Classroom Accommodations for ESL Students

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Classroom Accommodations for ESL Students. Mobile County Public School System 2013-2014 English as a Second Language Program. Why Accommodate?. ESL Students must receive accommodations: To help them understand content To help them complete assignments To improve their English skills - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mobile County Public School System2013-2014English as a Second Language ProgramClassroom Accommodations for ESL StudentsWhy Accommodate?ESL Students must receive accommodations:To help them understand contentTo help them complete assignmentsTo improve their English skillsTo help them feel included and comfortableBecause it is the law

The Civil Rights Act, Title VI 1964No person in the United States, on the ground of race, color or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving federal financial assistance. -42 U.S.C. 2000d.

Lau v. NicholsThe failure of a school system to provide English language instruction to national origin students who do not speak English, or to provide them with other adequate instruction denies them a meaningful opportunity to participate in the public educational program.- Lau v. Nichols (U.S. Supreme Court Decision, 1974).Lack of English proficiency does not mean there is a lack of content knowledge or thought.

Classroom AccommodationsUsing teaching strategies and learning resources that make content comprehensible is the key to helping the student understand the content, learn the language, and be engaged in the learning process.Sample Instructional StrategiesSeat the student near the teacherWrite instructions clearly on the board as well as give them orallyWrite key words, page numbers, homework, deadlines, etc. on the boardIncorporate visuals such as props, graphics, organizers, charts and gesturesAvoid slang, colloquial expressions and complex structuresSpeak clearlyAllow extra timeSample Instructional StrategiesAllow the ESL student to write less, have fewer answer choices or answer simpler questionsConsider it may take them longer to complete a taskAllow the use of bilingual dictionaries for older students who are literate in their first language, but discourage over relianceUse meaningful word wallsProvide a model of what completed work should look likeSample Assessment AccommodationsLevel One: Point to answersUse yes or no test itemsTest OrallyAccept one-word answers or picturesLevel Two:Reduce Test QuestionsAllow errors in speaking/writingExtended timeAllow the use of study guide/outlines

Sample Assessment AccommodationsLevel Three:Allow extra timeReduce Test QuestionsOnly grade work completedAllow use of study guides and notesLevel Four:RetestAccept some grammatical errorsAllow use of word-to-word dictionaryRephrase directions if necessary

Accommodation Documentation

Accommodation DocumentationThis will be provided to you by your ESL Resource teacherThis accommodation form provides suggested accommodations for each ESL studentA copy will go into the students file for documentation that accommodations were provided as required by lawFor more information:Contact your local ESL teacherContact Tracy Jay ESL and Migrant Coordinator221-5189 [email protected]