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  • 1.Clickers at CPUT and student engagement?Daniela Gachago,Educational Technology Unit, Fundani Centre forHigher Education Development, CPUT

2. Interactive, instructingquestioning as teachingmethod is nothing new 3. New technologyCLICKERS! Anonymous Instant feedback Variety of question types Record of data 4. My experience with clickersClickers used since 20042500 clickers, first and second year students inCollege of Science and EngineeringIssued to students through library Clickers used since 2010 125 clickers, mainly for Foundation students Issued to lecturers on demand 5. Typical usage at Edinburgh Students bring clickers to each class 3-5 questions asked per class Knowledge type questions (right answer) Focus on consistent use Main purpose: keep students awake, engagelarge classes, feedback to staff and students,reveal common misconceptions 6. A boat carrying a large boulder is floating on alake. The boulder is thrown overboard and sinks.The water in the lake with respect to the shore1. Rises67%2. Drops3. Remains the same 17% 17%12 3 7. UoE staff perception 8. UoE (staff): Ranked byimportance, clickers seem to bemost useful toScore (max 500)500450400350300250200Score (max150100 500increaseget feedback on reveal common help students help students keep students keep studentsincreaseinteractionstudentsmisconceptionsunderstand practiceawake entertainedattendance understanding difficult concepts 9. Usage at CPUT Only 125 handsets for 2 campuses and 36.000students No installed PCs in lecture theatres How? Why? Creativity!DiscussionTesting of pre-knowledge CompetitionsPub quizzes Data collection Change of opinion/behaviour 10. The figure below presents three corridors to beused for traversing a road connecting twotermini Mbazwana and Sodwana BayCivil Engineering First Year students 11. Q2: The earth is flat.1. It is not flat, I can convince someone who says it is flat2. It is flat, and I can convince someone who says it is not flat3. It is not flat, although I do not know how to convince someone who says it is flat4. It is flat, although I do not know how to convince someone who says it is not flatGeomorphology class: Testing of pre-knowledge 12. Lecturers feedbackGenerally most students got all the questions right- whichreally surprised me, as I thought they had no idea of theconcepts I was gonna teach. I had got this impression fromthe lecturer whom I took this topic from, and who hastaught it for over 20 years. She said was certain, from herexperience, that the students know nothing, hence mysurprise at the consistently correct answers. .This also made me re-think my teaching approach, and I havebeen able to spend less time on the basics, go faster in class(I gave the students typed notes), and Ive had time toinclude videos for teaching (which the students have lovedvery much!). 13. Why bother?What is engaging about clickers is increasedinteraction superficial or meaningful in terms oflearning? (Kay & LeSage 2009) 14. Steve Draper,University of Glasgow Possibly the most productive application, however, and the one with the largest body of existing research, is in using the equipment to initiate a discussion.* * Draper S. (n.d.) Electronically enhanced classroom interaction. 15. Mazur SequenceYou can forget facts but you cannot forget understanding Prof. Eric Mazur, Harvard 16. Enter question text...1. Answer 1 67%2. Answer 23. Answer 3 17% 17% 123 17. First year Business students: Intercultural communication class 18. Student lecturer discussion 19. First year Business students: Intercultural communication class 20. Classdiscussion 21. First year Business students: Intercultural communication class 22. Typical question course 1pre 23. Digital story intervention 24. GD Foundationstudents: I like clickersbecause... 25. They are fun and full of energy I dont feel judged...They are an exciting new way of learning They make me feel like I am participating in class They are simple to use... although I dont speak upIt feels safe to I like clickers... participateThey make us learn from each other Nobody pushes you to talk if you dont want to..They let me see what other thinkThey make us think outside the box... It helps widening the thinkingand helps the flow of thinking juiceYou hear others opinions and then you weigh it upwith your own and with that you can formulate abetter answer 26. Student engagement levels Gachago D., Morris A., Simons, E. (in development) 27. Johnson et al. (1998): Cooperation is an essential pre-requisite forcognitive growth Controversy theory: students need to beconfronted with opposing points ofviews, leading to uncertainty or conceptualconflicts, for students to re-conceptualize andlook for more information, which then in turnleads to more refined and thoughtfulconclusions. 28. Thank you!Daniela [email protected]:// cput/