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"Kismet, luck, karma… some people seem to have it all." As soon as these lucky people start their business, its an overnight success and they know all the right people. They know their clients, they have business mentors, they get great deals through their contacts. They always seem to know someone who knows someone who can give them a deal or help them out with a problem. You know what? That person can be YOU! You don’t need to be a natural sparkling extrovert – you can be an introvert and still have all the contacts you need for your business. Its about finding and keeping those connections. I can show you how to use social media to start making connections with the experts and the clients you need to make your enterprise a success – without you being overwhelmed.

Transcript of Collabor8 Oct'13 webinar slides

  • Oct13 MUTANT LAB 8 Collabor-8 Learn the secrets of successful connection and collaboration FREE WEBINAR
  • Oct13 MUTANT LAB 8 Collabor-8 WITH SOOZIE BEA 01 Success in a Collaborative World 02 Relationships 04 Execution 05 Wrap Up 03 Visibility
  • Oct13 MUTANT LAB 8 01 Success in a Collaborative World WORK IS CHANGING
  • THE CHANGING WORKPLACE Check out @hjarche Standardised work is decreasing Simple work keeps getting automated, like automatic bank machines. Complicated work, for which standardized processes can be developed, usually gets outsourced to the lowest cost of labor. Social networks can enable better and faster knowledge feedback for people who trust each and share their knowledge. Complex & creative work is increasing On the positive side, complex work can provide unique business advantages and creative work can help to identify new business opportunities. However, complex work is difficult to copy and creative work constantly changes. Our increasing interconnectedness is illuminating the complexity of our work environments 29/10/2013 Implicit and tacit knowledge Implicit & tacit knowledge, unlike explicit knowledge, is difficult to codify and standardize. It is also difficult to transfer. Implicit & tacit knowledge is best developed through conversations and social relationships. Company Name | Your Title Here 4
  • 5% explicit Data, information, records, files, documents 95% KNOWLEDGE implicit Thinking, exploring, developing tacit Experience, competence, doing 29/10/2013 Company Name | Your Title Here 5
  • innovation practice KNOWLEDGE 29/10/2013 explicit KNOW-WHO (skills directories, communities) - public implicit EXPERTISE & KNOW HOW - relationship tacit EXPERIENCE SKILLS deep trust relationship Company Name | Your Title Here 6
  • SUCCESS IN A CONNECTED WORLD Connect Relationships SUCCESS Converse Crowd Execution Cloud Create Visibility Curate 29/10/2013 Company Name | Your Title Here 7
  • Oct13 MUTANT LAB 8 02 Relationships THE WHO
  • Connect Establishing and maintaining relationships with people you want to know and work with
  • CONNECT explicit KNOW-WHO (skills directories, communities) - public implicit EXPERTISE & KNOW HOW - relationship tacit 29/10/2013 EXPERIENCE SKILLS deep trust relationship Learning Lab Lab 8 | Soozie Bea 10
  • SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCE Topical Communities Find the communities that talk about your topic. Respected Members Who are their respected members Are they respected by other leaders too 29/10/2013 Company Name | Your Title Here Adding Value What you can do for these people What these people can do for you too 11
  • BE VALUABLE Be the First Be the first place people learn about something. Theyll pay attention next time they see you. Explain Clearly Were all super busy and anyone who can explain the most important part of something succinctly wins. COMMUNITY VALUE Bring Together Perspectives Tell me what different credible people think about something important and youve added value to my day. Offer Insight Be Funny Respond to what people are talking about with something unique from your own If you can be funny thats a form of added experience, your reading, or just a few value on the Internet. minutes of thinking about it. 29/10/2013 Soozie Bea| Collabor8 12
  • Converse Engaging in contained and broad conversations to learn and build relationships
  • CONVERSE explicit KNOW-WHO (skills directories, communities) - public implicit EXPERTISE & KNOW HOW - relationship tacit 29/10/2013 EXPERIENCE SKILLS deep trust relationship Company Name | Your Title Here 14
  • BE AN INFLUENCER Build Credibilty Become known to the Influencer, engage them on their topics, and youll build credibility and influence. Glean from the Past Learn from the Best Search their blog and profile pages and find out what they know, and how they dveloped as a leader of the field. KEYS TO INFLUENCE Find out Hot News Devling into their past blog posts and you can find what idea they had, but didnt explore further giving you a treasure not being exploited. Introduce Them They see it first and do it first. You can get in on that action by hanging out with Sounds wierd, but its entirely possible that them. Follow them closely! you know someone who they dont, but would be glad to be introduced to. 29/10/2013 Company Name | Your Title Here 15
  • COLLABORATION TOOLS CONFER CONTEXT CONTENT micro-blogging wikis search instant messaging comments discussions email 29/10/2013 videos blogs webjams user created Company Name | Your Title Here personal profiles badging ratings tagging 16
  • Oct13 MUTANT LAB 8 03 Visibility THE WHAT
  • Crowd Using distributed talent to get work done
  • CROWD Cost savings Check out & Excellent support Time savings Focus on core business activity Best technical staff You can create a pay-bythe-hour or pay-by-theproject work team to tackle the functions that haunt you (like chasing bills) outsourcing does not mean just overseas call-centres it can be as simple as paying a knowledgeable friend whos at home with their baby to do accounting or create a business card design 29/10/2013 Benefit from staff experience Company Name | Your Title Here 19
  • Cloud Using distributed computing as a platform for business
  • CLOUD 29/10/2013 Company Name | Your Title Here 21
  • Oct13 MUTANT LAB 8 04 Execution THE HOW
  • Create Creating useful, relevant content that gets seen by the right audience
  • CREATE 29/10/2013 Company Name | Your Title Here 24
  • Curate Selecting useful, relevant content to create value and build an identity and brand
  • CURATION Serendipity is not randomness, not noise. It's stumbling across something accidentally that is nonetheless of interest to you. 29/10/2013 Soozie Bea | Collabor8 26
  • Oct13 MUTANT LAB 8 05 Wrap Up WHAT NOW