Common Sense of Prom Dress: Lengths of Prom Dresses

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  1. 1. Kissprom Common Sense of Prom Dresses ---Length of the prom dresses PPT Word
  2. 2. Length of Prom Dresses Mini: ends at the mid-thigh, looking sexy and sassy, not welcomed by all occasion; Above knee length: hemline ends above the knee, cute and chic for casual and semi-formal dresses; Knee Length: ends right at the knee, casual and classy dress length in formal and semi- formal length; Mid-calf Length: ends at mid-calf length, perfect length for formal and working. Tea Length:5cm above ankle, perfect for formal cocktail party; Ballerina Length: ends right above ankle. If you want to show off beautiful shoes, then it is the best choice; Ankle Length: hemline ends at ankle, elegance and formal for prom, evening and black-tie events; High Low: short in the front or side, longer at the back or other side, chic looking and dramatic impact. Floor Length: ends at the floor, suit for evening and formal occasion.
  3. 3. Mini Dresses
  4. 4. Above knee length
  5. 5. Knee Length Prom Dresses
  6. 6. Mid-calf Length Prom Dresses
  7. 7. Tea Length Prom Dress
  8. 8. Ballerina Length Prom Dresses
  9. 9. Ankle Length Prom Dresses
  10. 10. High Low Prom Dresses
  11. 11. Floor Length Long Prom Dresses