Fees 3160 600 650 3165 · Van Expense 3165 2,500 2,500 3170 · Electronics 3170 2,000 1,000 3180 · Insurance 3180 5,500 4,500 3190 · Legal Fees 3190 1,000 500 25,250 21,550 3200 · Church Building 3200 3210 · Electricity 3210 3,000 2,700 3220 · Heating Fuel 3220 5,000 3,000 3240 · Maintenance & Repair 3240 9,000 9,000 3250 · Taxes 3250 800 800 3270 · Water 3270 150 150 3280 · Cleaning/Bathrooms/Kitchen 3280 1,000 500 3290 · Flowers-Decor. 3290 300 300 19,250 16,450

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Acct. # 2016 2017 3300 · Christian Education 3300 3305 · AWANA 3305 2,500 2,500 3315 · Childrens/Jr Church 3315 100 100 3320 · V.B.S. 3320 1,000 1,200 3325 · Sunday School 3325 2,000 1,700 3330 · Youth 3330 4,500 5,000 3335 · Nursery 3335 400 250 10,500 10,750 3400 · Missions 3400 3410 · Budgeted for Missionaries 3410 60,110 61,510 3420 · Emergency Fund 3420 1,000 1,000 3430 · Christmas 3430 1,800 1,800 3450 · Trips 3450 500 500 3460 · Mission Speaker/Visit 3460 350 350 3480 · Oper Christ. Child 3480 1,000 850 64,760 66,010

3500 - Upper Mt. Road 3505 - Lawn Maintenance 1,000 500 3520 - Attorney/Legal Fees 2,000 1,000 3530 - Taxes/Fees 3,000 1,500 3540 - Design 100

3560 - Site Work 100 3570 - Insurance 20,000 6,500 3580 - Loan Interest - individuals 44,000 11,000 3585 - M & T Mortgage (principle & intetest) 0 32,000 3590 - Utilities 1,000 500 71,000 53,200 3600 · Parsonage 3620 · Parsonage Improvements 3620 1,300 1,300 3700 · Pastor Delp 3700 3710 · Salary 3710 71,188 71,188 3770 - H.S.A. 3770 2,500 2,500 3780 · Health Insurance 3780 12,000 12,000 85,688 85,688 3800 · Pastor Vine 3800 3810 · Salary 3810 64,200 64,200 3900 · Secretary Bish 3900 3930 · salary 3930 14,845 12,709 4000 · Payroll Expenses 4000 6,500 6,500 4100 · Benevolence - Elder Fund 4100 1,000 1,000 6000 · Uncategorized Expense 6000 500 500

TOTAL 377,393 352,007