Codes & Conventions of Folk Music Videos

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  • 1. O F F O L K M U S I C V I D E O SCodes & Conventions

2. The ArtistAny standard music video should feature the artist insome capacity. Viewers need to see where thevocals/instrumentals are originating from, and itallows for a certain depth of artist promotion. 3. Focus on Nature / The EnvironmentFolk music is particularly raw and simple, and somemay even call it old fashioned. Theres a general lackof manufactured imagery in folk music videos toavoid contrasting with the themes everything isusually natural with a focus on the environment. 4. Narrative-FocusedA strong narrative is key to a good folk music video.The lyrics of folk music are rather deep andemotional, and the music video needs to reflect that.Telling a story through both audio and visuals isessential, and what makes folk quite unique. Noflashy images or special effects, but a solid story. 5. EmotionalFolk music is often very deep and emotional, and themusic video needs to capture that. Its charactersshould be relatable, and establish their personalitiesrather quickly, so that the audience can connect tothem, and really be absorbed by the story. 6. Captures Themes of the SongThough a literal interpretation of the lyrics is notalways the best option, a music video should reallycapture the songs general themes. Adapting thenarrative from the story told in the lyrics is the bestoption, as it can be manipulated for a video.