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  • 1. A Fast Forced MarchThrough The Civil War
  • 2. Im going to take usquickly through theAmerican Civil War.
  • 3. That will give us all an idea about the most important events before we start looking at specifics.Lets start by comparingthe two sides in the CivilWar. Each hadadvantages that help itand drawbacks thathindered it during thewar.
  • 4. Lets start by looking atthe advantages the Northhad entering the CivilWar.
  • 5. Larger Population
  • 6. More industry
  • 7. ALL the armories for making guns were in theNorth.
  • 8. More Resources
  • 9. The Northhad a muchbetter systemof railroadlines, mostmodernequipmentand wasbetterconnectedthan theSouth.
  • 10. Better system to financethe war The North has the best banks and most of the nations cash.
  • 11. Had more ships
  • 12. The Navy stayed loyal to the Union
  • 13. Now lets look at theNorths disadvantages
  • 14. Forcing people to do what youwant is very difficult -- remain inthe Union
  • 15. Not a lot of Northerners supportedthe war
  • 16. The North has the material advantages!
  • 17. But, what are the advantages of the South as it enters the Civil War?
  • 18. White populationsupports the war
  • 19. Fighting on their landthat they know well
  • 20. Best leaders in the Armywent with theConfederacy
  • 21. However, the South has manydisadvantages that limit itswar effort
  • 22. Confederacy had no weaponsproducing facility
  • 23. Confederate economy was basedon the export of cotton
  • 24. Confederate agriculture was notdesigned for raising food
  • 25. Much smaller population of freewhites than the North
  • 26. Worse railroad system: fewermiles of track and no uniformrailway gage
  • 27. States rights believers worked fortheir state but often not for theCSA
  • 28. The Confederate war plan isto remain undefeated untilthe North recognizesConfederate independence.
  • 29. The Union war plan isto: 1. capture Richmond, the Confederate capital 2. control the Mississippi River and cut theConfederacy in half East/West 3. naval blockade of the South stopping cottonexports and destroying Southern economy
  • 30. The war was a series of back and forth battleswhich eventually gave the North victory
  • 31. Gettysburg was the most important battle. Itchanged everything Lee gets supplieshe needs to keepCSA in field foranother year Lee over reachesand suffers highcasualties Lincoln makeswar about abolitionof slavery ratherthan endingsecession
  • 32. Gen. Grant, and his associates, Gen. Phil Sheridan and Gen. William Sherman commit to total war in order to defeat Southern generals. Sheridan ShermanU.S. Grant
  • 33. Sheridans army destroysEVERYTHING in theShenandoah Valley
  • 34. Sherman destroysEVERYTHING in a 20mile wide swath as hemarches eastward to thesea.Cuts the Confederacy inhalf North/SouthEnsures Lincolnsreelection as president
  • 35. U.S. GrantTakes the battle to theenemyGoes around Lees dug-intrench warfare positionsTakes the casualtiesnecessary to over runConfederate positions Because of the high casualties under Grants command, some called him Butcher Grant
  • 36. Grants approachand perseveranceforce Gen. Lee tosurrender hisArmy of NorthernVirginia thus endingthe Civil War with aNorthern defeat ofthe Confederacy
  • 37. The Union defeats the Confederacy