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Who are you going to be?

Who do you want to be?Career DevelopmentOn Your Way to the Future

DREAM JOBS& Back Up Plans

Professional Sports Athlete?

Music Icon?

Television Star?

Its important to dream big and reach toward your ultimate goals but its also important to have a back up plan.

Did you knowOut of approximately 505,100 high school basketball players, only about 48 make it to the NBA.The odds are 10,000 to 1!

After seven seasons of American Idol, over hundreds of thousands of people have auditioned, but only 7 became American Idols!

Career development is about you figuring out what kind of person you are and what types of occupations you might like to have in the future.

Work StylesThere are three different kinds of work styles people may be

An Informant PersonA People PersonA Hands-On Person

Informant StyleEnjoys working with numbers, databases, computers, and researching information.Tend to make decisions and lead others, fix things and work with equipment, take things one step at a time.People who are financial managers, musicians, chemists, clerks, and paralegals may be an informant person.

People StyleLike being around friends and family, described as caring, helping, advising, and cooperating.Tend to organize events, work with their hands, create and find new ways of doing things, like details and following specific instructions.People who are teachers, counselors, lawyers, architects, hairdressers, and chefs may be a people person.

Hands-on StyleHave a knack for tools and machines, figuring out how things work, and repairing things. Tend to take charge and manage projects, are sociable and work well with others, and follow clear rules and guidelines with lots of order.People who are farmers, dentists, electricians, software engineers, and pilots tend to be hands-on people.

Personality Party Time!

Please listen to the description of each of the parties before going to the party that you think you will have the most fun at

REALISTICThe DoersAre youPractical, frank, thrifty, curious, self-controlled, athletic, mechanical, nature lover, ambitious, persistent, and systematic?Do you like to..Fix electrical things, play a sport, tinker with machines, work outdoors, and use your hands?

You may be an awesomePlumberMechanicCarpenterVeterinary technicianDental hygienistCareer teacher

INVESTIGATIVEThe ThinkersAre youInquisitive, scientific, precise, cautious, self-confident, independent, analytical, curious, and logical?Do you like toSolve math problems, use computers, like science labs, and do research?

Do any of these careers sound good?Computer EngineerChemistOptometristMeteorologistAgriculturalist

SOCIALThe HelpersAre youFriendly, idealistic, outgoing, cooperative, responsible, patient, kind, helpful, understanding, and persuasive?Do you like toTeach others, work in groups, volunteer, work with kids, or play team sports?

You might want to look at beingNurseTeacherPolice officerSocial WorkerEmergency Medical Technician

ARTISTICThe CreatorsAre youCreative, imaginative, unconventional, independent, sensitive, intuitive, emotional, expressive, and act spur of the moment?Do you like toWrite stories, poetry, music, sketch, draw, paint, play a musical instrument, sing, act, dance, and design fashions?

How do these jobs sound?MusicianEditorInterior designerEntertainerLandscape architect

ENTERPRISINGThe PersuadersAre youSelf confident, sociable, enthusiastic, adventurous, impulsive, talkative, assertive, ambitious, agreeable, extroverted, and optimistic?Do you like toLike to sell things, make decisions that affect others, give talks or speeches, and have power?

You should tryHotel managementRetail salesPublic relationsPrivate investigationTravel sales

CONVENTIONALThe OrganizersAre youWell organized, numerically inclined, practical, systematic, polite, accurate, methodical, efficient, orderly, and obedient?Do you like toWork with numbers, use a computer, be responsible for details, keep accurate records, and collect things?

You might make a goodSecretaryStenographerRadio dispatcherInsurance claims adjusterCustomer service representative

This is just the beginning

Career Development is about finding out who you are and what type of career suits you best.

Today is the first step in the journey towards your future!

Career Cruisingwww.careercruising.comUsername: laniermiddlePassword: longhornsCreate New ProfileUsername: Your Student ID#Password: Your 6-digit birthdate (ex. If your birthday is December 5, 1999, it should be 120599)

To Do:Complete Matchmaker activityExplore at least 1 career of interest to youLook at the Job Description, Working Conditions, Earnings, Education, Sample Career Path, Related CareersRead one of the interviews listed under Photos and Interviews