Coaching for Growth and Development Part 1 - Do you have a Growth Mindset?

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Do you have the right mindset? Coaching for Growth & Development, Part 1
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Coaching individuals and teams to encourage growth and personal development requires a growth mindset. Before they can begin coaching others, leaders must first identify whether or not they have the right mindset for success.

Transcript of Coaching for Growth and Development Part 1 - Do you have a Growth Mindset?

  • 1. Do you have the right mindset? Coaching for Growth & Development, Part 1

2. It delivers individual and team performance improvements and organisational growth. Respondents in the 2013 CIPD Learning & Development Annual Survey reported coaching to be the most effective activity for talent management. Coaching works When coaching for growth and development, we must begin with the right mindset: 3. Increase revenue! Grow business by 20%! Reduce costs! Goals Increase customer service scores! 4. You rely on natural ability to achieve results A fixed mindset is characterised by the following: You focus on the final result You prefer to stick to safe/tried and tested methods You see failure as a negative, to be avoided at all costs 5. A growth mindset is characterised by the following: You are prepared to take risks and make changes in the pursuit of improvement and growth You see mistakes as an opportunity to learn and grow You focus on the effort youre putting in, rather than the final outcome You recognise the gaps in your capabilities & actively seek to develop these 6. Most of us like to think we have a growth mindset, but we may not even be conscious of the ways in which we limit our potential. Were doing well, we dont need to change anything We dont want to set our targets too high, in case we dont hit them. Developing a growth mindset challenges us to look beyond the limitations we apply to our decision-making process. The team will never go for that! It might not work, so lets stick to the method we know does workI cant do that, I havent been trained I tried something similar before and failed, so I know it cant be done 7. If it aint broke, dont fix it? increased market sector competition the loss of a key account developments/improvements in technology global recession! Those with fixed mindsets are often unable to react fast enough. Those with growth mindsets, however, are more resilient to change and can survive even the most difficult challenges. Even when things seem good, adopting a fixed mindset leaves you vulnerable to a number of external influencing factors, eg; 8. How is your mindset impacting your performance? Is your team/organisations collective mindset acting as a barrier to growth? Now, ask yourself again Do you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset? 9. Find out more about Mindstrongs coaching programmes: Executive Coaching One to One Coaching High Performance Team Coaching or for information about Growth Coaching for SMEs, visit our GrowthAccelerator page In Part 2 of Coaching for Growth & Development, we look at the role the leader must play.