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  • 1. Colour Analysis

2. Purple
3. Although purple is quite a feminine colour, it is also seen a lot in hip hop magazines and clothing worn by typical hip hop fans.
However, the results of the questionnaire showed that purple had the lowest number of Xs next to it, therefore would not be the first choice for the colour scheme.
4. Blue
5. Blue was the number one choice of those that participated in the questionnaire, therefore will be first choice for the colour scheme.
As it is a cold colour, photography complimenting this would be required.Images containing plain, light backgrounds and light coloured clothing and props would be ideal.
6. Yellow
7. Yellow was also a highly preferred colour amongst those asked in the questionnaire and if used, will be used with the blue and at most 2 other colours.
The brightness of the yellow will attract the eyes of the reader and stand out well if used on text.
8. Red
9. The colour red is usually associated with passion, love and emotion and although would be an easy colour to work with, is not a crucial colour for a hip hop magazine colour scheme.
Furthermore, red was the most undesired colour of the options available on the questionnaire.
10. Green
11. Green seems very suitable for my target audience and would work well with the layout of the magazine and the photography.
Although it was not the most selected colour on the questionnaire, it may be necessary to use a small amount in the final product.
12. Black and White
13. Black and white are necessary for the final product as the colour scheme needs tones to hold it together.
Black and white compliment any colour, and both tones stand out well. I will include a fair amount of both tones in my final product.
14. My chosen colour scheme for the double page spread is:
15. And my chosen colour scheme for the contents and front page is: