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Note for the honourable teachers:

This content may be too long as lessons activities are many. If it is too long, it can be taken in two periods.

Click here to see a note for the honourable teachers.

CLASS: SEVENSUBJECT: ENGLISH FIRST PAPERINTRODUCTION Md. Jahidur Rahman Lecturer in EnglishCampus-5 Cambrian School and College

What type of songs do they sing?

Folk songs


Today our topic

I like folk songsUnit: Eight, Lesson: One

By the end of the lesson the students will be able toAsk and answer questions about likes/dislikes. Read and understand text.Act out a dialogue. Fill in the gaps.Tell the meaning of some key words from inference.LEARNING OUTCOMES OF THE LESSON

Listen their conversation about their likes and dislikes.

I like ice-cream. And you?

I like ice-cream too.

I like playing chess. And you?I dont like playing chess.

I like ice-cream. And you?I like ice-cream too. I like playing chess. And you?I dont like playing chess.

Look at the pictures. Which things and activities do you like? Using the above structures ask and answer as many questions as you can in five minutes to find similarities in your and your friends likes. For each similar liking you will get one point. The pair having the highest points is the winner.


Young people like pop music.

a type of music, usually played on electronic instruments. Pop music is often simply called pop.

Many people like classical music.Serious or conventional music following long-established principles rather than a folk, jazz, or popular tradition.

Pop music

Classical music



Fish cutlet

She likes photography.


The art or process of taking photographs.

Fish cutlet is vey tasty.

OnOffA thick slice of fish typically cooked by frying.







The rose is blooming.

produce flowers; be in flower.

Mother adores her child .

like (something or someone) very much.


Now listen a dialogue between them. Then act out the dialogue in pairs. The dialogue is given in section B, in the text book.Click on the dialogue.Dialogue

1 Why doesnt Kobita like classical music? 2. What does Kobitas father think about pop music? 3. Who is Kobitas favourite singer? Why does she like her so much? 4. What does Kobita think about her garden? 5. What does the sentence "I just adore them! mean? Individual Work/Pair Work[ Note: Read the text individually then ask and answer question in pairs.]

Read the passage from the text book, section C. Then ask and answer the following questions in pairs.

Individual Work

Look at the pictures. Now make five sentences about what you adore, love, like, dont like and hate.

Do you like swimming?

Yes, I like swimming.

See the table given in the text book, section F. Using the following mentioned structure ask and answer questions to talk about your and your friends likes/dislikes from the table. [ Examples are given below.]Pair Work

Click to see the examplesDoes she like soft drinks?No, she doesnt like soft drinks.

Home workAsk one of your family members about his/her likes and dislikes. Write five likes and five dislikes of his/her.

Love our beautiful folk songs and uphold them to the world.

Thank you all.