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  • 1. 71 The Government fuel gures do not express or imply any guarantee of the fuel consumption of any particular car. The cars themselves have not been tested and there areMY 2007.5 GBR en inevitably differences between individual cars of the same model. In addition, a car may incorporate particular modi cations. Furthermore, the driver s style and road and traf c conditions, as well as the extent to which the car has been driven and the standard of maintenance, will affect its fuel consumption. Insurance groups are only as FordFiesta recommended by the Association of British Insurers. You should always consult your insurance adviser for con rmation. Illustrations, descriptions and speci cations. This catalogue was correct at the time of going to print. However, Ford policy is one of continuous product development. The right is reserved to change speci cations, colours and prices of the models and items illustrated and described in this publication at any time. For the latest details always consult your Ford Dealer. Optional equipment. Throughout this publication, wherever a feature is described as being an Option or Optional Fitment/Pack , etc., you should assume that it will be at extra cost to the base vehicle, unless speci cally stated to the contrary. All models and colour combinations are subject to availability. *Ford Information Service. Calls are charged at national rate and may be recorded for training purposes.Colour choicesCollect Nectar points at participating Ford Dealers now.So keep a look out for the latest Ford offers or call the Ford Information Serviceon 0845 7111 888.* Published by Ford Motor Company Limited, Brentwood, Essex, England. Registered in England No. 235446. FA 1420/8. BJN 303676. FoE H03E. Colorado Red Deep NavyFrozen White Moondust Silver* Solid body colourSolid body colourSolid body colourMetallic body colour PN 771501/0407/250m/GBR en. April 2007.Bluetooth The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Ford Motor Company Limited.Inc. and any use of such marks by Ford Motor Company is under licence. Other K250 trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners. Panther Black* Ocean* Apple* Tonic* Metallic body colour Metallic body colour Metallic body colour Metallic body colour (not available after August 2007) Verdigris* Sublime* Sea Grey*Tango Red* Metallic body colour Metallic body colour Metallic body colour Metallic body colour *Metallic body colours are available at extra cost.The Ford Fiesta is covered by the Ford Perforation Warranty for 12 years from the date of rst registration. Subject to terms and conditions. Note The car images used are to illustrate body colours only and may not re ect current speci cation. Colours and trims reproduced within this brochure may vary from the actual colours, due to the limitations of the printing processes used. Amethyst*Performance Blue* Metallic body colour Metallic body colour

2. 69 70Obsidian Charm Tahitian PearlNamibian PearlJapanese PearlMoonlight Jade Moonlight Sapphire Moonlight RubyBohemian SapphireBohemian RubyGunmetalCopper AbyssEbony HazeMystic FireHot Copper Blue DiamondEbony HazeSapphire HazeOnyx Haze Moonstone HazeColour and trimModel Studio StyleZetec ClimateZetec SSTGhiaEnvironment colour: Dark Dark Dark PassionDarkDarkDarkPassionCoral/Dark Pewter/Coral/Dark Pewter/Coral/ Dark Pewter/ Passion Blue/Dark Pewter/ Passion Blue/Dark Pewter/Dark Pewter/Upper/Lower Pewter/Pewter/Pewter/Blue/Pewter/ Pewter/ Pewter/ Blue/Ebony Ebony Ebony Ebony EbonyEbonyEbonyEbonyEbonyEbony CreamEbonyEbonyCreamEbonyEbony Ebony Ebony EbonySeat trim/bolster trimHabitat -Kyoto - Dark Kyoto -Kyoto -Tungsten -Tungsten -Tungsten -Tungsten - Tungsten -Wire -Silver/ Wire -Silver/ Louis LouisWire - Red/Wire - Blue/ LouisLouisLaurenLaurenDark Pewter/ Pewter/Cream/ Ebony/ Zitron/ Denim/Coral/Denim/ Coral/Mondus -Mondus -Embossed/ Embossed/Verona Verona Embossed - Embossed - Embossed -Embossed -Mondus-Mondus - Mondus - Mondus - Mondus -Mondus -Mondus -Mondus - Mondus -Ebony Ebony VeronaVerona Leather -Leather -Ebony/ Ebony/ Dark Pewter/Cream/EbonyEbonyCreamEbonyEbony Ebony Ebony EbonyEbony Leather - Leather -EbonyEbonyVerona Leather Verona Leather Prima Leather - Prima Leather - Ebony * Ebony *- Ebony *- Ebony *Dark Pewter **Cream **Door trim and colourModern inModern inModern Modern inModern in Modern in Modern in Modern ModernModern in Modern in Hannover Hannover Hannover Hannover Hannover VinylHannover Vinyl Hannover VinylHannover VinylEbonyEbonyin Cream EbonyEbony Ebony Ebony in Ebony in EbonyEbony Ebony Vinyl in Ebony Vinyl in Ebony Vinyl in Ebony Vinyl in Ebony in Ebonyin Ebony in Dark Pewterin CreamInterior Combination Name Obsidian Tahitian Namibian Japanese Moonlight Moonlight Moonlight Bohemian BohemianGun CopperEbony Mystic HotBlue EbonySapphire OnyxMoonstoneCharmPearlPearlPearlJadeSapphireRubySapphire RubyMetal Abyss HazeFire Copper DiamondHaze Haze HazeHazeSolid body coloursColorado Redaaaa aa a aDeep Navy aaaaa a a a aFrozen Whiteaa aa a a aa a a aaaaaa aMetallic body coloursMoondust Silver bb bb b b bb b b b bbbbbbPanther Black bbbbb b b bb b b b bbbbbb bOcean Bluebbbbb b b bSublime bbbbb b bTonic1bbbbb b b bVerdigris bbbbb b bApple bbb b bSea Grey b b b bTango Red bbbbb bAmethystbbb b b bPerformance Blue bbb a= Standard, b= Optional, at extra cost, * Leather trim are options at extra cost ** Fabric trim available in lieu of leather Dark Pewter leather replaced by Ebony Cloth (Opal wave), Cream leather replaced by Cream cloth (Rhodium Wave). 1 = Not available after August 2007. 3. 23 Model Zetec Climate (front cover, opposite, below and next spread)Options (at extra cost) Tango Red metallic paint,16" 7-spoke alloy wheels, Rain-sensing wipers with auto headlamps Ford Fiesta. Live life in full colour Life s there for the taking and Ford Fiesta is first in line.With its bold exterior, impressive in-car technology and more colour choices than ever before, Ford Fiesta injects passion into every journey. And with a range of advanced engines to reward you, a rigid bodystructure to reassure you, and an advanced safety system to giveyou confidence, Ford Fiesta has the whole spectrum covered. Page appears on insideback cover 4. 5Life is not a spectator sportColour and trim cover, 10Performance12 In-car technology 22Safety 30Model series 32Finance and services 44Ford and the environment 46Accessories56Specifications 58 5. 7Discover hidden depths Model Zetec Climate with Bohemian Ruby interior (Above/opposite) Options (at extra cost) Tango Red metallic paint, 16" 7-spoke alloy wheels, Stereo radio CD 6006, Technology PackThe more you get to know Ford Fiesta, the more you ll love everything about it. Its contemporary design. Its expressive colours. Its generous space. And an interior that s equipped to keep up with your lifestyle. 6. 8 More on the horizon With Ford Fiesta s responsive power and handling,you ll soon see the open road from a newperspective. In fact, you could be forgiven for wishing your journey would last a little longer.Model Zetec Climate with Bohemian RubyinteriorOptions (at extra cost) Tango Red metallic paint, 16"7-spoke alloy wheels, Stereo radio CD 6006,Technology Pack. 7. 11 Add a splash of colour More colour, more choice, inside and out. Ford Fiesta s colourpalette is sure to have something to re ect your personality. Sea Grey*Tango Red* Amethyst*Apple*With vibrant colours in the line-up, you ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing your perfect shade. Japanese Pearl Bohemian RubyMoonstone Haze Onyx HazeFiesta s two-tone instrument panels with soft-feel texture come in a choice of colour combinations. Some environments just make you feel right at home. Ford Fiesta issure to be one of them, thanks toits range of inspiring trims. Image shows cloth examples of colour combinations available on Zetec Climate. Leather trim colour combination available on Zetec S (at extra cost). Rear seats shown with Reflex Pack (at extra cost).*Metallic body colours are available at extra cost. 8. 12Fuel yourimagination Imagine a car that takes every twist andturn with ease. A car that seems to knowexactly what your intentions are, and is ready to respond in an instant.Ford Fiesta takes driving to anotherdimension. It s not just about reaching your destination it s more about the fun you can have getting there. Model Fiesta ST in Frozen WhiteOptions (at extra cost) Exterior Styling Pack, Rain-sensingwipers with auto headlamps. 9. 14Shame there s onlyModel Fiesta ST in Frozen White with Blue Diamond interior one driving seat Options(at extra cost), Exterior Styling Pack,Electronic Automatic Temperature Control (EATC), Power-fold door mirrors, Technology Pack. When responsive power and precisehandling combine, you re rewarded with a controlled yet inspiring drivingexperience. And that s exactly what the Ford Fiesta delivers. There s only oneproblem you may nd you ll be ghting over who gets to drive. 10. Model Fiesta ST in Frozen WhiteOptions(at extra cost) Exterior Styling Pack, Rain-sensing wipers with auto headlamps.Designed for real-lifeEnduring the most rigorous testing regimes, Ford Fiesta was designed toadventuresindulge your adventurous side. Acrossthe range, you ll discover remarkablebend-hugging ability through Ford Fiesta s rigid body structure andadvanced suspension. And, of course,there s the exciting series of sports derivatives engineered to produce extra adrenalin. 11. 19 No need for virtual realityReal power. Real performance. Real re nement. Ford Fiesta s range ofadvanced petrol and diesel engines deliver all three as well as ensuringexcellent fuel economy. Topping the range are the sports-inspired 2.0-litre 150 PS petrol engine and high-output 1.6-litre Duratorq TDCi 90 PS diesel.And with a choice of three smooth transmissions, driving the Ford Fiesta isserious fun whatever your game plan. Engine