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  • 1. Minority inability to disseminate Myths

2. Myth Line Myth EPIC(Moral Perception) Archetype(Jungian) Stereotype Sign(Semioitics) 3. Myth Line Myth Religion/Culture EPIC(Moral Perception) Folklore Archetype(Jungian) Stereotype Daily Appraisals Sign(Semioitics) Objectification 4. A Few Issues Today, the number of African-American journalists writing at mainstream outlets remains appallingly low. According to the Institute of Diversity and Ethics in Sports, whites account for 94 percent of sports editors, 89 percent of assistant sports editors, 88 percent of columnists, 87 percent of reporters and 89 percent of copy editors. Sociology professor Darnell Hunt, author of the report and director of the Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies at UCLA: Minority writers nearly doubled their share of staff writing positions during that same period, from 7.5% to 15.6%, but still remain severely underrepresented compared to the population at large. According to EURweb, in November 2010, when the data were compiled, African Americans used their TVs an average of 7 hours, 12 minutes each day -- above the U.S. average of 5 hours, 11 minutes. Asians watched TV the least, at just 3 hours, 14 minutes a day on average. African Americans used DVD players and video game consoles more than average, but whites were more likely to use DVRs. Some 40 percent of white families own DVRs, which is higher than average. 5. Uncle Tom Vs. Niggamus Prime V I V I S E C T I O N 6. BOTH SUPPORTORS