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  1. 1. Combating Human Trafficking By:
  2. 2. Introduction UAE is a destination for human trafficking for the purpose of commercial, labor and sexual exploitation. Women and men are trafficked from various countries including, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Nigeria, Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda, China, Philippines, Morocco and Iraq. Women from other countries trafficked for the domestic work and physical or sexual abuse Men are trafficked for the labouring purposes without paying wages or on low wages
  3. 3. Human Trafficking Factors According to the Article no 1 of the Federal law 51, trafficking has defined as, transporting, transferring, recruiting, or receiving person through force or means of threat and other form of coercion and by taking advantage of the persons vulnerability. Form of trafficking: transporting, recruiting, transferring and harbouring Means of trafficking: By use of force and threat or other coercion forms such as abduction, abuse of power, fraud, deception and taking advantage of the persons vulnerability. Exploitation Examples: Engaging in prostitution, forced labour, servitude, quasi-slavery, enslavement, practices, or organ trade.
  4. 4. Law For Trafficking Prevention Under the law-The life sentence is applicable if the crime is committed through deceit. Article No 16 set stiff penalties against trafficking such as one year life imprisonment and fines from 100,000 dirham to one million dirham ($27,500 and $275,000) Article 364 of the UAE Penal Code defend against forced prostitution Prevention Article 365 lays out penalties for those managing and establishing places for prostitution
  5. 5. Law For Trafficking Prevention In 2006, UAE also issued a federal law, on international judicial cooperation, which includes articles on the expulsion of convicted or suspected criminals to judicial authorities. In May 2005, UAE ratified the UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime, which includes International cooperation in anti-human trafficking provision. In 2010, NCCHT appointed a subcommittee to complete the study on the chances of Federal Law 51 amending, in order to emphasis the repatriation and protection of victims
  6. 6. Other Relevant Legislations In 2010, and 2011, two bylaws are issued by the UAE: First Federal Law 15 (1993): Deals with the organ transfer and has the purpose to achieve the following: Control of transplanting and human organs, cells and tissues Prevent trafficking in human organs Preserve the rights of donors and recipients of human organs
  7. 7. Second: Federal Law 18 (2009): It has modified the registration process of birth and deaths Parents may confirm to the registration of birth and death of their children, which helped to check the human trafficking. The amendment and development of Federal Law 8 (1980), is studying by the Ministry of Labour, regarding the labor relation organization. In order to prevent the labour exploitation, the definition of forced labor and an article on its criminal penalty the could be included in the legislation
  8. 8. National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking (NCCHT) In 2007, the cabinet order established to coordinate efforts and enforce plans at different levels in the entire Emirates of the federation. The Committee responsibilities include: Revising and studying human trafficking legislation, in order to enhance and secure required protection according to the international standards.
  9. 9. National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking (NCCHT) Preparing reports on the efforts to fight against the human trafficking Revising reports associated to human trafficking and taking actions for the relevant recommendations. Participating in international forums and conferences to combat human trafficking Promoting awareness of the public on matters associated to human trafficking through seminars, conferences, periodic newsletters, brochures, training and other means. Coordinating efforts within the government bodies related to the issue of trafficking
  10. 10. Public Awareness A pioneering human trafficking media campaign launched by the Committee in 2010 and 2011 in Al and Abu Dhabi international airports Campaign included pamphlets which are distributed to public in six different languages including English, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Russian and Tagalog The idea behind the campaign was the creating awareness for the prospective victims, that there are many anti-trafficking mechanisms in the UAE.
  11. 11. Public Awareness The message of the campaign was propagated in 14 well-known languages, which show the nationalists most vulnerable to trafficking. The official website of the Committee ( is an important official source of information All of these strategies helped the UAE, to gather information set up essential forces to combat trafficking activities effectively.
  12. 12. Ministry Of Interior Activities It has high significance on organizational units related with promoting and protecting human rights, especially issues of human trafficking. It has two departments: Centre for Statistics and Security Analysis Department to Combat Human Trafficking Crimes The Combating human trafficking crime department is not conducted various activities to enhance the officials skills dealing with this crime.
  13. 13. Ministry Of Interior Activities The department exchange information on crimes of human trafficking Monitor individuals suspected or involved in such crimes and flow their information internationally Assist in prosecution of persons wanted in relation with crimes of human.