Cloud of Knowing MRS 2010 conference slides - the award winning paper

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The actual presentation I gave at the Market Research Society conference 2010. There is an earlier preview uploaded here on slideshare from I think the Cloud 2 meetup when I did a dummy run in front of the group. The presentation was shortlisted for best presentation and won best new thinking the last time the award was given funnily enough

Transcript of Cloud of Knowing MRS 2010 conference slides - the award winning paper

  • 1. The Cloud of Knowing Project Content analytics and the future of market research John Griffiths Planning Above and Beyond March 24th 2010

2. Planning Above and Beyond Web content The questions we need answers to SAMPLING RESEARCH WITHOUT QUESTIONS PERMISSION % OF BUSINESS DECISION SUPPORT REAL TIME ANONYMITY 3. Planning Above and Beyond Redrawing the lines around research Will research Advance to include content? Retreat and become a specialism? the people who ask questions.. CONQUISTADORS THE KEEP 4. Planning Above and Beyond Blog site MISREPRESENT THEMSELVES, US LOCATED, ATYPICAL, CORPORATE STOOGE, NOT HUMAN 5. Planning Above and Beyond Workarounds #measurementcamp Netnography E-anthropology Triangulation CRM 6. Planning Above and Beyond Research cultures Farmer/cultivators Hunter gatherers Scavengers 7. Planning Above and Beyond Research data needs to come from a valid sample of the population 8. Planning Above and Beyond If projective materials are used then research participants need to explain it 9. Planning Above and Beyond Purefold: open source co-created transmedia film director story seeds RSS feeds gather raw content Friendfeed hopper Visitors /linkers grade and link to other Web content storylines amplified Brand owners sponsor & create characters storylines Ridley Scott Assoc/Ag 8 Output put into production 10. Planning Above and Beyond Purefold model applied to research 11. Planning Above and Beyond Benefits of the Purefold model Continues to use real people as participants Dual role of research participants as graders and taggers Sampling of participants can be controlled Content can be filtered and amplified 12. Planning Above and Beyond Demographic replicators: Research bots Wefeelfine emotional wrapper DGR Wilma text bot twitter posterous friendfeed network Analysis of others who share bot tastes Comments/ retweets of those who dialogue with the bot Findings aggregated with other bots Margery food bot 13. Planning Above and Beyond Harmonics the music of the spheres Margery keywords related to margarine interacts with Wilma circa 200 housewives in Wilmslow to produce.. Their interaction triggers range of harmonics which current research cannot anticipate or address 14. Planning Above and Beyond How could DGRs be used? Stimulus for researchers/ clients to reframe research projects? A lure/decoy for drawing out customer response A dynamic sample/panel which can be observed and with which the researcher/ client can interact 15. Planning Above and Beyond Benefits of Replicators Continues to use real people as participants You dont need to recruit research participants unless you want to Sampling of participants can be controlled Content is filtered and amplified Content can be used to stimulate online response Content can be used to inspire the researcher as analyst 16. Planning Above and Beyond Past the sample/content bottleneck Sample Content Inability to control sample is what makes web content analysis problematic Sampling is literal: 45 yr old woman, works part time, lives in Wilmslow Quant & Qual research keep sample and content questions separate 17. Planning Above and Beyond Into the cloud.. Probabilistic Sampling Outside the code if theyre not respondents Permission not necessary Anonymity becomes irrelevant Free to build extended profiles across different platforms Assign probable demogs based on content and proximity to others 18. Planning Above and Beyond Probabilistic sampling Google social search Me friend Their friends friend friend friend Their friends Their friends Their friends Their friends Their friends Their friends Their friends postcode income band Size of HH 19. Planning Above and Beyond Content + Sampling engines 20. Planning Above and Beyond Benefits of sampling engines- 2 routes 1. Engine constructs virtual sample frames using best fit algorithms using found data OR 2. Engine builds special studies from seed samples Sampling of participants can be controlled Content is already there and can be weighted or excluded Oversampling and infill possible cf Photoshop 21. Planning Above and Beyond Vested research interests carrying on regardless Quant researchers 19th C photographers Qual researchers 19th C portrait painters 22. Planning Above and Beyond Time to get tribal CRM a better starting point than conventional MR web content now integral Stakeholder model of involvement part of the tribe cf Tribe Research in Australia Researchers no longer intermediaries? Emergent role as facilitators 23. Planning Above and Beyond To conclude Cloud of Knowing project Work in progress Online content should be part of research MR stuck in offline research paradigms Alternative models for incorporating content Its still research but not as we know it.. 24. Planning Above and Beyond Thank you ..