Cloud Service Map 2019 - AWS GCP AZURE · PDF file Logic Apps Cognito Mobile Apps Intune App...

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Transcript of Cloud Service Map 2019 - AWS GCP AZURE · PDF file Logic Apps Cognito Mobile Apps Intune App...

  • Elastic Load Balancing

    Cloud Interconnect

    Express Route

    VPN Gateway

    Cloud VPN VPN Gateway

    Cloud Front Cloud CDN CDN

    Cloud NAT Cloud DNSRoute 53 Traffic Manager

    Virtual Private Cloud

    VPC Virtual Network

    Cloud DNSRoute 53 DNS

    GatewayApplication Load Balancing

    Load Balancer

    Network Load Balancing

    Nuageo - Cloud Service Map 2019 - AWS GCP AZURE

    Cloud Service Map 2019 - AWS GCP AZURE

    Automation Management Console

    Cloud Console

    Management Portal

    Marketplace MarketplaceMarketplaceFirewallSQL Threat Detection

    Windows Server AD

    Directory Services

    Artifact Service Trust

    Multi-Factor Authentification

    Service mesh

    Autoscaling S3 Glacier Standard Archive

    Nearline & Coldine

    Site Recovery

    Snowmobile Storage Gateway

    Stor SimpleEgnyte Elastic File System

    Filestore Azure FilesBatch Batch Web jobs Fire StoreDatabase for PostgreSQL

    Data Migration

    Data Migration


    Monitor Security Center

    Inspector Security Center

    DDoS Protection

    ShieldKey Management

    Storage Encryption

    Trusted Advisor

    Advisor Stack DriverCloud Watch

    Management Portal

    VM Extensions

    Billing Report

    Billing API Firewall Manager

    Application Gateway

    Macie Threat Protection

    BtoC Active Directory


    Multi-Factor Authentification

    Management Service

    Container registry

    Kubernetes Service

    Auto- scaling

    Autoscaler App service Nearline & Coldine

    S3 Infrequent Access

    Standard Cool

    Backup Azure Backup

    Lightsail Cloud Data Transfer

    SnowballAzure Store Marketplace

    Data BoxContainer registry

    Container service

    Premium Storage

    Cloud Storage

    S3 Block Blob Elastic Search

    Big Table Cosmos DBData BaseRDS Cloud Spanner

    SQL Database

    Memory Store (Redis)

    Redis Cache

    Cloud Formation

    Deployment Manager

    Resource Manager

    X-Ray Application Insights

    Cloud Armor

    Guard Duty Security Center

    Active Directory

    Directory Services

    Cloud HSM


    Identity Aware Proxy

    Active Directory

    Resource Manager

    Ops Work Automation Cloud Watch

    Application Insights

    Information Protection

    Certificate Manager

    Application Certificate

    Key Management

    Key Vault IAMIAM Active Directory

    Health Dashboard

    Health Monitoring

    Systems Manager

    Operations Management

    Discovery Service

    OMS Log Analytics

    Service fabric

    VM scale sets

    Data Transfer Appliance

    Snowball Dynamo DB Data StoreCloud SQL

    Database for MySQL

    Lambda GCP functions

    Event grid

    Compute Engine

    Container Engine

    EKS Kubernetes Engine

    Container Service

    Storage Transfer

    Migration & Transfer

    Import Export

    Persistent Disk

    Elastic Block Store

    Page BlobsEC2 Virtual Machine

    Container services

    Container registry

    Storage Explorer

    Data Box

    Data Box

    Storage Transfer

    Key Vault IAM

    Firewall Manager

    Load Balancer