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2. o Cocktails are well iced mix drinks made up of base liquor, juices, coloring, flavoring and other ingredients. 3. o Shooters shooters are short, potent drinks that are mixed with a combination of spirits, liqueurs and non alcoholic mixers. 4. o Shots only contain ingredients that are alcoholic. 5. HISTORY 1803-April 28, 1803 The earliest known printed publication The Farmers Cabinet was the first to use the word cocktail. 1806- May 13, 1806 the second earliest and officially recognized known use of the word cocktail the edition of the Balance and Columbian Repository which provide an early definition of cocktail. Cocktail is a stimulating liquor composed of spirit of any kind 6. sugar, water, and bitters it is vulgarly called a bittered sling and is supposed to be an excellent electioneering potion, inasmuch as it renders the heart stout and bold, at the same time that it fuddles the head. It is said, also to be of great use to a Democratic candidate: because a person, having swallowed a glass of it, is ready to swallow anything else. 1862 was the first publication of a bartenders guide which include cocktail recipes. How to mix drinks; or The Bon Vivants Companion by Prof. Jerry Thomas it includes recipes of: Punches, Sours, 7. Slings, Cobblers, Shrubs, Toddies, Flips, and 10 recipes of mixed drinks referred to as Cocktails. A key ingredient which differentiated cocktails from other drinks in this book was the use of bitters as an ingredient, although it is not to be seen in very many modern cocktail recipes.1920s during Prohibition the art of drink mixing drinks became more important to mask the taste of bootlegged alcohol. The bartenders at a speakeasy would mix it with other ingredients, both alcoholic and non alcoholic. 8. 1930s the cocktail became popular after Prohibition in the United States. After the repeal of Prohibition, the skills developed in illegal bars became widespread and heralded the golden era of the cocktail, the 1930s. one of the oldest known cocktails, the Cognac based Sazerac dates from 1850s New Orleans, as many as 70 years prior to the Prohibition era. 1970s until 1970s cocktails were made predominantly with gin, whiskey, or rum, and less commonly vodka. From the 1970s on, the popularity of vodka increased dramatically. 9. 1980s by the 1980s it was the predominant base for mixed drinks. Many cocktails traditionally made with gin, such as the gimlet, or the martini, may now be served by default with vodka. 10. BASIC COCKTAIL INGREDIENTS 11. 1. ICE USES OF ICE to chill, to dilute, to fill up the glass, serves as beater. 12. 2. BASE LIQUORS to provide the strength or kick in the drink. Base liquors: a. Wine 13. b. beer 14. c. spirits/ distilled beverages gin rum 15. vodka brandy 16. tequila lambanog 17. liqueurs 18. 3. JUICES USES : it provides flavor, color, smell, texture to the drink. types : fresh, powder, or concentrate 19. 4. DAIRY PRODUCTS uses : provide flavor, texture milk, cream, chocolate, egg 20. 5. CARBONATED DRINKS AND WATER uses : provides flavor, smell, color, and texture soft drinks, tonic and soda water, flavored sparkling water. 21. 6. Syrups provides color, flavor, and aroma flavored and plain, simple syrup and honey 22. 7. FRUITS AND GARNISHES to add appeal to the drink.almondappleCarrot sticksblackberryapricotCelery stackbananacherriesblueberryCinnamon grated 23. Cocktail olivesCocktail oniongrapescoconutcucumberGrape fruitLemon wedgeLemon twistLemon sliceguavaNutmeg gratedpeach 24. Lime sliceLime twistLime wedgemintpersimmonspepperPineapple wedgePineapple sliceraspberriesshrimpplums Star fruitSalt coarse 25. strawberriesSugarWatermelon wedge Whip cream