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Classroom to Cubicle Sushrut Bidwai co-founder Wissen systems [email protected]

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  • ClassroomtoCubicle

    Sushrut Bidwaico-founderWissen systems

    [email protected]

  • Job v Career

  • Job is a set of targets,

  • almost always about money.

  • Career is set of goals,

  • always about achievements.

  • Placement is not the measure for success

  • at least not in the long run.

  • Survival can never be a goal.

  • It can never even be a target.

  • On-site is no more attractive,

  • not even for matrimony reasons.

  • Package is not something to look for,

  • neither is technology.

  • Do something which you love and enjoy,

  • money, fame will come.

  • Hints

  • World is becoming flatter and flatter.

  • Network.

  • Network a lot.

  • Travel.

  • Unconference.

  • Or at least Google!

  • Internet is not equal to Rediff + Orkut + Santabanta.

  • LinkedIn.

  • Twitter.

  • Blogs.

  • Slideshare.

  • Youtube.

  • Open source projects.

  • IT industry will change,

  • Now.

  • You will have to be part of the change.

  • There is always enough room at the top.