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Cold calling can be scary and wrought with pitfalls. Some say it is an antiquated way of prospecting, others swear by it. The reality is business-to-business cold calling should be a critical component of your total sales effort—and a strategic part of your business growth plan. Here are some ways to make your prospecting more effective and less fearful. Brought to you by Mohawk MakeReady, this presentation can be used by your printing business for internal training initiatives.

Transcript of Cold Calling

  • 1. Prospecting Without Fear November 2011

2. The Cold Call Vanquishing anxiety, fear & feelings of rejection. The latest Sales meeting was focused on prospecting. Your Sales Manager has given you a quota of 5 new customers this month. Your prospect list has dried upand you need to COLD CALL. Before you panic, Mohawk MakeReady to the rescue. We have some ideas that should help calm your nerves and help you get back on track. 3. Aachuu! We dont mean this type of cold call 4. Change your perspective Dont take any part of the call personally.

  • Remember, it is not seller against buyer
  • It is not about winning a sale today
  • It is not about losing a sale today
  • Every client wasa prospectat one point in time.

5. The Golden Rule: Definitely applies in the sales process 6. Lay a solid foundation Your attitude and mental focus are key. 7. Dealing with Voicemail Try to be creative, daring, and memorable to increase the likelihood of a call back. You want to make the prospect think about what you said (and how you said it). 8. The Gatekeeper: They are allies not foes. 9. Establish other contacts If you cant get past the gate keeper, try approaching a company salesperson. They love to talk, love to network. They can help you make the connections. Another approach idea is to connect with the company when they exhibit at tradeshows. 10. Do your homework: Its easier today more than ever before 11. Make a plan Planning is key to the kingdom. Rise early, always have a planner or a pad of paper with you. We recommend using a 2 page per day planner. This gives you the ability to write notes on one side and to dos on the other.

  • Read the local business journal
  • Sunday night, leave yourself areminder voicemail
  • Schedule Cold Call BLITZ for an entire day (repetition helps)
  • Keep track of call data
  • Practice out loud
  • Set your watch and clocks 5 minutes early

12. Your personal brand If you love what you do, if you are passionate about your company, it shows.You can use simple hidden messages to help support yourself and your companies brand. 13. Your 30-Second Commercial Whether you call it a commercial or an elevator speech, you need one, short and sweet and to the point. Write a brief paragraph - what you do and how you can help others. Practice it and commit this to memory. It should flow off your tongue easily. 14. Not all prospects are worth your time or energy. Are you chasing customers who will never buy?Keep in mind.. 15. Keep track to measure the results Days flow into weeks, weeks into months Keep some type of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for your calls, whether you are doing it by hand in your planner or in a computerized system. If you dont, after a few months, you can forget who you followed up on last. 16. Track & Measure your Calls Set measurable goals and identify daily prospecting activities. Track and evaluate your selling statistics. This will enable you to manage your expectations and attain your objectives without stress or aggravation. The numbers dont lie. 17. Go back to basics

  • Self determination
    • Start the day before everyone else
    • End your day after your competition is asleep
      • (Remember - The workday starts the night before!)
  • Self inspiration
    • Strive to be the best at whatever you do
  • Train yourself
    • Always be prepared

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