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  • 1. SECARB Plant Barry to CitronelleKnowledge Sharing Conference - Mobile - May 17, 2012 xx xx NYSE: DNR
  • 2. xOur Company xDenbury Resources Inc. (NYSE: DNR):!! A growing independent oil and gas company!! Approximately 1309 employees (578 in Plano,731 in the field)!! The largest oil and natural gas operator in Mississippi and Montana!! Owns the largest reserves of CO2 used for tertiary oil recovery east of the Mississippi River!! Holds significant operating acreage in the Rockies, Mid-Continent and Gulf Coast 2
  • 3. xAreas of Operations: 2 Target Areas x Rockies MT ND Greencore ID Pipeline SD Lost Cabin Rockies Pipelines Source: Riley Ridge Greencore Line WY !Bell Creek (C) (EOY) IL !Cedar Creek Anticline (TBC) IN Anadarko Line !Grieve (TBC) Gulf Coast Pipelines Source: Jackson Dome KY NEJD Line !Brookhaven !Mallalieu !Little Creek !McComb !Smithdale !Cranfield MS !Lockhart Crossing Delta Pipeline Free State Line Gulf Coast Sonat MS Jackson Dome Free State !Martinville !Soso Existing CO2 Pipelines Pipeline Pipeline !Eucutta CO2 Pipelines Under Development LA NEJD !Heidelberg TX Pipeline Delta Line Green Rocky Mountain Fields With EOR Potential Pipeline !Tinsley !Delhi Existing Anthropogenic CO2 Sources Green Line !Oyster Bayou Proposed Coal to Gas or Liquids !Hastings !Seabreeze CO2 Source Owned or Contracted !Conroe (TBC) !Thompson (TBC) 3
  • 4. xDenbury Study Partnerships x!! East Region !! Cranfield Adams & Franklin Counties, MS !! Large Scale CO2 Injection MVA BEG / SECARB !! Citronelle Mobile County, AL !! CO2 Injection Pilot UAB / UA / AA&M / UNCC !! Sequestering CO2 in a Saline Reservoir EPRI / SSEB / SECARB!! West Region !! West Hastings Brazoria County, TX !! Anthropogenic CO2 Injection for EOR MVA BEG / GCCC !! Delhi Richland Parish, LA !! Geophysical Mapping CSM!! North Region !! Bell Creek Powder River County, MT !! MVA Program PCOR / EERC / UND !! MVA (Monitoring, Verification, Accounting) 4
  • 5. xCitronelle Field Basic Facts x !! Citronelle Field located in & around the City of Citronelle !! Approx. 1 hour north of Mobile, AL !! Field is comprised of 3 active units: Main, East & Southeast !! There are 423 wells in the 3 Denbury operated units !! 168 active producers !! 62 active injectors !! 7 SWD wells !! 93 TA/TP wells !! 88 plugged !! 5 SECARB !! Denbury took over operations on Feb. 1, 2006 from Merit Energy 5
  • 6. xSECARB Phase III Anthropogenic Test - Schedule x The CO2 capture unit at Alabama Powers (Southern Co.) Plant Barry became operational in 3Q 2011. A newly built 12 mile CO2 pipeline from Plant Barry to the Citronelle Dome completed in 4Q 2011. A characterization well was drilled in 1Q 2011 to confirmed geology. Injection wells were drilled in 4Q 2011. 100 to 300 thousand metric tons of CO2 will be injected into a saline formation over 2 to 3 years beginning in 2Q 2012. 3 years of post-injection monitoring. 6
  • 7. x CO2 Pipeline Right-of-Way x! Approx. 12 mi (19 km) to the SE Citronelle Unit in Citronelle Oil Field! Right-of-Way ! 1" mi (2 km) inside Plant Barry property ! > 8 mi (13 km) along existing power corridor ! 2 mi (3 km) undisturbed forested land ! Permanent cleared width 20 ft (6 m) ! Temporary construction width 40 ft (12 m)! Right-of-Way habitat ! 9 mi (14.5 km) of forested and commerical timber land ! 3 mi (5 km) of emergent, shrub and forested