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CLIL in primary classes. Tracey Sinclair And you!!!. CLIL or Culture studies. What is the difference ? Does any difference matter ?. Areas of lexis. Let ’s see what we know Words related to CLIL. CLIL Aims. The 4 Cs: Content Communication Cognition - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CLIL in primary classes

CLIL in primary classesTracey SinclairAnd you!!!CLIL or Culture studiesWhat is the difference?Does any difference matter?

2Areas of lexisLets see what we knowWords related to CLIL3CLIL AimsThe 4 Cs:ContentCommunicationCognitionCulture (aka Citizenship or Community)CLIL aims to:Introduce learners to new ideas and concepts in curriculum areasImprove learners performance in both content subjects and target languageEncourage stronger links with citizenship curriculumIncrease learners confidence in the target languageCLIL aims to:Make the content subject the primary focus of classroom materialsEnable learners to access what they already know and extend on itProvide cognitively challenging materials from the beginningCommunicative skillsAgreeing and disagreeingAsking questionsClarifying what has already been saidComparing and contrastingDescribingExplaining a point of viewExpressing ideasPredictingetcCommunicating skillsWhat language do you need to be able to do these things:Agreeing and disagreeingAsking questionsClarifying what has already been saidComparing and contrastingDescribingExplaining a point of viewExpressing ideasPredictingetcChoosing materialsEditingPretestingRejectingRevisingItemisingAnalysingetcTerminologyFor teachersFor example?For pupilsFor example?Visual aidsChartsFlash cardsFlow diagramsDiagrams in generalAnd???Auditory aidsSongsMusicChantsRhythmsRhymesPronunciationAnd???Auditory aidsClassroom languageRules L1 and/or L2Questions: open, closed, displayTarget language is ENGLISH???And???LexisWhat words MUST they know?What words SHOULD they know?How can I teach the new words?How can the students teach ME?And???LexisLets choose a topicWords they MUST knowWords SHOULD they knowHow can I teach the new words ?How can students teach ME?And???Planning a lessonChoose a topicTime of class?Level of students?Team teaching or single teacher?A one-off lesson or series?Language to knowWHY THIS TOPIC?

Planning a lessonAimsStepsRules (do I need them)Activities and materials neededSkills neededSkills usedAnd?

Planning a lessonWhat am I most confident in (subject)?What am I most confident at (skills)?What are my SS most confident in?What are my SS most confident at?Do we clash or agree?What will I most enjoy?What will they most enjoy?Easy or difficult?

Describing a processThe diagram shows ....First of all ....Then ....Next .....After that ....Finally .....

Thinking MapsCircleTreeBubbleDouble bubbleFlowMulti-flowBraceBridge20Example

21This is my day today!21Example

2222MottoJUST DO IT!