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growing list of South Florit



Obie, the Orange Bowl mascot, shows off a rendering of the new Joseph C. Carter Park track and field at a groundbreaking ceremony put on by the Orange Bowl Committee and the city of Fort Lauderdale.

lawingthe sale of syrtheticone councilman fears David


Park scores makeoverOrange Bowl, Fort Lauderdale team up to renovate Carter ParkBv Mprrssa MoNToYAStaffwriter

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psychoactive bath salts, but ple buying the desigrrer dru1 This week, Councilman l

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C. Carter Park will receive a makeover in January, and its field will get




The field will be lnown as the Orange Bowl Fblil atCr.ter ParkGovernment representatives and the Orange Bowl Committee made

it official Thursday at a groundbreaking ceremony at the park located att45o W Sunrise Blvd. The project was praised by officials as the perfect combination of public and private supporL The renovation will cost $3 milliorl shared equally by the city and thecommittee. Fortlauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler said the city wanted to renovate

the park, butthose plans were far


approving an unconstitutio wonSt holdup in courLPlease turn

thefuture. "Ifs only costing us half,' Seiler said. "\Me expedited the project in order to take advantage ofthe Orange Bowl Committee's generosity."

The council approveto BAN,8B

Construction is set to start soonbecause the renovations

willbe un-

veil6d in.lanuary during the weekPlease turn to




Saharan dust on the wayBYKDNKAYEStaffwriter Saharan dust should again



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Stay inforrnedfi[theKeep up with the tropics at^/stormcenter

Ifs not unusual for

a second dust

sLy millry haze on Friday and move alongbySaturday. But another orpansive dust cloud is expected to drift in early next week, and it rnight


cloud to arive so soorr, rs Saha:an dust is relatively common in South Florida in June and luly. The dustuzually rides on the backs of dry tropical waves, Baxter said"


Broward County Commi

any advisories, health authoritiesurged those with acute respiratoryproblems and allergies to remain indoors trntil the dust departs. Atthough the approaching Saharan dust is larger and thicker than the crrrrent layer, it might not be as concentrated by the time it arrives over

V.C Holness, a Jamaican-bor professional, is on one sid,

hang around even longe4, the National Weather Service said.

"This one could stick around T\resday tkou& Thursday or Fridayj' meteorologist Barry Baxter said- 'It will reduce otrr chance of South Floridq said meteorologist thunderstorms and make it hoter RobertMolleda anddrief "There's going to be a Iittle bit On Thursday, the Saharan dust more moisture in the arnosphere raised the aio qnlity index to the ,next week and that might mitigte moderate level, just short of being i{' he said" 'tsut ifs still probably unhealthy. While they didn't issue goingtobehaz5t''

"The waves pick up tlre dust in Africa andpull it across theAdanticj' he said. "\Me usually see this traro to three times inthe summeC' By August the tropical waves tend to be laden with moisture and are

Mcfinzig aBroward nativeportion of central Broward


a general contracting compa other. Both want to represen

parts of Fort Lauderdale,

Lakes, Lauderhill, North Lau,

morc apt to develop into tropicalstorms andhurricanes,


addition to producing pretty

land Parl