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  1. 1. Bobby Dodd Principal Gahanna Lincoln High School 2016 NASSP National Digital Principal of the Year
  2. 2. CONNECTIVITY #npc17 Convention Center WiFi User Name: PrincipalsConference Password: School2017
  3. 3. Objectives for Our Session We will learn how to use different social media tools such Flipboard, Twitter, Instagram and screencasts for leadership knowledge We will create templates for weekly school newsletters to share information with our stakeholders
  4. 4. Aspects of Session to Remember Take small steps and go slow Utilize videos and screencasts YouTube is your best friend Find your audience Go where they are Focus on being an Instructional Leader Be a Resource for your staff and stakeholders Sacrifice time and make extra effort to communicate your message
  5. 5. Flipboard App and website for reading articles, journals, and posts in any area that interests you. Create magazines that are based on specific interests (ex. Education technology, Parenting Teens) Read articles/posts, share them with staff, students and parents. (Ex. I share Parenting Teens articles with my parents in newsletters) Access app any chance you get try to go there once every 2 days (Ex. During child practice, relaxing at home)
  6. 6. How to Use Flipboard 1. Access and create an account 2. Cover Stories and Explore 3. Whats Your Passion? 4. Scroll through the posts/articles and read what you may use 5. Hover over image 3 options 1. Flip It, Share, Like 6. Share with others copy the link, post on social media
  7. 7. Facebook Becoming more of a place to share professional articles/posts, quotes, stories, experiences Start searching for different educators and leaders who you want to connect with to learn more about them professionally and personally. Great way to comment on articles/posts and get more ideas from different educators & leaders. Access at any time during the day. I use it more after school to learn what different educators and leaders are doing in their schools.
  8. 8. How to Use Facebook 1. Create a personal account and school account 2. If you already have an account, begin to use it more for professional purposes 3. Connect and Friend other educators 4. Share professional information and articles 5. Use If This, Then That to post from Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest to Facebook
  9. 9. Twitter App/website to research professional posts. Utilize hashtags (#) to find out more about specific topics (ex. #spedchat, #sschat) Similar to Facebook, great way to learn get information fast and efficiently click on what you like, dont click on what you dont. Access Twitter anytime during the day best time to post is in the 5:00 PM 6:00 PM if you are looking for a response back
  10. 10. How to Use Twitter 1. Create at account 2. Search How to use Twitter videos on YouTube for basic user information 3. Follow educators from your area, your region and around the world 4. Search hashtags such as #edchat and #edtech for resources 5. Use Twitter consistently (at least once a day)
  11. 11. Instagram Post pictures and videos from around the school (classes, events) to share Allows you to connect with your Facebook and Twitter accounts to share pictures and videos on all platforms Include hashtags and promote your school account for students to follow
  12. 12. How to use Instagram 1. Create an account 1. Create two accounts (personal and school) 2. Search for YouTube videos How to use Instagram for basics 3. Find other educators to connect with 4. Promote your Instagram account using Twitter and Facebook 1. Get students and parents to follow 5. Connect to your Twitter and Facebook accounts
  13. 13. Blogs Write blogs to share with others your philosophy, thoughts and share celebrations Find people and organizations to follow by using social media tools such Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other website resources. Also uses different website resources (search engines) to help find relevant blogs. Great way to reflect, but also get great ideas and insights. Follow blogs that you enjoy so you can get the most recent blogs sent to you.
  14. 14. How to Create Blogs 1. If you have a Gmail account or your district is a Google district, you can use Blogger 2. If you dont have Google, there are other free blogging applications you can use as well 3. Post information and share link using social media applications and emails to parents and staff
  15. 15. Using Mass Email We use School Messenger for our mass email application Our parents provide 2 valid email addresses when they pay fees for class schedules Email addresses are uploaded into system broken down by grade levels Submit links to parents, images, and general information Also include link to our weekly newsletter
  16. 16. Weekly Newsletter Create weekly newsletter/blog post to communicate your message Include links to articles for parents Share with your staff as well Include important dates for the next week and week after
  17. 17. How to Create a Weekly Newsletter Here is a template for our newsletter 1) Share relevant information 2) Showcase what is going on in the classroom and outside the classroom 3) Be creative on how you are going to share and what you will share 4) Be consistent with you posts
  18. 18. Screencasts Record what you are doing on the screen. Record how to use different resources, website, apps, tools and share them with others. How does this help ME get better? Train your staff or students on how to create screencasts and have them share with you. Share screencasts every Friday during class or during Staff Meetings or in your weekly update.
  19. 19. How to Use Screencasts 1. Find a screencast application you like 1. I use screencast-o-matic 2. Create an account and find How to screencast videos on YouTube for basics 3. Follow principles when creating screencasts 4. Think of creating videos for students, staff and parents to share everything from school highlights to professional development
  20. 20. Summary Take small steps Utilize your PLN and videos to make it easier for you to learn new tools Get help from students, staff, and parents to help communicate your message and brand
  21. 21. SESSION FEEDBACK Please provide feedback for this session via the app
  22. 22. Continue On Connecting Keep your conversations going after hours on Sunday and Monday evenings at these local off-site gathering places just steps away from the Convention Center: Field House: Increasing Professional Capacity Elevating Student Efficacy Pennsylvania 6: Connecting Culture and Community Personalizing Student Learning
  23. 23. Orlando, FL July 911, 2018 Chicago, IL July 1113, 2018
  24. 24. Contact Information Email: Twitter: @bobby__dodd Instagram: bobby__dodd Voxer: bobby__dodd Pinterest: @glhsprincipal Facebook: y-Dodd/100007881709222 Blog: