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  • 8/7/2019 Coastal Aquaculture Authority


    Coastal Aquaculture Authority

    Compendium of Act, Rules,Guidelines and Notifications

    Coastal Aquaculture Authority(Government of India)

    Chennai - 600 006, India

  • 8/7/2019 Coastal Aquaculture Authority


    CoastalCoastalCoastalCoastalCoastal AquaculturAquaculturAquaculturAquaculturAquacultureeeee AAAAAuthuthuthuthuth

    Compendium of Act, Ru

    Guidelines and Notificati

  • 8/7/2019 Coastal Aquaculture Authority


    The copyright of this publication is vested with the Coastal Aquacu

    Reproduction of this publication is permitted only for educ

    research and non-profit purposes. For bibliographic purpopublication should be cited as Coastal Aquaculture Authority - Com

    Rules, Guidelines and Notifications (2006), page 132

  • 8/7/2019 Coastal Aquaculture Authority


    Justice A K Rajan Coastal Aqua

    Chairman Shastri


    Civilization started on the riverbanks. Human settlements increaseddue to economic and various other reasons. Increase in population i

    for coastal resources. Interests of various groups of stake holders h

    unsustainable resource-use and degradation of eco-systems, which re

    environmental impacts.

    In December 1996, the Supreme Court had to step in to protect the coas

    to control the indiscriminate growth of shrimp farms. That resulted Aquaculture Authority in 1997. The Parliament in 2005 passed the

    Authority Act (Act 24 of 2005) and Central Government has framed the

    to improve the productivity under sustained conditions.

    The Central Government has established the Coastal Aquaculture Au

    quarters at Chennai.The Act enables the Central Government to regulat

    and to ensure sustained increase in the aquaculture products.

    The Act has to be implemented effectively in order to protect the environm

    the production. Persons running aquaculture farms must abide by the p

    Rules, Regulations and the Guidelines. Running coastal aquaculture farm

    is now a criminal offence.

    This compendium contains the Coastal Aquaculture Authority Ac

    Guidelines framed by the Central Government, which provide sound

    for adoption by the aquaculture farmers. This would serve as a ready

    aquaculture farmers, fisheries, administrators and policymakers, sci

    scholars and all those concerned with sustainable development of co

    this country

  • 8/7/2019 Coastal Aquaculture Authority


    Dr Yugraj Singh Yadava Coastal Aqua

    Member Secretary Shastri


    Coastal aquaculture has provoked much impassioned debate dur

    Unsustainable practices by shrimp farmers in some coastal area

    caused both social and environmental harm. On the other hand, sus

    practices can not merely increase fish production, but also create jobs

    coastal poor, and help strengthen global food and nutritional security.

    Aquaculture has been contributing more and more to total fish productis likely to rise further. The spectrum of fin and shellfish as culture sp

    Hatchery and grow-out technologies are getting better. Good manag

    lowering social and environmental impact. These trends are making

    source of fin and shellfish production to meet the growing demand of

    Further, when developed sustainably, coastal aquaculture can offset th

    marine capture fisheries and help conserve wild fish stocks.

    In India, the 8100 km-plus coastline and the vast areas adjacent to estua

    lagoons provide enormous opportunities for aquaculture. The favour

    supports aquaculture as a year-round activity. On the basis of remo

    validated by ground truthing, an area of approximately 1.2 to 1.4 million

    for brackish water aquaculture in India. However, present utilization

    150 000 ha; more than 50 percent of the utilized areas is in a single st

    Coastal aquaculture in India lacks diversity too; a single species, penae

    shrimp, constitutes almost the entire crop.

    The Coastal Aquaculture Authority Act 2005 encompasses the farmi

  • 8/7/2019 Coastal Aquaculture Authority


    the subject until 30 September 2006. The electronic version of th

    available on the website (www. of the C

    Authority and copies can be downloaded.

    The Compendium is meant to disseminate information on coasta

    and on good management practices that can lead to sustainableThe Guidelines comprehensively address good management p

    farming and provide advice on site selecion, pond preparation, so

    management, inputs such as seed and feed, harvesting and wastew

    health, management of shrimps, etc. The Guidelines also contain

    antibiotics and other pharmacologically active compounds and stan

    of wastewater, etc.

    We will strive to update this Compendium from time to time.

    modifications in the law. The guidelines will be expanded. They

    management practices on more fin and shellfish species as and w

    coastal aquaculture spectrum.

    Chennai, 30 September 2006 (Yug

  • 8/7/2019 Coastal Aquaculture Authority



    1.0 Coastal Aquaculture Authority Act, 2005 .............................

    (Hindi version)

    2.0 Coastal Aquaculture Authority Act, 2005 .............................

    (English version)

    3.0 Coastal Aquaculture Authority Rules, 2005 .........................

    (Hindi version)

    4.0 Guidelines (Hindi version) ......................................................

    5.0 Coastal Aquaculture Authority Rules, 2005 .........................

    (English version)

    6.0 Guidelines (English version) ...................................................

    7.0 Notification - S.O. 1771 (E) dated 16 December 2005 .........

    (Hindi and English versions)

    8.0 Notification - S.O. 1803 (E) dated 22 December 2005 .........

    (Hindi and English versions)

    9.0 Notification - S.O. 74 (E) dated 23 January 2006 ................

    (Hindi and English versions)

  • 8/7/2019 Coastal Aquaculture Authority


    VQr` ObH${f m{YH$aU A{Y{Z`_,

  • 8/7/2019 Coastal Aquaculture Authority


    VQr` ObH${f m{YH$aU A{Y{Z`_, 2005g0 2005 H$m24

    YmamAm| H$m H$_YmamE


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    2. n[a^mfmE& A`m`2Ho$r` gaH$ma H$s gmYmaU e{V`m

    3. n`mdaU H$m gajU H$aZo Ho$ {bE Cnm` H$aZo H$s Ho$r` gaH$ma H$s e{V`m



    ^mJII - IS> 1PART II - Section 1

    m{YH$ma go H$m{eV


    ZB {Xbr, ~hn{Vdma, OyZ23,2005/ Amfm>T> 2, 1927NEW DELHI, THURSDAY, JUNE 23, 2005/ASADHA 2, 1927

    g. 27]No. 27]

    i V{j

    The Gazette of Indi


  • 8/7/2019 Coastal Aquaculture Authority


    A`m`4m{YH$maU H$s e{V`m Ama H$`

    11. m{YH$aU Ho$ H$`&12. doe H$aZo H$s e{V&13. VQ>r` ObH${f Ho$ {bE a{OQ>rH$aU&14. a{OQ>rH$aU Ho$ {~Zm VQ>r` ObH${f H$aZo Ho$ {bE XS>&15. AnamY H$m gkmZ&

    A`m`5{dm, boIm Ama gnarjm

    16. m{YH$aU H$mo gXm`&17. m{YH$aU H$s {Z{Y&18. ~OQ>&19. dm{fH$ [anmoQ>&20. boIm Ama gnarjm&


    21. m{YH$aU Ho$ A`j Ama A` gX`m|, A{YH$m[a`m| Ama A` H$_Mm[a`m| A22. gX mdnydH$ H$s JBH$madmBHo$ {bE gajU&23. H${R>ZmB`m| H$mo Xya H$aZo H$s e{V&24. Ho$r` gaH$ma H$s {Z`_ ~ZmZo H$s e{V&25. m{YH$aU H$s {d{Z`_ ~ZmZo H$s e{V&26. {Z`_m| Ama {d{Z`_m| H$m ggX Ho$ g_j aIm OmZm&27. {d{Y_m`H$aU&

    2.(1) Bg A{Y{Z`_ _|, O~ VH$ {H$ gX go A`Wm Ano{jV Z hmo, -

    (H$) {YH$aU go Ymam4 H$s CnYmam(1) Ho$ AYrZ Wm{nV VQ>r ObH${f m{YH

  • 8/7/2019 Coastal Aquaculture Authority


    (I) A`j go m{YH$aU H$m A`j A{^oV h;

    (J) VQr` ObH${f go VQ>r` jom| _|, Vmbm|, ~mS>m| Ama AhmVm|{Z [V XemAm| Ho$ AYrZ bdUr m Imao Ob _| {ln (qMJa), PtJm, _A Obr Ord H$m nmbZ H$aZm A{^oV h {H$Vw BgHo$ AVJV ObH${f Zht h;

    (K) VQ>r` jo go Eogm jo A{^oV h Omo ^maV gaH$ma Ho$ n`m_mb` (n mdaU, dZ Ama d`Ord {d mJ) H$s A{YgyMZm g0 H$m0AmVmarI19 \$adar, 1991 _| Vg_ VQ> {d{Z`_Z OmoZ Ho$ $n _| Kmo{fAma BgHo$ AVJV Eogm A jo ^r h {Ogo Ho$r` gaH$ma, amOn _mam, {d{Z{XQ H ao;

    ({X H$moQ>b EdmH$Ma AWm[aQ>r EQ>,2005H$m {hXr AZwdmX

    VQr` ObH${f m{YH$aU A{Y{Z`_, 2005VQ>r` jom| _| VQ>r` ObH${f go g~{YV {H$`mH$bmnm| H$m{d{Z`_Z H$aZo Ho$ {bE VQ>r` ObH${f m{YH$aU

    H$s WmnZm Ama Cggo g~{YV `m CgHo$AmZwf[JH$ {df`m| H$m Cn~Y

    H$aZo Ho$ {bEA{Y{Z`_^maV JUam` Ho$ N>nZd| df_| ggXmam {ZZ{b{IV $n _| `h A{Y{Z`{_


    1.(1)Bg A{Y{Z`_ H$m g{jV Zm_ VQ>r` ObH${f m{YH$aU A{Y{Z`_, 2005 h&(2)Ymam27Ho$ Cn~Y VwaV dm hm|Jo Ama Bg A{Y{Z`_ Ho$ eof Cn~Y Cg VmarI

    {Ogo Ho$r` gaH$ma, amOn _| A{YgyMZm mam, {Z`V H$ao&



  • 8/7/2019 Coastal Aquaculture Authority


    (N>) {d{Z`_ go Bg A{Y{Z`_ Ho$ AYrZ m{YH$aU mam ~ZmA{ oV h&(2) CZ eXm| Ama nXm| Ho$, Omo Bg_| wV h Ama n[a^m{fV

    n mdaU(gajU) A{Y{Z`_, 1986 _| n[a^m{fV h, dhr AW hm|Jo Omo Cg_| h&

    A`m`2Ho$r` gaH$ma H$s gmYmaU e{V`m

    3. Ho$r gaH$ma, h gw{ZpMV H$aZo Ho$ {bE {H$ VQ>r ObH${f go VQ>r nA{hV H$m[aV Zht hmoJm, _mJXeH$ {gmV {d{hV H$aHo$ VQ>r ObH${f Ho$ {d{Z`_g r Cnm H$aoJr {Oh| dh Amd`H$ m g_rMrZ g_Po Ama _mJXeH$ {gmV

    CmaXm r VQ>r ObH${f H$s gH$nZm H$m VQ>r jom| _| ah aho {V m| Ho$ {dOr{dH$m H$m gajU H$aZo Ho$ {bE VQ>r` ObH${f [H$`mH$bmnm| H$mo {d{Z`{AZwgaU {H$`m OmEJm&

    A`m`3VQ>r` ObH${f m{YH$aU

    4.(1) Eogr VmarI go, {Ogo Ho$r gaH$ma, amOn _| Am{YgyMZm mam, BgH$ao, Bg A{Y{