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Slides introducing civic engagement from Tim Merry's perspective

Transcript of Civic engagement

  • What I say ... purpose of the engagement:

    A highly responsive and participatory interface between the caller(s), the

    stakeholders and the public

  • No really, the purpose of the engagement version 1.0:

    To make visible the collective intelligence of a region in such a way that it transforms civic culture and

    leadership platforms ...

    ... so that the directionality of society is re-located into the hands of citizens

  • Principles of Engagement

    Honesty, Transparency and Authenticity

    Chaos with just enough order

    People see themselves in the results - proof is in the pudding

    Integrates expert input, interactive conversation, arts, social media, tangible experience

    Builds community and raises civic pride

    Responsive to what is happening in the community, online, in the media

    Compelling messaging, invitation and branding

    Engages broad and diverse demographic and geography

    Builds trust

    Makes visible the full spectrum of opinion and perspective

    Share the necessary information to create informed public debate

  • The Different RolesCallers



    Process Designers


    Creative EngagementOnline/new media genius

    Project Manager


    The quality, nature and depth of relationship at the core is reflected in the quality, nature and depth of the engagement process

  • Invitation, Messaging & Creative Engagement

  • Events

  • Social/ New Media

  • Iterative Harvest

  • How can civic engagement transform the current culture of leadership/governance rather than just help it function better?

    How can events, online and creative engagements provoke people into their own activities? (build a movement)

    How can we harvest that activity in such a way that it can feed meaningfully back into the public realm and strategically influence decision making?

    How can we build decision maker accountability into the process?

    What are the risks of not activating civic engagement for change?

    What if the greatest innovation in Nova Scotia is not around what topic or the process we use but who we manage to engage?

    Now we have created a crack in the society here how do we flood it with capacity building for authentic engagement?