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BROADBANDING MB8719/8734 RADIOS written for cobra 2000,148gtl,,grant,,madison.. cut R95..

1.. short pins 10 and 12 of IC5 (mixer on schematic) to ground with a small wire,touching nothing else,wire from a resistor works well.

on some chassis there is a resistor from pin 10 to ground,remove it.

2.. change C163 to a 5PF capacitor....change C41 to a 5 pf capacitor.

3.. remove C161

4.. replace R184 with a 470 ohm resistor.. 5.. if R185 is not a 1.5 k ohm resistor replace it with a 1.5 k ohm. 6..tune for power output.. try L46 for uppers and L45 for lower channels.may need to balance and compromise. for 142gtl,,washington,,trc-490.. C163 = C160 C161 = C159 R184 = R155 R185 = R154 L46 & L45 = L28 & L29 this was passed on to me from somebody else.. i did try it and it worksI also tried it with only jumping IC5 and it worked well..