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Transcript of Colour schemes!

  • 1. Colour Schemes!

2. Where did I generate my colour scheme?

  • When generating my colour schemes I used a website, this website .

3. Pink/Purple! 4. Purple! 5. Purple! 6. Purple/Blue! 7. Blue! 8. Judgments and decisions!

  • Over this presentation I have been looking at possible colour schemes using a website which generates colour schemes.
  • When looking into my colour schemes I first had to think what colours suit and complemented my magazine style. My magazine styles is indie so therefore I believe oranges, yellows and greens etc would not be a suitable colour choice. This is because it would not attract my target audience meaning the magazine would not sell.
  • I started to look at pinks and purples for my magazine. However when looking at pinks I believe some where to bright and girly, meaning that as a result I could end up targeting girls more than boys. Another problem with the pinks been to bright could be that it would suit a magazine with the genre of pop better.
  • I then started to look at dark shades of purple which I believe began to suit my genre more efficiently. On slide five is my favourite colour scheme involving purple I believe it suits my genre and appeals to both male and female readers. I also believe that the dark purple shows an air of professionalism.
  • However to make sure I had looked into all my options I looked into colour schemes involving blue. These colours where good and could have worked effectively, however I believe that the purple tones would work better and apply easier to both males and females.
  • To go with the tones of purple I think I will also use black and white colours. I also believe if it is needed then I shall use sliver.