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Cloud Computing Presentation

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  • Cloud Computing Presentation

  • What Is Cloud Computing?Cloud Computing is Highly automated Information Technology Services.Cloud Computing as a more efficient and agile way of building their information

  • Cloud Computing Deliver Self-service compute.Self-service networking.Self-service storage.Customer relationship management.Big data analytics.

  • Cloud Computing is really about hardware capability delivered to you virtually and software to any device.

  • Cloud Computing enables revolutionary business models that are dramatically changing the nature of society and commerce. See a movie with Netflix. Did you know that Netflix runs on top of Amazon?Amazon web service actually provides the computer servers and data storage as infrastructure-as-a-Service(IaaS) to Netflix.

  • JUST IN TIME IT(Servers)Cloud Computing

  • Cloud Computing: The Latest Evolution Of Hosting

  • What Cloud Computing is not ?With cloud computing, we buy what the cloud service provider(CSP), offers, just like we buy a dress off the rack.It's much faster.Much cheaper.Reliable much more.Much more flexible.

  • No room for customization.

    We don't pick the applications, hardware & no need to design the core infrastructure. the CSP does.It's definitely not just the Internet. The Internet is connectivity to the bewildering number and variety of cloud based resources

  • Cloud Computing is not up in the sky.

    It is made up of real datacenters.

    Real hardware & Real software.

    With real people.

    Firmly Rooted to the real Earth.

  • IaaSInfrastructure-as-a-Service.Migrate To ItPaaS Platform-as-a-Services. Build On ItMajor Cloud Computing Services.SaaS Software-as-a-Services. Consume Email CRM Collaborative ERPApplication Development Decision Support Web Streaming CachingLegacy File Networking Technical SecuritySystem Management

  • SaaS: Software-as-a-Services.

    Complete applications, customizable within limits.Solving specific business needs, with focus on end-user requirement.

  • PaaS: Platform-as-a-Services.

    No need to directly manage OS, databases, etc.,APIs for building higher level Applications.Pre-built Application components.

  • IaaS: Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

    No need to purchase or manage physical data center equipment.(servers, storage, networking, etc.,).

  • Importance of adopting Cloud computing.

    Expected to exceed by next few years.

    45% - 70% of business use or plan to use the Cloud.

    Software-as-a-Service(SaaS) has been adopted by 75% of all businesses.

  • Cloud Computing Service Providers.

  • Advantages :Disadvantages :Privacy.Security.Transfer-ability.Downtime.Flexibility.Low Cost.Highly Automated.Fast Service.More Storage Capacity.Cloud Computing Advantages and Disadvantages.

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    Cloud Computing Presentation *1.) Cloud computing is highly automated information technology services similar to the way automobile manufactures adopted the assembly line in the early 20th century.*3.) cloud computing delivers self-service compute.self-service networking.self-service storage.customer relationship management.big data analytics.*2.) Companies today are adopting cloud computing as a more efficient and agile way of building their information technology platforms.***So what is not cloud computing ?Well, it definetely not just a new name for mainfram timeshares from the 60s. it's much faster. Much cheaper.reliablemuch more .much more flexible.much more available.It's not just another name for outsourcing either.With cloud computing, you buy what the cloud service provider, or CSP, offers, just like you buy a dress off the rack.*No room for customization.There is no room for customization unless you want to incur additional cost.You don't design the core infrastructure, the CSP does.You don't pick the applications, the CSP does.You don't pick the hardware, the CSP does.It's definitely not just the Internet. The Internet is connectivity to the bewildering number and variety of cloud based resources. And cloud computing is not up in the sky. It is made up of real datacenters, and real hardware and real software with real people firmly rooted to the real Earth.

    **Importance of adopting Cloud computingCloud computing is important because the single market place is expected to exceed by next few years. 45 to 50% of all business say they already do, of plan, to run their business from the cloud. Software-as-a-Service(SaaS), a major cloud service model, has been adopted by 75% of all businesses. *Cloud computing is good because it is very cost efficient. It provides access to almost unlimited storage. Cloud makes backup and disaster recovery much easier. It also enables automatic software integration. Easy access to information from anywhere. And quick deployment of hardware and software assests. *Cloud Computing Advantages and disadvantages.

    Benefits of Cloud Computing:1.Flexibility.2.Low Cost.3.Highly Automated.4.Fast Service(Always Up time).5.More Storage Capacity.

    Disadvantages of Cloud Computing:1.Privacy.2.Security.3.Transferability.4.Downtime.