CMC Mythic Snowboards

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Transcript of CMC Mythic Snowboards

  • Warranty:Mythic offers a one year warranty protecting products from defects in material and workmanship from authorized Mythic dealers with prior authorization from Mythic HQ.

    Terms:Order deadline is 3/31 and offers a volume discount. Payment due in net 30 and late payments will not apply for any discounts. Please contact Mythic for current discounts and information on becoming a dealer.

    Distribution:Operating out of Golden, Co Mythic will only have dealers within the Rocky Mountains. We have a projected 19 dealers and a maintained web-retail store. Contact Mythic for information on becoming a authorized dealer.

    Demos:Have the Mythic Machine Demo come to your hill! The customized van will be traveling throughout CO carrying demo gear to be set up and demoed during the season. Also dont miss out on the Mythic product release party during SIA.