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Commonwealth Ports Commonwealth Ports Authority Authority Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands 2009 PACIFIC AVIATION DIRECTORS’ WORKSHOP May 4 – 6, 2009 Marshall Islands Resort Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands

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Commonwealth Ports Authority Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands. 2009 PACIFIC AVIATION DIRECTORS’ WORKSHOP May 4 – 6, 2009 Marshall Islands Resort Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands. We are the closest U.S. destination near the heart of Asia. AIR SERVICE: 3 hours to Manila - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Commonwealth Ports Authority Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands2009 PACIFIC AVIATION DIRECTORS WORKSHOPMay 4 6, 2009

    Marshall Islands ResortMajuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands

  • We are the closest U.S. destination near the heart of AsiaAIR SERVICE:

    3 hours to Manila

    4.5 hours to HKG

    3 hours to Japan

    4 hours to Korea

    4.5 hours to Shanghai

    30 min. to Guam

  • Flights and Visitors to CNMIDelta/Northwest Airlines and Asiana are the two main airlines servicing the CNMI Japanese visitors to the CNMI continue to be the dominant at about 80%

  • Tourism is Key Industry1997 & 1998 were peak times at 1.6 M passengers (arrival and departure combined)Current traffic has dropped to only 1M combined due to competition and world wide economic conditionsJapanese visitors comprise over 80% of visitors Korea and China are fast emerging markets for CNMIDelta/Northwest Airlines and Asiana Airlines currently serve our islandsContinental, Shanghai Airlines, and JAL are mainly charters

  • CPAs VisionFirst class tourist destination with unique and memorable experience in each island-Saipan, Tinian and RotaBuilding world-class airport facilitiesOperate at the lowest possible cost for the passengers and airlinesDirect access and convenient travel routes to our beautiful islands.

  • Airport DevelopmentsMulti million dollar state of the art in-line baggage inspection system;Runway rehabilitation & safety area improvements ; New runway, taxiway & terminal facilities on the island of Tinian Runway extension in Rota for direct flights from Asia.Overall terminal facility improvements and upgradesImprovements to Back-up power

  • OutlookCoordinate with visitors authority on marketing & promotions to increase traffic by 100% over a 5-year period;Continue to modernize the airport facilities Continue to develop the non-aviation part of the airport such as leasing of properties.Develop cargo handling facilities.


  • Terminal ImprovementsCPA is soon to receive entitlement funds to perform the following improvements to the airport:

    Utilities renovations & upgrade throughout the terminal buildingHigh roof drainage improvementsReplacement of the Public Address SystemUtility Upgrades and Renovations to the domestic terminal servicing Rota and Tinian passengers

  • Generator and Power UpgradeScope: DESIGN-BUILD project for the Back-up Power Upgrade at the airport. Project entails installation of a third feeder line to the main terminal, installation of a third 1.8 MW generator at the main generator building, and installation of a backup generators at the Tower and at the ARFF Station.

    Status: The project amount is $6.7 million. NTP was issued on February 9, 2009. The project is in the 35% design stage and is anticipated for completion by July 14, 2010.Preventive maintenance and operation services as well as renovations to the generator facility are also being implemented.

  • Baggage Handling System Terminal Expansion Scope: Expansion of the existing departure terminal inclusive of a basement for new Baggage Handling System and CTX machines for TSA.

    Status: Project is being tested and certification is anticipated by May 2009

  • Runway 7/25 Rehabilitation Project Package II Phase I Taxiway Conversion to Temporary RunwayScope: The project consists of Connection of storm drainage pipe to the new water reservoir, demolishing and filling of the existing reservoir; conversion of Taxiway A into a temporary runway by milling and overlaying to bring the taxiway alignment to that of a runway alignment.

    Status: Project was awarded at $3.8 million and is approximately 50% complete. Completion is set for October 2009.

  • Runway 7/25 Rehabilitation Project Package II Phase II - Runway RehabilitationScope: The Project is to Rehabilitate Runway 7/25 to include milling of existing runway, connecting taxiways, blast pads and shoulder pavements, overlay, grooving and marking of surfaces; the restoration of Taxiway A, and the installation of lighted wind cones.Status: project is to be advertised for bid by June 2009.

  • Replacement of Two Passenger Loading Bridges Scope: Replacement of two loading bridges, Jetways 4 and 5 to Apron Drive Type bridges. Also includes replacement of all six pilot guidance systems.Status: Project completion is May 2009.

  • ARFF Building Expansion Scope: To construct additional 90 x 95 permanent covered canopy for protection to ARFF vehicles and equipment.

    Status: Design is complete. May be a 2011 project.

  • Submitted an application to renovate, upgrade, and expand the ARFF Training Center/Facility to include structural fire complex consisting of a two (2) storey building.

  • ARFF Training Facility ImprovementPavement all around of existing fire pit.


  • Terminal Improvements (New Departure Building)Scope: Construction of 24,000 SF departure terminal building and improvements to existing building, including security related and a baggage conveyor system.

    Status: Project will be completed by about October 2009.

  • Strengthening of Parallel TaxiwayScope: Project entails strengthening of the Parallel Taxiway A.Status: Project was awarded in the amount of $8.9 million and completed in October 2008.

  • ARFF Building Relocation Scope: Relocation of ARFF building to provide line of sight, visibility for flight service office, and direct access to the airside

    Status: Design is complete and may be a 2011 project.

  • ROTA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT IMPROVEMENTSIn addition to regular services by Freedom Air and Cape Air, Rota receives charter flights from Continental Airlines.

  • Runway Extension Project Phase IIScope: The Project consists of paving shoulders on both sides of the existing 6,000 feet runway, new electrical lines, new edge lights, generator, generator building and fuel tank.Status: Construction was awarded in the amount of $5.2 million and NTP was issued in October 2008 with a completion date set for October 2009.



    ARFF Building ExpansionARFF Training Facility ImprovementsILS UpgradePassenger Loading Bridge 3 and 6 Replacement 3,000 Gallon ARFF Vehicle Procurement Runway Sweeper ProcurementFlight Information Display SystemAirport Road & Drainage ImprovementsTerminal Building Modernization


    ARFF Building RelocationHigh Speed Taxiway BTaxiway E ARFF Access RoadRapid Intervention VehicleSecurity Access SystemPerimeter Security Fence Replacement


    Perimeter Security Fence ReplacementExisting Apron Asphalt Pavement TreatmentSecurity Access SystemRapid Intervention Vehicle

  • CONTACT INFORMATION:MR. EFRAIN F. CAMACHO, PE Executive DirectorCommonwealth Ports AuthorityPO Box 501055Saipan, MP 96950Tel: (670) 237-6500/01Fax: 234-5962Email: [email protected]:

  • Thank you and Si Yuus Maasecommonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands