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Civil War…. April 12 , 1861- June 23 , 1865. By Kayt Clampitt. Union States…. California Connecticut Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Maine Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota. Nevada New Hampshire New York New Jersey Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island Vermont. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Civil War

Civil WarApril 12 , 1861- June 23 , 1865By Kayt ClampittUnion StatesCalifornia ConnecticutIllinois Indiana Iowa Kansas MaineMassachusetts MichiganMinnesotaNevadaNew Hampshire New YorkNew Jersey OhioOregon Pennsylvania Rhode IslandVermontConfederate States South Carolina Mississippi FloridaAlabama GeorgiaLouisianaTexas VirginiaArkansasTennesseeNorth CarolinaBorder StatesKentucky West Virginia Missouri Delaware Maryland

Battle of Fort SumterApril 12, 1861Located in CharlestonUnionGeneral Beauregard

ConfederateMajor AndersonCasualtiesNO CASUALTIESSignificanceIt was the first battle in the Civil War.

First Battle of Bull RunJuly 21,1861Richmond, VAUnionGeneral Irvin McDowell

ConfederateColonel JacksonCasualtiesUnion 1, 982CasualtiesConfederates 2, 896Significance Both Sides realized there were going to be a lot more casualties and it was going to be long lasting.

Battle of GettysburgJuly 1-July 3,1863Gettysburg, PennsylvaniaUnionGeneral Meade

ConfederateGeneral Robert E. LeeCasualtiesUnion 23,0553,155 Killed14, 531 Injured5,369 Captured/ MissingCasualtiesConfederates 23, 2314,708 Killed12, 693 Wounded5,830 Captured/ MissingSignificanceIt was a turning point for the union

Second Battle of Fort FisherJanuary 13- 15, 1865Located in WilmingtonUnionGeneral Alfred

ConfederateGeneral W.H.C. WhitingCasualtiesUnion 1,338CasualtiesConfederates 583

Significance Confederates lost their only open port on the east coast because Union closed it.Battle of the Appomattox CourthouseApril 7,1865Located in Petersburg.ConfederateGeneral Robert E. Lee

Union..General GrantCasualtiesUnion 164CasualtiesConfederates 50027,800 SurrenderedSignificanceThe end of the Civil War.

Civil War Weapons/ Vehicles

Civil War CanonsNapoleon Canon used a 12 pound shot.The Howitzer Canon had a 12, 24, and 32 pound shot.Effective range of both of the canons was 250- 1700 yards.

Civil War RiflesRifles were used from 1859- 1872 by both the Confederates and Union soldiers.They were muzzle loaded and soldiers could shoot 2- 3 shots per minute.Effective range of the rifles were estimated 100- 400 yards.

Civil War Pistols The Confederates used the Colt 1851 Navy pistol. It was single action, 6 shot.Union used Colt Army 1860 pistol. It was single action, and was also 6 shot.Both of the Union and the Confederate pistols were accurate 75- 100 yards

Civil War SwordsA Bayonet is attached to a close range rifle.An 1850 Army Officers Sword.

Civil War ShipsA U.S.S Monitor is a fully armored ship that has a Rotating gun turret.

A C.S.S. North Carolina is a Ironclad War Ship.

END OF CIVIL WARWhen the Battle of The Appomattox Courthouse ended there were still many minor battles. There were still 175,000 Confederate Troops Remaining on Field.The final surrender occurred on June 23, 1865 by the Confederate Troops.

How did the Civil War affect Americas Future?I think that the Civil War affected Americas future because there is NO more slavery. If the Confederates won the Civil War there would still be slavery in America. The Union won and there is NO more slavery.