[College Lecture] My CALL/MALL Projects for Korean EFL Learners

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Transcript of [College Lecture] My CALL/MALL Projects for Korean EFL Learners

MALL Projects for ESL learners

Presenter: Chaewon LimResearch AssistantAt the graduate school of TESOL

My Three Projects under the Guidance of Dr. Heyoung Kim

1ActivocaER Book StudioMultimodal Writing Practice

Followed by

Q & A

PlatformCharacteristicActivocaWeebly(Blog)Hands-on2. ER Book StudioKimsQ(XML Homepage)Hands-on3. Multimodal Writing Practice(Digital Storytelling)Google Plus(SNS)Part of Project1. Activoca A vocabulary learning blog site-

Various web 2.0 tools4Activoca -Significance of the project-Target level: 2nd-year middle school studentsWhy? - in need of further depth and scope of the list of vocabulary on the students textbooks

Activoca isA vocabulary learning material which can be used as in-class or self-directed learning resources

lack in limited usages and authentic contextsHow5How about making students notice the meanings of the target vocabularies through Web 2.0 tools? Activoca -Inductive approach to vocabulary learningInductively, BNC Corpus6http://activoca.weebly.com


Visuwords.com or ThesaursActivoca- Various Web 2.0 Tools

Pattern findings

Treasure HuntActivoca- Various Web 2.0 Tools

Error DetectingHot Potatoes

Animated MoviesGoAnimate.comActivoca- Navigation Support by Weebly

Mobile Version

112. ER Book Studio (ERBS)http://estartmentor.co.kr/er_studio

Kims Q (http://kimsq.co.kr)

Extensive Reading=> Reading a lot of easy books of students choice ERBS- Significance of the project

Too quiet? Even boring?Not so sustainable???Extensive ReadingAdopting the interaction modes through the web will be one of the keys to the sustainability of an extensive reading curriculum.I created this homepage compatible with mobile devices so that students can participate in mobile activities on the spot.14ERBS- Features of the platformActivities for extensive reading on i-pads or mobile phones vocab note, discussion, writing activities

ERBS- Features of the platformListen & Read Showbox, Links to Storytelling Sites

The Third Place

3. Multimodal Writing Practice on a Smart Application

The Use of Multimodes for EFL narrative writingMultimodal Writing Practicethrough Google Plus App

Types of writing activities-Summarizing-Describing the character-Writing a different ending-Sharing the topic-related experience19Examples of Students Writings

Micro-writing: Short but Accurate

Digital Storytelling (Written or Spoken)Thank you!!